7 Tips To Write Catchy Blog Title

Catchy Blog Title

And………. you fell for the title. That is the power of a headline. When you have a business or marketing blog, and you wish to optimize it for your marketing needs, it is necessary that you abide by few rules. Headlines form the prime content that your audience first views. Catchy blog title would always call in more visitors than an average headline. Your blog title needs to become the pull factor for your blog.


When someone visits a blog, the title of the blogs are the first element that the audience notices. The audience mostly takes into account the content of the headline, its quality and message it conveys to understand whether it would be a relevant read. You might write an amazing blog with engaging content and even unique elements in it. However, if you fail to write a catchy blog title that lacks any relevant information, it would result in a very low visitor number.

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Thus, when you have a blog, a powerful design or unique content are not the only necessities. The title of the blogs that you write forms an equally important part of your blog that may determine your traffic. Always make sure that you have a good catchy blog title to go with your post. Otherwise, your entire work on the blog may simply turn to be a waste of time.

It may not always be that you have a catchy blog title ready at your disposal. However, using a few healine writing tricks may make your task simple that you would think it to be.

1. Give out a message

Your headline is the source of contact between the target audience and your blog. If your audience finds your title interseting, they would go on to read the blog. However, if your blog title is not quite attention grabbing, it would fail to generate any interest and thus will have a low click through rate.

Create your own catchy blog title such that it gives out a subtle message on what your blog is all about. One look at the title should make the audience decide whether the blog is a relevant read for them or not.

2. The number game

Using numbers in your blog headline can prove to be very helpful in pulling in traffic to your website. Numbers often give an idea of a compact set and thus attract the attention of visitors. For example “10 Headline tricks to get millions to your site” is more appealing to “headline tricks to get million to your site”. A catchy blog title gives the reader an idea that he/she would get such number of points from the blog.

3. Use keywords

Keywords and SEO optimization form the two chief tasks that a website owner needs to look into. If you want your blog to get enough clicks you need to improve its visibility. Visibility of a blog or a website can only be gained when you optimize the site in the search engine with the relevant keywords.

Tips For Catchy Blog Title

Users often make their searches based on keywords. The blogs based on these keywords which are indexed by the search engine bots, are drawn up by the search algorithm and displayed in SERP.

Only blogs with relevant keywords are displayed in these pages. Thus when your audience notices you using a keyword in the title that matches their relevance, they tend to click on it thus boosting your traffic and CTR.

4. Question words are effective

Question words are great elements for content especially if you want to create a catchy blog title. Whenever your audience searches something, it is mostly a question that they want an answer of. Thus beginnning your headline with an apt question word would help generate more traffic to your website.

While many SEO analysts would disagree on the use of question words, it is necessary for marketers to know the psychology of the audience. Your target audience might not have a detailed knowledge of what keywords are or whether they are the chief element in a content. However, mostly when they search for an asnwer, they might use question words like “how”, “what”, “When” or “where”. Thus using these in your headline provides a punch and boosts traffic.

5. Keep it compact

No one will be interested in your blog if the headline itself has no ends. In order to create a cathcy blog ritle, try keeping your headline compact and interesting at the same time. When your blog title is displayed on the search engine result page, most search engines allows 60 to 65 characters to be displayed on the page. Thus it is advisable that you keep your headline length not more than the above mentioned number. Using your keywords within the assigned character number also help you fetch more traffic to your website and your blog.

6. Inspire

Headlines should be inspiring enough to make people read it and take an action. Triggring a sense of emotion or inspiration is necessary when you create your blog headline. For example, a catchy blog title like “How You can Influence your Influencers”, would be more interesting and inspiring than a simple blog title like “Influencer and Influencers”. The first example gives users an urge to click on the blog title as it is inspiring.

7. Controversy

Controversy almost always manages to trigger the attention of the target audience. Controversy and gossips are among the top attention grabbers of blog posts. Using controversial topics in your headline is sure to pull in a high number of traffic. However, just pulling in a huge traffic is not your only intent. You also want that your audience read the blog post. Thus keep the headline as well as the blog engaging to minimize bounce rate.

A catchy blog title that would trigger instant audience attention and curiosity take time to build. However, it has been seen that many marketers tend to put very little attention when it comes to headlines. The headlines are as important as the blog itself thus make it catchy and impactful.

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