5 PPC Resolutions For The New Year

PPC Resolution

And in the wink of an eye, another year has gone by. Another year to look forward to. Another year where you can focus on plans that could not be executed in the past year. And another year for revamped PPC resolutions to make your paid search campaign better than before.


PPC campaigns have taken a backseat in the past couple of years with social media becoming a more popular promotional platform. However, since the second half of the past year, PPC campaign witnessed a comeback. With the social media sites becoming overcrowded with promotional posts and ads, visibility of ads had reduced immensely. Thus to make your presence felt in the online market, businesses are incorporating a joint promotional technique of social promotion as well as paid search for the search engines. You can take up some PPC resolutions to aid your business.

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The new year PPC resolutions would certainly the businesses and marketers to create a better PPC campaign improving its visibility in the search engine. This would in turn help in improving the click through rates and generate conversions through websites.

Here are 5 PPC resolutions that you can uptake for this year’s marketing campaign.

1. Redesigning landing pages

Let’s get done with the boring landing pages that have been sticking up your website for the past so many months. Landing pages often become the reason why you might witness a high bounce rate from your site. A boring landing page is not what you want this year. Make it exciting, appealing and engaging. The higher your audience spend time on your landing page, the better will be your page rank.

Redesigning your landing page at periodic intervals is necessary to keep up with the latest design trends. If your landing page sports the same boring design it used in three years back, you may well be doomed.

So the first of PPC resolutions for this year would be a great landing page inclusive of the latest design features.

2. Go mobile

Mobile websites have already created a buzz among the online marketers and audience alike. A survey by Google search engine reported that the search on internet made through mobile devices have surpassed desktop search with a huge margin. This is the reason why each and every website that wish to be visible to its target audience should have a mobile website as well.

So this new year lets take a resolution to have a mobile version of your website created, up and running to have the maximum impact on your target audience.

3. Using newer avenues

Promotion and marketing now no longer is limited to just search engines. The constantly improving technology has opened up many newer avenues to make your promotional campaign reach out to your target audience. Apart from paid search engine campaign, paid social campaigns are also available that provide marketers a powerful path to reach out to target audience. Promotion through blogs have been in the online market for long. However, it had remained mostly untapped. Video marketing too has made its presence felt with a number of live streaming applications and channels coming up for the audience.

PPC Resolutions For New Year

The increase in the number of platforms and channels has given marketers a wider window to tap its potential and improve ROI.

4. Optimizing extensions

Optimizing the ad extensions is one powerful way to make your presence felt on the search engine. Elements of structured snippets like app extensions, call extensions, location extensions etc. are important when you plan to optimize your presence in the search engine. These extensions allow your target audience to make a direct view of your product with the extensions. Thus they are able to take a quick decision.

Make ad extensions part of your PPC resolutions to help improve visibility and make your target audience aware of your presence. This also provides the audience with relevant information about the product thus helps them in their decision making process.

5. Use new tools

If you keep yourself regularly updated in the search engine news you would be aware of all the latest tools and resources that have been launched by different search engines.

While Google has launched a new and improved mobile algorithm, Yahoo has enhanced its targeting and performance features. Bing last year added the image extension and might soon plan to introduce video extensions as well.

Make it your habit to keep yourself updated with the latest updates of features on the search engine. Be it a minute inclusion like an addition of a new extension, or as big as an algorithm update, if you know it, you can optimize your ads easily.

Though it is said that resolutions are made to be broken, these PPC resolutions would work better if not broken. Try sticking to your year planner, including bits and details as and when necessary and you would have breezy PPC resolutions properly kept.

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