The Dating App Bumble: How It Empowers Women

Dating App Bumble

It’s time for the Android users, especially the women population, to rejoice. The long awaited dating app Bumble, can be finally availed in the Android devices. Excitement started to build up in the air as soon as the first tweet came across declaring that Bumble would make it’s way to Android sometime in November. This self-proclaimed-feminist-version of the Tinder app, Bumble, has garnered huge popularity among the iOS users ever since it’s launch, which raised the crave for it’s availability in the Play Store. Now that it’s here, why wait? Get downloading and match making (ya ladies)!


Worry not if you are not yet acquainted with the dating app Bumble. Once you have finished reading this article, you shall know it all. Thank us later, maybe?

What Bumble is

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The dating app Bumble was launched in December, 2014 by CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder of Tinder, who actually developed Bumble after leaving Tinder. No wonder Bumble looks so similar to Tinder. However, some of the exclusive features of Bumble are what keeps it trending, be it on iOS or Android; so much so that now it is considered to be a strong competitor and alternative to Tinder, and all the other dating apps for that matter, with an user count over millions.

How Bumble works

The user interface offered by the dating app Bumble is extremely simple and convenient. After you have downloaded and installed the application, you would be required to make an account to be able to use it; any person aged 17 or more is eligible. Pretty much like all the other dating apps, Bumble uses details (like your age, location, job title and education history) and some photos from your Facebook account to create your Bumble account or profile (or you can even upload a new photo if you want to, otherwise).

Whether you want to give any extra information in your profile rests totally on your decision. The dating app Bumble prevents you from revealing sensitive information like contact or banking details since it would be visible to all of the users present on this public network. Next, the app uses the service location of your device to help you find out and connect with the best suitable single man/woman around you.

Everytime you open the dating app Bumble, you are offered a series of photos of the potential suitors. All you have to do is simply swipe right if you find a match interesting or swipe left if you don’t and continue searching. You just have 24 hours to strike a conversation before the connection expires so if you have liked someone who also likes you, just tap the speech bubble in the top right corner and get talking. Those chats will be visible under the ‘Conversations’ option until you delete them. If you get stuck in chatting with a weirdo, just select the ‘Block & Report’ option to report abuse or complaint about the person to the company thereby solving your problem.

Dating App Bumble

In case you wish to delete the account, all you have to do is tap the cog icon at the top left, select the settings option and scroll down to choose ‘Delete account’. Bumble would store your details for only 30 days just in case you change your mind. Dating app Bumble not only supports multiple languages but is accessible for free which makes it even more sought after. It can actually be called a location-based social-messaging application.

Why Bumble over others?

With features offered as common and usual as mentioned above, why would one choose the dating app Bumble over others you ask? Well then, what sets Bumble apart from others is that it provides women with the upper hand in taking the initiative to start a conversation. This is the chief reason why Bumble has been favored in the female fraternity of dating app users, growingly, in such short a while, ensuing it to be referred as the ‘New Tinder for Girls. Men can definitely send friend requests to women but it is only the latter who can start the conversation. Interestingly, if the woman does not respond to his request within 24 hours, then it gets deleted automatically. Plus, he would not be able to send her a request again. This feature helps women from getting rid of those annoying men sending cheesy-creepy-nasty messages.

Even if a guy really wants to talk to a girl, what he can do at the most is extend the conversation by an extra 24 hours hoping that the girl might simply have not launched the app that day or worked up the courage to chat with him. However, this can be done with only one match per day. Same-sex couples and people who are present in your Facebook friends’ list stand exception to this rule though.

The dating app Bumble does have some drawbacks: it only lets you specify the age range of the companions you are looking for or whether you want to see men, women or everyone, but not specify the distance within which you are looking for companions. This wastes a lot of time on unsuitable companions. Also, once a connection disappears after the stipulated time, it won’t return, which leaves you wondering if you were right to let it go. Yet, Bumble is the sole dating app that promotes gender equality which is reason enough to make it one of the top rated and most loved apps by users.

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