Create A Rocking Photoblog : Follow The Tips Below

Rocking Photoblog

At a time when digital visual media is the key platform, photoblogs have taken up a major role in the promotion and expansion of a business. Many of you might already be running your own photoblogs on social media sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. For those, who do not have one or is not spending time on your photoblog, you might be as well be loosing a good number of audience. Who knows, you might end up having a rocking photoblog!


Photoblogs are not just a collection of some beautiful images. It is the representation of your work in a photographic format. This gives your brand a better platform of representation and your business a better exposure. A rocking photoblog would naturally act as a portfolio, showing your works and achievements to your target audience. Quality images also tend to improve your returns on investment by converting traffic to your website.

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Photoblogs, however, do not mean that you cannot write text blogs. You can write vivid description about the image along with the products or services that you provide. This would give your audience a pictorial representation about your business and your product. Thus you are able to show the best of your product and your service and improve your traffic to the website at the same time.

Here are some secret tips from some professional photobloggers on how you can make a rocking photoblog of your own.

“Evokes Emotion” – Jamie Beck

According to photographer and blogger Jamie Beck, emotional quotient of a photo forms the most important factor of a photoblog. The best way to attract the target audience to your blog is through triggering the emotion of your audience. Once you have their emotion captured, you can have their attention to whatever you want them to see or read.

Capturing the attention through evoking the emotion of a target audience can ensure that their entire attention is towards your blog and your product. Thus, while making a rocking photoblog, make sure that you are able to retain their attention after the image has done its task.

“Go beyond technical excellence of the photographer”– Oleg Gutsol

Photographer Oleg Gutsol says that a photo should be such that would not only inspire your audience but amaze your audience to an extent that would make them forget themselves. The power of photography goes well beyond just the right frame and correct light. It is not just the technical aspect but the integral parts of photography that is important to look into. A good image can turn the best with every aesthetic and technical elements at the correct place to make it a rocking photoblog.

“Color tends to play a big role”– Tom Robinson

Colour has always been an important element when it comes to visual media. Be it an image, a photograph, a graphic design or even a video, color ration and balance plays an important role in making or breaking a visual media. The perfect color balance in an image can turn an image into a masterpiece.

Creating A Rocking Photoblog

It is important for budding photobloggers to maintain the correct balance between dark and light shades of color in order to create a rocking photoblog. Use of too much of warm tones can turn your image to be too loud. On the other hand, using only cool tones would make your image quite unattractive and not quite appealing. Thus a good balance between the warm and cool tones is necessary. The right balance would make your proto stand out in the crowd and attract audience.

“Do not be too analytical”– Tommy Ton

For Tommy Ton, image and photography is all about enjoying the image and its elements. It is about capturing the moment before it is lost. Too much of analytical question may ultimately result in a bad photography. Some photographers tend to ask too many questions about the other aspects of photography than just clicking the image and capturing the moment. This results in a loosely taken photo with too much analysis and too little photo elements.

Thus, rather than researching on the photographic elements, it is better that the photographers live in the moment and capture it before it is lost.

“Better post few great photos”– Tom Robinson

When you create a photoblog, your main element should be images and photography. However, overcrowding your blog with low quality and average images would only lower your overall blog and website quality. Your audience tends to judge you by the work that you display in your blog or your testimonial. If the images in your photoblog is average, your customers would conclude your work to be average as well.

Thus, rather than uploading hundreds of low quality images, better post few of your best images to create a rocking photoblog. This would be beneficial to your brand as well as for your business.

“Brand Your Work”– James Nord

Originality is an essential feature for any task online. The huge number ofentrepreneurs and businesses that are mushrooming up globally, has increased the urgency for businesses to give a form of originality to their brands. The need of the hour for photoblogs is to make a mark through their original content and style. Originality forms the main element if you are up for creating a rocking photoblog.

Photoblogs help to boost the SEO and improve visibility in the social media networking sites. So if you do not have a photoblog yet, get one started soon. And for those who want to make a rocking photoblog, start optimizing it for the best generation of leads and optimum conversion.


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