5 Amazing Web Developer Tools That Will Help You Build A Website

Amazing Web Developer Tools

Every business requires its presence on the web to thrive in today’s constantly evolving digital world. Websites are a must for every business to prosper, and hardly do we see any successful business house not having a website associated to its name. However, for modest businesses, writing web development codes might be a little difficult. This is because coding is not everyone’s cup of tea, and hiring someone to do so might be quite expensive for small businesses. This is where few of the amazing web developer tools come to the rescue. Want to know more about them? Read on.


A great idea forms the first step towards building a good business. And once you have that idea, a horde of great do-it-yourselves tools come in handy to give your idea an “online” touch. These tools don’t require you to be a skilled web developer, and effectively generate great websites in accordance with the business idea. Seamlessly syncing your websites with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and PayPal, these tools do a great job in developing a powerful website in quick time. Here we give you the five amazing web developer tools that help us build a website.

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1. WIX

If you want to build a unique, great looking and powerful website in no time, WIX is what you need. WIX has a great user interface, and its editor is relatively easy to use. It consists of a huge library containing various elegant templates which are easily customizable, and has a solution for almost every business need. One of the kost amazing web developer tools, WIX generally develops great image-heavy websites that are especially suitable for photo galleries, providing your clients with a great insight into what your business really can do.

The only downside of using WIX as a website builder is that it is based on Adobe Flash, which works just fine on most of the PCs. However, some of the mobile devices don’t support WIX, including the Apple-iPad. If that isn’t much of a problem for you, and you greatly understand the barriers of using Flash, then WIX is one of the most amazing wev developer tools for you. The full-featured WIX tool and the WIX.com addresses are available for free. For enabling more advanced features like removing ads and linking other websites to your domain, WIX offers a paid subscription of $5 to $16 on a monthly basis.

If your website requires a unique, slick and stylish look, and you are okay with its not so mobile-friendly behaviour, then WIX is surely one of the amazing web developer tools for you.


Yola is one of the top and most amazing web developer tools to look forward to for building a website. Yola basically lets its users to build a generic website by selecting a template suited to their ideas and filling up some forms. Yola lets you create a rough outline of your website, after which it further helps in fine-tuning the website through the use of an in-place tool for editing. Filled with third party services like PayPal and Flickr, Yola does really well to build a website for newbies.

The basic Yola tool and its Yola.com address are open source and free to use, though the Yola Silver upgrade that costs $100 per year provides better templates and a user’s own domain name.

Top Amazing Web Developer Tools

So, all in all, Yola provides professional websites at quite a reasonable price, and makes it to the top five tools to build website.


Much like the WIX and Yola, basic features of Jimdo and its address are free to use; though we would strongly recommend upgrading the tool in order to enable a horde of cool and effective features. Custom newsletters that help you to stay connected to your customers, stats about page-view, and PayPal stores are some of the great features provided by Jimdo when upgraded. Upgrading to Jimdo Pro requires $5 a month, whereas the Jimdo Business upgrade calls for $15 a month, and gives you unlimited data storage.

One of the most amazing web developer tools, Jimdo requires a little more effort in building a site, but if you are ready for it then it proves to be the best in designing a sleek and stylish website, with a unique touch to it.


One of the amazing web developer tools, Weebly has a wide user base. It caters to newbies as well as professionals who want to build powerful and slick websites. You can design and build your website by just dragging and dropping images, texts and other elements into the web pages. Weebly scores more than other website builders in the aspect of having fully featured tools, unlike others who support half-backed features. Weebly’s App Center allows you to install custom apps, which makes it even more interesting.

Much like the others, Weebly allows basic free features, but it also allows paid upgrades named Starter, Pro and Business to make it a great and one of the most amazing web developer tools.


Intuit Websites is a top tool for building great looking websites, and mainly targets a user base that isn’t very good in designing and artistry. Counting among the amazing web dseveloper tools, it lets even the most artistically-challenged individual to build a quite good-looking website. With thousands of templates to choose from, Intuit Websites allow you to easily give your website a decent look. The starter pack for this tool is free to use for a period of 30 days and thereafter it charges $5 a month. Business and professional upgrades come at higher prices, though they include features like custom domain names.

Basically great to use for QuickBooks users, Intuit websites does pretty well in building good and stable websites, and thus make it to our list of the five amazing web developer tools.

Websites are a must for any business to be successful and to keep itself in the race for supremacy. And if coding doesn’t come to you quite well, then you can always avail the help of these tools that take the pain of building a website for you.

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