Effective Link Building: A Powerful Content Marketing Factor

Effective Link Building

For many website owners, creating a website is the easy part. The task of performing a good SEO and improving its page rank and visibility is what becomes a challenge. Often webmasters try link building to get higher in the page rank. Traffic to a website is necessary especially when the site is new. This is served through effective link building with bigger and powerful websites that have existed for a long time and has made a mark on the Search Engine Results Page.


The evolution of the content marketing strategy has lowered the importance of effective link building as a marketing tool for contents. Where content is considered the king of a website, link building has become a complex process. Getting good quality backlinks is a long and challenging process. However, once a quality link is established, it serves as a good SEO tool providing quality traffic which also has a good rate of conversion.

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A powerful content marketing can lead to effective link building which in turn establishes the website and improves the page rank and visibility of the website. A quality content that the target audience can relate to, is also a powerful element for SEO improvement. The better and more genuine a site’s content, the higher will be the link building. However, webmasters need to ensure that the backlinks are of good quality and not just random ones.

Creating an effective link building strategy requires the SEO analyst to work on multiple features of a website. Here are few techniques of link building.

Creating inspiring contents

Your website will only be visited by your target audience if you provide inspiring and relevant content in your website. Useful information works as a great magnet in pulling in quality audience to your website. Inspiring content creates a viral effect among the audience spreading like ripples. The quality of the content itself inspires audience and spreads the word for your brand. A good content is bound to be shared by the audience in their social networking sites and through other medium of sharing thus increasing your traffic and visibility.

These kinds of content that prove to be genuine and good and is shared by all and sundry helps build your brand reputation and contributing immensely on effective link building.

Have your blog

A business blog or company blog is a great way to generate and build links for your website. It is a powerful content marketing tool that has immense potential to generate good quality backlinks.

Powerful And Effective Link Building

Your target audience is in the search for information. If your blog is able to provide your audience with the relevant information, it will result in an increase in traffic to your blog posts. Thus using your blog meticulously to generate leads for conversion is great.

Blogs also contribute to improving your website’s SEO. Keyword rich blogs with useful and informative content tend to pull in a higher number of visitors. Many of these visitors often desire to provide backlinks to your site creating a powerful and effective link building connection.

Get linked by your customers

Generating link building is a tough work especially when you are new in the online market. However, once you have a band of loyal customers at your disposal, you can utilise their links to improve your website’s visibility.

Customers can be of great help when it comes to effective link building. You will only have a loyal following when you are able to create a relation of trust between the customer and your business. Once you achieve that, you can easily ask for backlinks to your site in their social networking profiles or websites.

Focus on the quality of content

One constant fear that haunts web masters is the frequently changing and updating algorithms of the search engine. These algorithms are always on the lookout for duplicate or poor quality content as well as websites with spammy links. These types of content are often severely penalized resulting in a sharp fall in page rank and reduced traffic.

Often webmasters use black hat SEO techniques to rapidly rise in the page rank and visibility. However, these black hat SEO techniques are not worthy in the long run resulting in penalization of websites.

Good quality content with unique information are great for improving the SEO of a website. These tend to get backlinks automatically because of the information they provide. Using just any random link in your website can be harmful. Ensure that the backlinks you provide and the websites where your site’s backlinks are provided are not spammy and has good quality score and page rank in the search engine.


Though effective link building is slowly becoming a tool of past, it still remains to be a potent tool. SEO are shifting their focus from link building to improved content marketing strategies. However, you can use backlinks to pull in audience through affiliate marketing which is on the rise.

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