Top Social Media Games Of 2015

Top Social Media Games

The emergence of video games can be established with the emergence and improvement of the personal computer. People of all ages have always been hooked to the fascinating idea of playing over the internet. And the biggies of the social networking segment didn’t want to lose this opportunity to increase their user base. Hence the social media games! Want to know the top social media games that raged this year? Keep reading!


The majority of people worldwide want to test their mettle against real opponents, not programmed applications. The online games have become a rage in the present times. Capitalising on this, the top social media games today have become a host of online games which would serve to engage people for hours at a stretch. And as of now, they have been quite successful in doing so.

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Some of the top social media games of 2015 include the following:

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the top social media games that can be heard of everywhere. Candy Crush saga is basically a puzzle game in which matches have to be made in groups of three. Released on the 12th of April 2012 for Facebook by King, Candy Crush Saga has become Facebook’s most played game in 2015, with around 11.61 million active users playing on a daily basis. Its simplicity and sweetness has made Candy Crush Saga a rage among the youth across the globe.

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga

Modeled on the lines of Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga is also a puzzle game with the player having to create groups of three to unlock new levels. Farm Heroes Saga boasts a great visual treat, as the player embarks on an agricultural quest of collecting three cropsies, much like the three candies in the Candy Crush Saga. Having been released in 2013, this is one of the top social media games with a user base of around 8 million worldwide.

8-Ball pool

8 Ball Pool

With a staggering 28.19 million monthly active users online, 8-Ball pool has become a rage over the recent years, and came ahead of Criminal Case and the much loved Clash of Clans to be inside the top 5 Facebook games in 2015. 8-Ball pool is an online multiplayer game, themed like billiards. This game has been developed by Miniclip. Also ranking number 1 in Miniclip’s top 100 games, 8-Ball pool has been able to engage people from across the globe in its great game play, thus making it, in its genre, the largest multiplayer game.

Several other names, such as Subway Surfers and Criminal Case are also synonymous with Facebook today. And when Facebook boasts of such a huge collection of top social media games, Twitter has to follow it with its own collection. Though not as diverse as Facebook, the games incorporated in Twitter are somewhat different from the visual treat we expect in each game. Twitter games are basically based on tweets, but still they are engaging enough to be mentioned along with the visually-rich games of Facebook. Some of these are:



@artwiculate is a game which provides its users with a chance of learning a new word each day while playing it. Artwiculate is a real time game, with users competing to top the popularity charts by using the words given by @artwiculate in their tweets. The more retweets it gets, the higher it goes in terms of popularity. Besides being a rage among the Twitter followers, this game also has a learning value attached to it.



So, whoever told that there were not enough games for math lovers has been proved wrong by Twitter’s @twitbrain game. The game is immensely popular among math and engineering enthusiasts, since it posts a problem and the users compete on how fast they can solve it and reply back to @twitbrain. Challenging and fun, this game is apt for users who like to spend their time enhancing their mathematics skills!

Social “Gaming” media

Gaming, as it seems, is on its rise. And so are gaming social networks that commit themselves to these online games. Some of the gaming networks like Raptr, Playfireand Duxter have made it very easy for a newbie to join the gaming community. These networks dedicate themselves to making communities based on games. People are hooked to the top social media games, as these communities bundle the advantages of social networking and high definition gaming into a single package.

With the advent of social networking, the social media games have received an added boost, and is quickly spreading across the globe. These highly engrossing games have become a rage in the virtual world. Social media today aren’t just about connecting people; they also connect us to an addiction called games.


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