Job Hunting Through Social Media – A Growing Trend?

Job Hunting Though Social Media

You post hundreds of personal updates, tweets and images in your social networking sites just so that everyone can see them. But have you ever thought how it would be to do the job hunting through social media. The social networking sites is not only good for connecting at personal level, but at professional levels too.


Creating a professional social media profile can be a great booster for your career. Job hunting through social media is the new trend. A great profile with all the right information at the right places can help you to kickstart your professional life. A well managed social profile with your professional details can be of great help for job hunting through social media.

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With time and advancing technology, job hunting has evolved greatly. Currently, around 40 percent of the job seekers use social media in some form or the other to land up with jobs. Selling yourself on social media is not tough when you know the right tricks. A timely tweet, an image update from a live event, or an awesome update on Facebook can act as great boosters for job hunting through social media. These updates make your profile a powerful one and give you an added advantage over other job hunters.

Create a powerful online presence

In social media, the online presence of a brand, be it a person or a business, is the chief element. The social media is high on social noise. Making yourself seen is a challenge within this high noise. A powerful online presence is the chief element that you require when you plan for job hunting through social media. Creating a powerful presence in the online market especially in the social media network requires immense working on your brand, in this case on your profile. Try highlighting your profiles so that it gets noticed by industry influencers. Be members of communities that is relevant to your industry.

Create a powerful network that connects your profile with the influential people of your industry. It may not work out instantly. However, in the long run, as your profile keeps getting better, you might get better at job hunting through social media. A perfect profile cannot be created instantly. Take your time and keep improving your profile to get the best one for your social media job hunt.

Managing your social media profile

A proper management of your social profile is essential when it comes to job hunting through social media. You should have a thorough monitoring of your professional social profile to keep it updated and best that you can. Posting personal selfies and groupfies on your professional profile is a strict no-no. Never, let any personal image appear on your professional profile. If you have a single profile for both, edit your privacy policies in such a way that your professional profile is not hampered with any of your personal posts.

Benefits Of Job Hunting Through Social Media

The language and content of your professional profile is an important determinant of how you are job hunting through social media. Maintaining a professional tone in your profile works best. However, if you are into creative field, you can use your social profile at a creative level highlighting your skills to make the best online CV for employers to see.

Following relevant companies

When you use your social profile as your online CV, following people and communities from your industry is important. Following industry experts and influencers is important when you are job hunting through social media. Their tweets and posts would give you valuable information on the latest happenings in your industry. These information can be very helpful during your job hunt.

Using proper hashtags

Hashtags are an important feature to make yourself visible on the social media. You can highlight your specializations and other unique talents using relevant hashtags. You can yourself make search with related hashtags to your industry to find and locate any vacancy that comes up.

Create a LinkedIn profile

When it comes to job hunting through social media, LinkedIn is the ultimate platform where job seekers and employers gather. Thus a LinkedIn profile is a must if you wish to land up a job through social media channels.

Create a professional LinkedIn profile with detailed information about yourself. Maintain a complete profile. Using a professional image for your LinkedIn profile picture is advisable. Connect with people relevant to your industry to create a strong network.

Job Hunting through social media is an easy task if you know the correct tools to use and the right people to follow. Just create a fabulous profile, highlight it as much as you can and let the rest of the work be done by the head hunters.


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