Probable Twitter Changes : No More A Micro-Blogging Site?

Probable Twitter Changes

In the modern era of social networking, Twitter holds a very special place in the hearts of people across the globe. Twitter provides its users with a great way of sharing updates quickly, and to get hold of the latest happenings and “trends” around the world. We can tweet our thoughts out, and share our views within the 140 character limit of Twitter. This limit makes Twitter what it is – quick and reliable! However, the probable Twitter changes to be seen in the future may be another disappointing move by the Twitter heads.


Though “Tweeple” across the globe have been used to the 140 character limit of Twitter which differentiates it from Facebook, Twitter is considering lifting off its 140-character limit. This is not a mere speculation, as can be derived from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s tweet about Twitter considering dropping the limit. He also posted a screenshot along with the tweet, which had characters widely surpassing the 140-odd limit of Twitter. And when could these probable Twitter changes possibly take place? March, in all probability, according to Re/Code.

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So what made the people at the helm to consider bringing about such a radical change to the way Twitter works? The answer can be dated back to the first half of 2015. It was during this period that Twitter saw a worrying stagnation in terms of its monthly growth of active users. The resignation of Dick Costolo as the CEO of Twitter made for a greater cause of worry, as it laid bare the intrinsic problems Twitter is facing. The constantly falling share price doesn’t help either, and the probable Twitter changes about to be brought about can be thought of as a desperate measure from Twitter to acquire its lost land.

Twitter, in the past few years, has become an invaluable platform for people to use as an information source. The generally-text nature of Twitter, and its 140-character limit enables its user to convey thoughts even when data speeds are compromised or when the internet doesn’t act quite reliably. Emergency situations, such as the recent Chennai floods and the Paris attacks, are ample evidence to the fact Twitter becomes the most reliable when it comes to high speed reliable information transfer.

Twitter was launched in 2006 as a ”micro-blogging” platform, and quickly made its transition to the social networking genre. The uniqueness of Twitter lies in the fact that it was a “micro”-supportive site, and that’s what drew millions into its user base. The probable Twitter changes, i.e. dropping the 140-character limit from Twitter, and introducing the 10000-character limit would take away the very essence from Twitter which served to attract people into it. It would essentially mean a complete reversal of the basis on which Twitter was formed.

Probable Twitter Changes In Character-Limit

The probable Twitter changes, in an attempt to attract users and increase the popularity of the micro-turning-macro blogging site, would do more harm than good. Changing the favourite stars to hearts was not met well with the Twitter-addicts, and this proposed change to 10000- odd character limit has already generated lots of negative views about it. In its bid to attract more people, Twitter is unknowingly emulating what is already offered by other social networking biggies like Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is doing quite a brilliant job being itself, and people know what to expect of it. It can never be a replacement or substitute for Twitter, and the same goes true for Twitter as well.

Twitter started out as a platform where strangers come together and share their ideas, whereas Facebook basically lets us be in the vicinity of people whom we know. It,s a platform that turns our gaze inwards, whereas Twitter turns it outwards. What is to be kept in mind is that both these experiences need to co-exist, and Twitter slowly losing its foothold and identity is not a good sign for social networking addicts.

Yes, there might be opinions supporting the probable Twitter changes in the character-limit. Yes, there may be people willing to post 10000 character long updates. However, if we seriously take up the issue and start investigating, how many such posts do we actually find? Well, very rarely do we find such long posts, if not for shared information.

Uniqueness guarantees attraction, and that’s what is being overlooked perhaps in case of the probable Twitter changes to come. The 140-character limit Twitter has always offered is its main distinguishing feature. Emulating Facebook is only hampering its uniqueness.

Twitter is stable, quick, easy-to-use and very reliable. Twitter provides the answer to the most asked question – “What’s trending?” That’s what Twitter is all about. It allows you to browse through the timeline and get instant information about the latest happenings in the world. The probable Twitter changes to come – from “micro” to “macro” – would only take it closer to other social networking sites, and away from the masses.


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