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Amazing Infographics CV

Creativity is the core element that entrepreneurs tend to seek when they add new people to their team. This creativity can be displayed in any form. However, the first impression should always be attention-grabbing to make the most out of it. An amazing infographics CV can be a great career booster for a successful career. This can be especially effective for people who are into creative fields of work like web and graphic designers.


The task of a web or graphic designer is to make attractive webpages and content that are visually appealing to the target audience. However, landing up with a good job is one of the prime targets for designers. An amazing infographics CV would not only be visually appealing to the employer but it will also serve as a sample of the work that the designer would be doing in the future.

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An amazing infographics CV would not only be visually appealing, but it would also offer easy processing to the viewer. Thus a CV created in an infographics format would be more impressive than a normal textual CV.

Here are few tips to create an amazing infographics CV for a successful career of your own.

Prior planning

Planning out everything that you want to incorporate in your CV should be done first. Chalk out the things that you want your employer to know about your qualification and experiences. Sketch out a rough draft on how you want your infographics CV to look. Strategise the places where you would like to highlight your chief skills and experiences.

An infographics CV like any other infographics should be visually appealing with minimum content. Thus you need to make sure that you put up the most necessary information on your CV and not cramp it up with unnecessary content. Your CV should display your design-skills. Ensure that you include pleasing graphic designs to make it an amazing infographics CV.

Medium or platform

The platform or medium through which you plan to display your ads is a necessary thing to be considered. The display on digital platforms is different from that of printed formats. Thus the typography, colour and other elements of graphic design that you use on your infgraphics CV should be based on the medium of display.

For digital platforms, the white space, and typography are two of the chief elements to be considered. It is advised that you use common fonts for your textual display rather than using unique fonts. All browsers do not allow all kinds of fonts. Thus using a unique font might end up in just codes on your employer’s interface.

Creating An Amazing Infographics CV

For printed medium, the thickness and style of fonts should be considered carefully before choosing one. The color and tones too should be checked properly as often colors displayed on the digital screen do not match when printed on a paper.

Software program tool

Adobe Photoshop is one of the highest used software when it comes to graphic designing. However, Illustrator too is another recommended software for those who plan to create an amazing infographics CV. Both these software are quite complex to use and the user requires a good knowledge in both to create a presentable graphic design.

The online platform, however, provides a number of free and paid tools that anyone can use to create infographics. These platforms provide ready themes that have already been created. Users just need to incorporate the data within the theme and the infographics is ready to be displayed.

The balancing act

Once you have all the above elements in place, there starts the real task of creating the infographics. Infographics is a content that provides a pictorial representation of facts and data. When you want an amazing infographics CV, data would include all the necessary information that you want your employer to know about yourself.

You may have a lot of superior work experience and knowledge about your job profile. But, maintaining a balance between the text and graphic content is necessary. Too much information would make the infographics look cramped up. On the other hand too less text can mean too little information provided.Thus maintaining a perfect balance between the graphics and text content is a necessary consideration.

Display it

An infographics CV would not only provide information about your qualification and experiences but also provide an insight into your taste as a graphic designer. Thus utilizing this element of design to the fullest would serve you with the best job opportunities. Whether sharing on social platforms or on job portals, if you have an amazing infographics CV, it would attract and appeal to people. This would set you apart from the rest providing a boost to your designing career.

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