Cool Meme Making Tools To Help You Make Your Own Meme

Make Your Own Meme

What’s the easiest way to become popular on the internet? Memes of course! Memes are an online rage in the present times, and are targeted at a plethora of topics, from sports news to political debates to what not! Memes go viral throughout the internet in a matter of time, passing ideas and concepts throughout the world like wildfire. And the best thing is there are some really cool meme making tools with which you can make your own meme.


In 1976, Richard Dawkins of DNA Research coined the term “meme” in his book “The Selfish Gene”. Though typically meant to define the passing of ideas and cultures, its meaning has been somewhat modified by the current generation. Today, memes are primarily used to denote a video, image or a GIF that is typically humorous, and spread across the internet. Though being basically comical, memes also serve to propagate thoughts and ideas across the world. And that’s where their creation becomes important. There are quite a few cool meme generators that help make your own meme. Continue reading to pick your favorite meme maker!

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Meme Generator

Meme Generator lets you make your own meme – the most hilarious and funny ones – and allows you to share them with friends over Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, and other social networking sites. Boasting of multiple meme categories, Meme Generator is a must have for “trolling-addicts”.

It consists of a huge library of more than 600 memes, with more being added on a regular basis. These include the favourite Grumpy Cat, our very own Bear Grylls and many more. Captioning has never been easier, with Meme Generator allowing up to 10 captions. One of the most important features of this meme making tool, apart from allowing you to make your own meme, is that it respects your privacy. It restricts automatic uploading of the memes, and requires user permission to do so.


GIF memes are “trending” at present, and how! GIF memes add that extra punch to a meme, making it even more hilarious at times. GifGrabber lets you make awesome GIF memes, and share them over the internet. It can convert a cartoon clip into a funny animated image, or it can be used to make short GIF notes about something serious that can be transferred instantly over the internet. GifGrabber practically lets you create a GIF for any valid reason that may be present, or even for no reason at all!

Tools To Make Your Own Meme

Available at the Mac App Store, installing and launching GifGrabber would display a green box on the screen, whose size can be adjusted to capture a portion or the whole of the screen. GifGrabber converts 30-seconds video clips into animated GIFs, and consists of options like editing the clip as well as uploading it. One of the best tools that help you make your own meme, GifGrabber certainly grabs GIFs, and our eyeballs as well.


Imgur is another one of a kind powerhouse that packs in funny images, GIFs and memes into a single app. Used by millions of people throughout the world, Imgur allows people to create their own images, memes and hilariously entertaining GIFs. Real-time meme makers should find a one-stop solution at Imgur.

Imgur allows you to choose from its various topics, such as Funny, Awesome, Stroytime, and many more, while you make your own meme. Apart from the normal meme making tool that it is, Imgur also consists of a huge library of awesome wallpapers to choose from. And sharing memes on Facebook, Twitter, 9GAG, and more virtually makes Imgur one of the top contenders in the race of the best real time meme make tool.

QuickMeme Generator

With a relatively small size of 2.4M, this Android app does quite a lot in the meme business. One of the best meme generators on the Android market, the QuickMeme Generator is basically a freeware app. It has a comparatively easy-to-use interface and editor, and consists of a collection of over 120 memes to lay your sights upon, or you can even use your own images to make your own meme. Easy, fast and reliable, QuickMeme Generator generates hilarious memes. Though GIFs are not supported, still this tool is a great for newbies in the meme market.

Apart from these apps that help you to make your own meme, there are some other tools as well that help us to create memes for a meaningful purpose. Grabyo is one such tool that lets users grab clips from a recorded or live video stream, and cut or crop out a piece from the footage. It also lets its users to instantly share the grabbed clip across the various popular social networking platforms.

Memes are a way of life in the modern times. Real time memes convey a lot through very little, and maybe that is the reason why the acceptance of memes has been increasing rapidly ever since it came into existence.

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