Six Successful Women Web Designers Of The Millennial Generation

Successful Women Web Designers

Long gone are the days when women were considered having more of an artistic element than that of logic. Women are now reigning almost every corner of the globe, be it movies, politics or technology. With increasing accessibility, women are paving the way to become world leaders in technology. Sheryl Sandberg is one of the burning examples of the successful women web designers who have successfully been able to run the world’s leading social networking site.


The global number of females entering the field of technology has been on the rise. The number of female developers has increased to 22% since 2001. Studies also show that the average female developer is not more than 34 years. This stresses on the act that the millennial generation is among the top to the successful women web designers.

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Though the factors of gender inequality and a gap in the pay structure still exists, here is a list of successful women web designers who have made a mark in the industry with their bold and powerful work.

Sarah Huny Young

A Howard pass out, Sarah has over 15 years of experience as a front-end developer. She also has extensive knowledge on web designing. She has worked with big entertainment brands like VIBE magazine. She has bagged many awards including the very prestigious Soul Train award for the “Best Soul Site” She currently runs her own company, Supreme Clientele and has worked with a number of magazines, entertainment channels and startups.

Sara Huny Young Web Designer

Her website’s home page is a masterpiece which displays her love for coding and designing.

Milica Sekulic

One of the most successful women web designers, Milica specializes in designing user interface and has a thorough knowledge in CSS and HTML. She has been a part of Mongoose, and served as the creative director there. Currently she runs her own website named CSSPrincess. The website is dedicated in creating and developing new and beautiful CSS sites that would be made by women coders.

Milica Sekulic Web Designer

Hillary Hopper

Hillary Hopper is a common name when it comes to designing user interface for mobile games. She doubtlessly counts among the successful women web designers. She had been among the best designers, one of the nominees at Design Shack for best designer, and is a popular design for mobile game user interface.

She had also dedicated few years of her designing career with the US Military helping them with designing and creating applications for Special Operations.

Hillary Hopper Web Designer

Being a successful user experience designer, she has extensive knowledge about the psychology of a person. She possesses a talent of quickly understanding the need of her clients and successfully delivering them with the best product. Below are few of her works.

Adelle Charles

The Visual designer at Bitly, Adelle is in charge of maintaining the cool and trendy quotient of Bitly throughout every platform. She is also the co-founder of Carbon Ads, a targeted Ad network company. Along with designing great pixel designs, she also manages and runs her own web publication firm, Fuel Brand Network.

She is a Twitter addict and is quite influential on the social networking sites.

Karen Kavett

If you are into web design, you must have come through Karen Kavett and her awesome DIY videos. She is a Rhode Island University pass out, one of the top design universities globally. She had worked for YouTube as visual designer, providing her expertise to improve the user interface and visual appeal of the online video streaming channel and emerging as one of the successful women web designers.

Currently she is a freelance graphic designer. She is also a regular researcher on different aspects of visual design and provides her expert opinion and design tutorials through YouTube and HGTC Handmade.

Antonea Nabors

With over six years of experience in digital, graphic and web design, Antonea is one of the most successful women web designers. She possesses specialized skills in designing stunning mobile interface designs. She is a typography expert and is always on the search for new and innovative typography for her design interface.

Antonea Nabors Web Designer

She has also won a number of awards for her unique and outstanding designs and worked with some of the leading companies of the world including Electrolux, Nevia, Suncorp to name a few. She is currently based in Sydney and works as a freelance art director. Her website is a testimony to her outstanding knowledge and expertise on web designing and coding career.

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