5 Things You Could Do With The Amazing Facebook Messenger App Other Than Texting

Amazing Facebook Messenger App

The amazing Facebook Messenger app is one among the most downloaded apps from the app store. No wonder, as it is popular for letting people text their friends on Facebook. But, it is not just a texting app – it is much more than that!


Apart from texting, there are a plenty of things that the amazing Facebook Messenger app is capable of, other than sending and receiving messages. Most important of all, like all other similar apps, the Facebook Messenger has also lent itself for a big business platform. We can make a list here of the advantages offered by the app!

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1) You could make video calls and voice calls for free

The amazing Facebook messenger app is capable of doing more than texts. The app lets you make video calls and voice calls on the internet for free. This makes conversations easy, bringing people closer than ever. You wouldn’t have to go in search of web-cams for video chats. All you have to do is tap the phone or video icon on the top right corner of the messenger window which would be next to the profile name.

2) Transfer money

Surprising as it sounds, Facebook allows you to transfer money to any person on the messenger from your bank account. Touch the small icon having three dots next to the icon of thumb and then choose “Payments”. Type in the money you want to transfer and add your MasterCard, debit card or Visa. Every transaction would need some business days to send, based on your bank. However, Facebook never charges any money for the service provided. You could also manage or add debit cards under the payment section of the amazing Facebook Messenger app.

3) Talk to companies

Amazing Facebook Messenger App For Users

Facebook has teamed up with many retailers and also the customer service platform known as Zendesk, to allow you to interact with famous brands and companies. If you make a purchase and have tied your Facebook account with the purchase, the details of your purchase are sent to your messenger. You can get updates on shipping statuses and also seek customer support in the app. As of now, this option is compatible only for Zulily and Everlane.

4) Share your location

This is yet again a prominent feature. Touch the three dots icon and then touch on the “Location” option. You can prefer sharing your present location.

5) Collaborate with various apps

Apps like ESPN and Giphy collaborated with messenger directly. This implies that you can make use of Giphy to share GIFs quickly or even share sports highlights directly from ESPN. To know what all apps you have access to, press on the three dots and later check it in a message thread beneath.

So how many of these features of the amazing Facebook Messenger app did you already know of? Let us know in comments!


8 Best Online Dating Apps You Would Love To Have On Your Android And iPhone

Best Online Dating Apps

Valentine’s Day is coming close, and it can turn out to be an embarrassing day for all the singles out there, especially if your friends are out with their valentines, having best of their times. If you are one of those singletons, then we cover some of the best online dating apps for you in this article.


Are you looking for a date for this Valentine’s Day because you have been alone for a long time and are tired of being bullied by your friends for the same reason? Are you having a tough time after you were unable to find one? Worry not! Here are 8 best online dating apps for your Android and iPhones that could effectively help you with it!

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1) Match.com

Match.com is one of the best online dating apps that can be downloaded freely. However, you would need to subscribe if you wish to talk to people and obtain extra features of dating. You can set up your user profile and zero in on matches which are close to you, by using the feature of ‘Around me’ which will tell you if there are users close by. The matches can also be found on the grounds of qualities, interests and most of all, imperfections!

2) eHarmony

eHarmony is yet again a renowned dating service app which is free to download. Having a free account, you can finish the questionnaire of the relationship and date personality user profile, upload photos and also obtain compatible matches every day. You could also send your matches the ‘smiles’. However, to talk to your matches you would need a subscription.

3) OkCupid Dating

One of the most successful and best online dating apps which can be downloaded freely, it also has few free features you could use before having to subscribe yourself to the services provided. You could take up the questionnaire and view potential matches listed according to your preferences. You can also receive and send messages freely, and can also like profiles. You can however get to see who liked your profile only if you are subscribed. You could also check on other profiles incognito.

4) Zoosk

Best Online Dating Apps 2016

This could be your best bet. Zoosk is designed in such a way as to deduce the kind of people you would like the more you use the app. This could be considered as an out-of-the-box approach. There’s also the feature of photo verification which will help gain the trust of your matches.

5) Badoo

This app also has a different approach. It finds people who have been to the places you have been. For instance, your favorite local bookshop, a park or a pub. This is one of the best online dating apps and is also free to download. However, extra features require submission.

6) Lovoo

This app has live radar that can spot other Lovoo profiles that are around you. You can set the radius within which you’d like to find a match. There is also a graphical representation for the same. However, there is no need for you to share your location if you don’t want to.

7) Tinder

This app has been making a lot of buzz lately and can easily go into your list of best online dating apps. If you are seeking a relationship that is not dependent on looks, you got to try this app. However, if you seek look based matching system, this app gives you what you need. The interface is really easy and doesn’t complicate stuff.

8) Bumble

This is also similar to Tinder, but with loads of focus on physical attraction. It also has a swipe to like feature like Tinder. However, only girls can begin the notifications.

So which one is your best pick?

5 Worst Graphic Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website

Graphic Design Mistakes

When it comes to the content of a webpage, it needs to be picture perfect to appeal to the target audience. Now, imagine a page where you misspell the name of your own product, or use too much of your photoshop skill to create a distorted image. What will be your audience’s reaction? Your brand image would crumple and your traffic will come tumbling down. Yes, graphic design mistakes, even subtle ones can prove to be fatal to your site.


While experienced graphic designers are able to use the correct colour-mix or typography, amateurs often confuse on these fronts. Even poor grammer sometimes can act as a rotten apple for your site. The results may vary from bad to awful. It is not compulsory, however, that every amateur designer would make graphic design mistakes. However, with the bulk of work or pressure of completing projects on time, mistakes are unknowingly made.

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Here, we would be discussing about 7 such graphic design mistakes that can prove to be disastrous to your website and brand image.

1. Working with half knowledge

When you commence your work, you need a rough sketch of what your audience or client wants his content to look like. Design choices may vary depending upon the taste of the client or on the type of website.

Thus when you begin your work, it is very important that you personally speak to your client to get a clear idea of his needs and wants. A brief of the entire graphic design section would provide you with ample information for you to design as per your client’s requirements.

If you get your project briefed by your sales manager, he/she may not have quite clear an idea of what the client wants. The choice of clients vary according to their taste and preference. Thus, just getting an incomplete brief of your work may result in a graphic design that the client rejects in the very first look. This is surely one of the most common graphic design mistakes among the not-so-serious business owners. Thus, in order to save your time and effort, it becomes impertinent that you have a detailed knowledge of the entire graphic design project before starting your work.

2. Ignoring target audience

The worst of graphic design mistakes that a designer can do is to ignore the target audience while creating a website.

The website forms the window for a business. It is through a website that the target audience would take a decision and take the next step. It is the medium that convey the message of the business and the entrepreneur to their respective target audience.

Common Graphic Design Mistakes

However, an aimlessly designed website that does not convey any message or is poorly designed in comparison to the expectation of the target audience, would be poorly received by the audience as well.

Analyzing the psychology and need of the target audience is necessary before yor start with your designing process. Assessing the need of the audience would help you create a design that they can easily relate with, thus boosting traffic.

3. Periodic updates

Your client may wish to have a periodic update on the graphic design project. This may be daily, weekly or on fortnightly basis. However, many designers tend to ignore or avoid keeping a steady contact with their clients. This only adds to your tasks and is one of the prime graphic design mistakes that should be avoided.

Periodic updates to your clients provide them with a clearer picture of the project on the making. If there are any design elements that the client wishes to be removed, avoided or subtled down, it can easily be done. On the other hand, if you present your client a fully completed project, either he may be dissatisfied with the design, or he may suggest changes that would take double the time that you intended for the project.

4. Not completing projects on time

Timely completion of your graphic design projects reflects your sincerity at work and your responsibility to compete projects on time. However, many graphic designers fail to finish their projects within the specified time frame. This often results in designers forwarding mediocre designs to the clients.

This is one of the gravest of graphic design mistakes that can be harmful for your brand image. Incomplete work or delivering products lower than what you promised can be a big blow to your business. It reflects your poor time management skill and not keeping up to your words.

5. Avoiding simple designs

You might be a highly efficient graphic designer with the latest knowledge on the graphic design tools and techniques. And many designers try incorporating a number of designs and effects to create a great website. However, often designers tend to forget that a heavily designed webpage often becomes too heavy and takes longer to load. This can be turn-off for the audience who have very little attention span.

Thus, it is necessary that designers avoid these simple graphic design mistakes. Simple designs are the latest trend.

Amazing Typographic Logos That Inspire The Designer In You!

Amazing Typographic Logos

Typography may be defined as the art of making use of letters and rearranging them in order to build attractive and beautiful pictures. Sure enough, typography finds its use in designing logos of various products that we see and use today. Designing of great logos can work wonders for a product, and make it instantly popular. You can always take a look at the amazing typographic logos to draw your own ideas!


It’s a tough job to create an eye-catching logo, and more so using letters. Nonetheless, typography actually provides the most inspirational and motivating logos. According to the words of Dan Cassaro, “Letters sit squarely between information and meaning so what we choose to do with them is very important and exciting”. Here we present you with the most amazing typographic logos, going through which would surely inspire the designer in you!

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Make by Effektive

Sometimes, less is more. That’s the power of subtraction for you, presented by Effektive. Effektive is a design firm based in Glasgow, and religiously sticks to its motto of using as little design as possible in order to make the logos speak volumes about themselves.

Make Logo

Sometimes, removing a certain portion of a letter from a logo can give it a whole new dimension, and make it even more vibrant and attractive. Effektive does the same to Make. The incomplete letter “m” in the logo is a great way to emphasize on the term “make”. One of the most amazing typographic logos for you, “make” inspires you to believe that sometimes letting go is the best thing to do.

V&A by Pentagram

Pentagram designed this logo for the V&A Museum in the year 1988. Probably the most renowned creation coming from Pentagram, late Allan Fletcher was the brain and idea behind this logo. Stunningly beautiful, simple and elegant at the same time, this is one of the most amazing typographic logos and is sure to prove as an inspiration for brooding designers.

Pentagram Logo

Using mirror effect, the V and A just seem to reflect each other, while the ampersand sign in between takes the place of A’s crossbar. This design is minimalistic, but speaks volumes. The power of subtraction is used here too, as you can see from the incomplete “A”. In one word, awesome!

Equilibrium by Noeko

Noeko, a multi dimensional design firm based in Poland, has to be credited for this masterpiece. Typography can sure do wonders when used correctly, and Equilibrium’s logo conveys just that.

Equilibrium Logo

Just notice how the letter “I” in Equilibrium is slightly rotated. This creates an impression of imbalance, just before a state of perfect balance is reached, or rather, just before “Equilibrium” is gained. Simply brilliant and truly expressive, this logo does everything right to get into our list of amazing typographic logos that can inspire a designer.

MNML by Cassandra Capello

Graphic designer Cassandra Capello, the creator of MNML, does a brilliant work with its logo. MNML is a publication that basically targets art lovers aged 20 to 35, and informs them about the usefulness and attractiveness of employing minimalistic designs and architectures. And when a magazine speaks about minimalist design, its logo should convey the same, which is exactly what it does and how?

MNML By Cassandra Capello

Cassandra Capello uses a minimalist approach to design this, having a colour palette consisting of only yellow and black. Notice the use of negative space here by Capello; the logo doesn’t need a complete N but still manages to convey the meaning. Another classic example of the power of subtraction and amazing typographic logos, the logo of MNML is sure to impress and inspire you.

Infinite by Orlando Aquije Abarca

A Peruvian graphic designer, Orlando Aquije Abarca is skilled in typography and illustration. The logo of Infinite Studios, designed by Orlando, has a great typographic touch to it and easily goes into your list of the most amazing typographic logos. Just transforming the letter “e” of “Infinite” into the infinity symbol, Orlando has achieved what he needed to.

Infinite Logo

This logo type clearly demonstrates its meaning by altering the letters, and this approach can actually emphasize greatly on what is to be conveyed by the logo. In this case, the modified “e” conveys what the logo wants to tell – “Infinite”.


Last but not the least, we present you with one of the most recognizable and identifiable logos in the world-Cadbury. It can be regarded as the father of the amazing typographic logos, and is instantly identified across the globe. Barring a few minor tweaks, this logo stands as it was since 1921.

Cadbury Logo

This is one logo which doesn’t need any explanation, as the logo itself is sure to make you desire to lay your hands on it. And that is the greatest achievement a logo can get.

Typographic logos are not new in the current business market, as a horde of companies have already created their identities by exploiting the typographic medium to a great effect. Typography inspires brilliance, and the logos mentioned above are sure to inspire the brilliant designer in you.

Talkdesk Call Center Software – What Is It And Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Talkdesk Call Center Software

A successful business requires a great customer support system, one that caters to every need of its customers. However, the development of such a support system to satisfy the customers is a real tedious job, and requires greater investment. If you want your business to do well, should you invest a large amount in a great customer support system? Well, you should. However the best part is that you “may not”. Now, you may be thinking how can it be possible! The Talkdesk Call Center software will offer you just what you need!


The Talkdesk Call Center software helps you develop a great customer support, without any hardware or coding. Talkdesk, as the name suggests, is a call center software solution based on the browser. It was founded as an effort to claim the top spot in the Macbook Air Contest, back in 2011. All you need to get going is a computer and have to remain connected to the internet. You may be wondering, “Is it really that simple?” Well yes, it is!

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Talkdesk Call Center software is great that lets you improve customer satisfaction, while at the same time it also manages to reduce overhead support expenses. It requires no downloads, and integrates with Zendesk, Shopify, Salesforce, LiveChatamong others so as to show information relevant to the caller. The Talkdesk Call Center software uses Interactive Voice Response system (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution system (ACD), and routing which is skills-based so as route the callers to the most qualified agents. This agent is selected on the basis of the needs of the caller. The Talkdesk software displays all the relevant information about the caller in the agent’s browser in real-time. This information includes the caller’s name, contact, image and purchase history among others. In doing so, Talkdesk provides a great way of personalizing the communication between the caller and the agent.

Talkdesk Call Center software automates the tasks, which makes sure of the creation of a new profile as soon as a new caller calls. It also doesn’t let go off calls that are missed! In case of a missed call, Talkdesk Call Center software sends an email which contains the call data, a recording of voicemail as well as a transcription. Managers and agents too benefit from this, as Talkdesk allows them to make decisions that are data-driven.

Talkdesk Call Center Software Support

Talkdesk has really emerged into the world’s leading call center software. Being used by companies such as Dropbox speaks volumes about its standing and credibility. So, what exactly made Talkdesk as popular as it is now? The answer lies in the fact that it allows companies to obtain a quick overview of the profile of a customer as well as get hold of previous interactions as soon as a call is answered. The service is great, and the best part is that it is hassle free and people have liked its simple yet great approach in solving the customer support problem which every business faces.

Talkdesk has set a standard, and has positioned itself as a cheap and efficient solution for the customer support problem of businesses – those businesses which were until now heavily dependent on phone for providing service to customers.

Talkdesk software co-founder Cristina Fonseca, while speaking at the Disrupt London, stated that Talkdesk is “growing like crazy”. Just around 5 years of being launched, she also stated that Talkdesk aims to expand its services beyond the conventional calling facilities, incorporating options such as email, video and chat.

According to Tiago Paiva, Talkdesk CEO, one of the main reasons of being popular is the fact that Talkdesk guarantees instant support. According to him, though customers are generally used to email and chat, still a delay in service is quite frustrating. Talkdesk aims to eliminate that delay and provide hands-on support and service to the customers.

The Talkdesk blog proudly states that its growth has been “exponential” since its launch at the TechCrunch Disrupt in 2012. The blog further states that the “revenue has increased 10x year-over-year” which clearly shows it’s immense and ever increasing popularity among business houses. Its popularity can also be attributed to the following points of benefits that it offers:

Low cost
Set up in a few minutes
Streamlining other business operations using its vast integration choices.

So, if you are looking for a great customer support solution for you business, look no further than this software. Easy to use, cheap and light, this software will surely solve all your problems regarding customer service, and probably even more.

Best Startup Ideas To Help Your Business Reach The Zenith

Best Startup Ideas

The startup fever is high throughout the globe. With each day, you witness a number of startups launching and even more bundling up. Studies show that over 600,000 startups launch every year in the United States alone. Globally the number stands around 50 million. While launching a startup is easy, often entrepreneurs fail to keep up with the competitive market and end up winding down the business. The most successful ones are those that follow the best startup ideas.


The lack of man-power and stringent budget are the chief factors that result in most startups closing down even before their business start to run. Entrepreneurs are often ignorant of the best startup ideas and essential steps that are crucial for any startup to be successful.

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Each startup should have its own set of targets and goals along with a foolproof plan that can be executed to make the best out of the launching phase. The product launch phase often forms the key time of a startup launch. It is this phase that devises the fate of the startup and how long it would exist in the near future. And it is in this phase that the best startup ideas come to use when used intelligently.

One very obvious question that would always pass the mind of an entrepreneur is “when is the perfect time to launch a business?” A business idea does not have any perfect time of launch. Of course if your business has products that are seasonal, choosing a perfect holiday season is the first idea that anyone would suggest.

For example, if you have an ecommerce site that sells decoration accessories, Halloween and Christmas would be the ideal time to make your launch. However, a proper survey of the market is recommended before you launch your product. Once you have a thorough knowledge of the product and your target audience, it would be easier for you to focus on your audience and make better efforts at marketing your products.

Following the best startup ideas and essential steps for launch is important for the business to have a successful run.

Correct business idea

The business idea is one of the most essential steps for a startup launch. A correct business idea implemented at the correct time would result in the launch of a successful business. However, a correct business idea cannot be randomly generated. Even though you have an idea, you need to tally it with the market that you wish to enter and the target audience whom you wish to serve. Analyzing your business idea with all its pros and cons are important if you wish to do successfully in the long run.

Best Startup Ideas For A Successful Startup

Questioning yourself on the best startup ideas that you come up with is important. You are the best person to analyse your business. Thus question yourself with all the ideas along with the answers for each of them. Create a list of questions. Check, which questions are the most interesting and intriguing ones. Use them in your business when you launch it.

A correct business idea would be the one that coincides with the need and requirement of your target audience. A right product placed at the right time to the right group of audience would always result in the perfect business launch.

Keen market research

Researching and analysing the market is crucial in each and every step of your business and forms one of the best startup ideas. Be it the idea generation phase or the launch phase. Researching the market for the viability of the product and whether it would be accepted by the audience is important.

Marketers often use different forms of market research techniques to make a detailed analysis of the market. Audience survey, questionnaire, polls and opinions are gathered from different target audiences. It is then analysed what the audience really wants. Once you have the detailed data and information of your audience along with the talent to implement the best startup ideas, it is easier to understand what are the needs and requirements of the focused audience and what are their psychology.

Inspire yourself

You can never bring success in your business unless you have something to inspire you in your business. This can be the business idea itself or some other theory of your mind. However, inspiration forms one basic element to start your business keep it running.

Inspiring yourself boosts your self esteem and gives you a pulse to work on or start something different. This is especially helpful for entrepreneurs who tend to give up easily. Giving up would only add to your woes and make you think “what-ifs”. You might often arise doubts about your business and whether it will be liked by your target audience. The best way to answer this problem is talking to your audience about it.

Your inspiration is a boost to your team members as well who would look up to you at times when they find the boat rocking too hard. This also lets you challenge the difficulties of the competitive market and carve out a niche for yourself. If you are able to inspire yourself with the best startup ideas, you will be able to inspire your target audience as well creating a group of loyal customers.

The World Goes Gaga As Jan Koum Announces A Subscription-Free WhatsApp

Subscription-Free WhatsApp

Good news! Good news! And there you go… the subscription-free WhatsApp is now here. Yes! Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp has stated in the DLD Conference at Munich that “it really doesn’t work that well” when users are asked to pay for WhatsApp services, even if on a yearly basis. Until now, the app gave free services to its users for the first year and charged 99 cents for subsequent years.


The good news is that the app will now be entirely free and without any yearly subscription. A subscription-free WhatsApp would be fun, won’t it? However, the authorities say that it would take a few weeks for the payment infrastructure to change from all WhatsApp versions. The users, if they have already been charged for the yearly subscription of the app, should not expect to be refunded though!

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WhatsApp is following the footsteps of the Facebook Messenger app, another app by the company, it seems. Just like the Facebook Messenger, the subscription-free WhatsApp would also offer a platform to its users that would aid in business as well. The company somehow wants to refrain from unwanted advertising and spamming, and this the reason why the user will not find third-party apps coming in between. This is a clear hint to the fact that the users will not find much change in the interface.

Subscription-Free WhatsApp For Users

In one of the blog posts, the company makes the fact clear that they are not “introducing third-party ads”. It further states that the company would very soon test tools that would allow the users to use a subscription-free WhatsApp for communicating with businesses and firms that the user wants to interact with. The reason for communication can be anything ranging between complaning about a fraudulent transaction at the bank or about a delayed flight. While the initiative is the first of its kind on WhatsApp, there are phone calls and text messages of the same nature that people receive on a regular basis. In short, the company has started to stretch out the horizons of the app by introducing new tools to make it all the more easier for its users.

While all plans about the subscription-free WhatsApp have been discussed at the DLD Conference, Koum has also stated that they are yet to start writing the “code”. While there were suggestions for the app to make way for banner ads, the authorities had decided to broaden the dimensions of the app so as to make it suitable for business interactions too. That way “the ads and monetization would perform better”. Rather than working with the ads, they worked on the pages and made them free. This would make it easier for the businesses to “get into the network” that is being used by almost “a billion people around the world” . The “game plan” in the app would supposedly remain the same as the News Feed section in Facebook.