5 WordPress Development Misconceptions Prevalent Largely

WordPress Development Misconceptions

WordPress is one of the highly preferred web development frameworks. Providing a bunch of functionalities like plugins, APIs, themes and other added features, WordPress has surely got a lot to offer. However there are certain prevalent WordPress development misconceptions that people hold in large!


With so much on offer, there still exist various myths that prevent the businesses to reply on WordPress. Let’s have a quick glance on some of the WordPress development misconceptions. You never know when you discover one of these to be one you kept clinging to for long.

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1. WordPress is only for blogs

WordPress was initially launched as a platform for blogging, but things have changed. Today it has turned into a full-featured “Content Management System (CMS)”. CMS means, users of WordPress can now easily create, build up and tailor the appearance of their website using thousands of helpful and designer themes and added functions using plugins. With time, WordPress has become very extensible and flexible – individuals can put up their business websites, directories, e-commerce stores, content based websites, or any sort of online site with no difficulty. It also provides thousands of practical and striking plugins, extensions and themes, which help in crafting a professional appearing website. WordPress is steadfast and safe and is a very robust CMS platform you can rely on.

2. WordPress is not appropriate for large companies

This is one of the WordPress development misconceptions from the very beginning. According ot the concept, WordPress is inappropriate for big business websites. It is also said that WordPress is sluggish, and can’t handle too much of database queries and high website traffic. However hundreds of big corporations with high website traffic are utilizing WordPress, such as Forbes, The New York Post, CNN, TIME magazine and hundred more. Most of the performance and security problems that can be an issue when it comes to the high website traffic can be easily solved by hosting the website on a safe and open server.

3. WordPress plugins cannot be trusted

Common WordPress Development Misconceptions

It is not wrong to presume that over 15,000 of WordPress plugins cannot be coded keeping in mind highest security standards. But this too counts itself among the WordPress development misconceptions. This CMS platform provides a great review system that lets clients identify any issue.Errors can be searched out easily and quickly as there are thousands of websites that are giving feedbacks and reviews. Moreover, users can anytime keep a distance from installing those plugins that they see not more than stellar stars and ratings. No matter what you want to create, an online e-commerce website or a simple blog, WordPress is known as most suitable CMS platform.

4. WordPress is open-source software so it doesn’t provide good user support

Another of WordPress development misconceptions or myths about WordPress is that WP utilizes software which is developed by a web developer. This makes critics claim that such “open source” build gaps between the user and support. The fact is that the software that is open source allows thousands of software developers all around the globe to include and filter the WordPress programming. If truth be told, WordPress forums are known as a huge base of central knowledge and offer fixes to more or less every related problem.

5. WordPress cannot handle responsive design

Many today still believe that WordPress in many cases fails to support superior web functionalities, but this is entirely baseless when it comes to this well-liked CMS platform. WordPress lets you craft a completely responsive theme, which can smoothly run on all sorts of devices, be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. You can do a great job by crafting and utilizing responsive WordPress themes and out there you will uncover thousands of WordPress responsive themes. Themify is famous and has done an outstanding job. Utilizing Themify themes, you can craft and build outstanding WordPress websites swiftly and quickly than ever before.

These are few of the unjustified WordPress development misconceptions that are prevalent at large. All the myths prevailing today are completely baseless. As a Content Management System platform, WordPress has done a great job and has provided a robust and safe platform for innumerable companies who want to build a full-featured online site.


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