Using The Amazing Ghost Buttons Creatively To Attract Audience Attention

Amazing Ghost Buttons

The layout design and graphics of a website is ever changing. The introduction of new and constantly innovating design style leads websites to make frequent changes in your website to keep it updated. This helps your website to keep up with the trend. The amazing Ghost buttons have been one such trend that became quite popular in 2014.


Ghost buttons had been a trending web design element in 2014. And it is something that seems to be staying for the coming few years. However, the look, design and structure of the ghost button has already started to evolve. It has been taking new looks and appearances with the changing website designs and layout. Though these buttons may seem to be just like any other call-to-action button, the amazing Ghost buttons often offer an effective way to compel customers to convert.

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Being a new concept altogether, these amazing Ghost buttons are being increasingly used in different websites. The element of shadow and transparency has always been popular in the web design category. The feature of minimalist design has been highlighted by designers as more and more websites opt for minimal designs in their website, keeping it neat and classy to look at.

In keeping with the trend, Ghost buttons add to the classy look of minimalist design of websites. These buttons, that are mostly vacant, merge with the background. Thus this call-to-action buttons are not loud and on your face. The amazing Ghost buttons generally contain some texts or symbols that users can click to take the next step.

Amazing Ghost Buttons The Distance

However, keeping with the minimalist design of a Ghost button often forms a challenge. The designer needs to keep three major factors in mind while designing a ghost button. First, the outer frame of the button should be thin with the frame color being the most dominant color on the webpage. Second, the button itself should be transparent, i.e. it should not be filled with solid colors. Third, the textual fonts used within the button should be of a lighter hue.

Applying Ghost buttons in your websites

The online market has a number of different websites each offering a different solution to a different problem. Making use of the latest web design techniques almost always pulls your attention. Ghost buttons too are no different.

Using the amazing Ghost buttons in business websites

Business websites especially websites that deal with ecommerce would always push to keep it cool and trendy. It gives your audience a better view of your webpage. Try placing the button above the fold to get the highest visibility. However, Ghost buttons are not always effective for business websites. These websites seek for audience who would convert. Using a Ghost button as a call-to-action button may sometimes not work as desired. Audience may overlook the Ghost button while looking for products. A strong call-to-action button in bright colors grabs the attention of your target audience which a Ghost button fails to do.

However, using the amazing Ghost buttons in a creative manner may greatly contribute to your site. For example, the distance, a UK-based business website gave its homepage a trendy makeover. With the homepage having minimalist design, the name of the company appears in black and white. Contrasting to the monochrome tones, the Ghost buttons are done in primary colours of blue, green and pink.

Ghost buttons in creative websites

If you are the owner of a website that deals with creative business, you almost certainly should be using Ghost button. If not, it is high time you incorporate this new and trending design element in your website. For a creative website, being in trend and following what is the upcoming fashion in website designing is the foremost criteria that a web designer should be aware of. Your website is the window for your business. Its appearance will comprehend your business and work ability to your target audience.

For creative websites, colour plays an important role. The correct use of colour in a proper ratio makes a website appealing and trendy to look. For such websites, the amazing Ghost buttons almost always use the two most dominating colour of the webpage. For example, if we take a look at the the website of Parallax, you will be able to see the Ghost button placed right at the center of the homepage.

Amazing Ghost Buttons Parallax

Ecommerce website using Ghost buttons

Many would disagree to the fact of using ghost buttons in ecommerce websites. However, in keeping up with the current trend, ecommerce websites too are using the amazing Ghost buttons.

Ecommerce sites always require a strong call-to-action button to make conversion possible. However, the fact that these amazing Ghost buttons are near invisible does not provide support to the bold call-to-action button that is needed. Still if you see the website of Fabfurnish, a furniture selling website, you will be able to see the set of Ghost buttons in homepage itself. This is evidence of the fact that these new trendy buttons are becoming quite popular these days.

Amazing Ghost Buttons Ecommerce

As a web designer you would always be attracted to use the new and latest of the design elements. However, it may not always be possible to use all the elements of design in each website. The element of ghost button is a trending feature of design. More and more websites no matter, what their business is, are opting for these buttons to keep up with the changing fashion.


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