The Story Of Seven Best Startups Globally In 2015

Best Startups Globally

Startup culture is hot and trending. Initially confined within the Silicon Valley, start-ups have now started to emerge from every corner of the globe. It has been estimated that around 100 million new start-ups are launched every year throughout the globe. In the USA alone the number of start-ups launched each is over 60,000. The investment amounts to over $48 billion. However, estimates also suggest that there is one startup death each second as well. Thus, an average of 4 best startups globally remain standing after the initial rounds of funds is over.


The thoughts of creating the best startups globally is easy. Keeping up with the flow and running the business is the main challenge that start-ups face. Startups are often tight on budget. Thus, for them the initial work is to survive in the highly competitive startup market. Once they are able to generate their initial funding, the rest of the ride becomes less bumpy.

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Here are few of this year’s best startups globally that are expected to become highly successful companies in the near future.

1. Slack

Founded by Flicker cofounder Stewart Butterfield, Slack is a communication platform for companies that can use it for their internal communication processes. It aims at creating a communication process that is simple and productive. With the Slack tool, users can communicate with any of their office associates from desktops, laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Launched in 2013, the tool is currently being used by over 30,000 companies globally. The company is currently valued over 1 billion and one of 2015’s best startups globally.

2. Bumble

A dating app, Bumble seems to highlight feminism by allowing women to make the first move. The startup app has been founded by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe. Just like any other dating app, this app too allows users to create and upload profile. Users can then check profiles of prospective matches and send them request to accept their match.

Just few months into the market, this has already become one of the best startups globally to have witnessed great success within such a short span of time. Though no funding or valuation details have yet been announced, the app is closing in towards its 1 miilion download mark. The growth rate for the startup too has been astounding at 15% each week.

3. MySmartPrice

An Indian startup, founded by Sitakanta Ray and Sulakshan Kumar, it has been up and running 5 years till now. The company provides its users with the best prices on different goods thus helping users with their shopping. According to the company, it serves as a personal shopping assistant helping customers find the best value of the products they buy. One of the best startups globally, it has collected over 12 million in seed funding in two rounds from Venture capital firms Helion and Accel.

4. MixPanel

2015's Best Startups Globally

Mixpanel, considered as one of the best sartups globally, has come up with a tool that allows its users to understand the behaviour of their audience. It helps to read the behavior that a customer shows while in the website of a company. It provides an A/B testing tool that allows companies to read the psychology of their audience. This thus provides the companies insightful information about their audience allowing them to make improvements wherever necessary.

The company Mixpanel was launched in 2009. The company is valued at $865 million and has an additional funding of around $77 million.

5. Cotopaxi

Not many start-ups launch their business with a humanitarian cause. But Cotopaxi is something different altogether. It is an ecommerce startup but sells each of its products with a humanitarian cause. Shoppers shopping from Cotopaxi makes a charitable donation of some sort with each of their purchase.

According to Cotopaxi CEO, David Smith, buying a product that ensures some good cause is a new idea that has been embraced by the target audience. The charities include helping the poor nations. For example – if someone buys Cotopaxi’s Cambodia water bottle, he would also be proving a week’s clean drinking water to someone in Cambodia.

Customers are free to choose the cause they wish to support against their purchase. The startup has already gathered funding of $9.5 million and is backed by venture capitalists like Jeff Kearl, Greycroft Partners, Peterson Ventures, Kickstart Seed Fund etc. It is being touted as one of the best startups globally in the seed funding stage.

6. Curalate

The role that social media has been playing in online businesses is immense. And to improve the social marketing process, Curalate has brought a new tool for delivering better insights on the images used. Curalate provides advanced analytics on the images that marketers use on social media. This helps them to use better images that have a greater impact on the users. It has an algorithm of its own that ahalyses images to understand their performance in the social media.

Founded by Nick Shiftman and Apu Gupta, the startup has raised a funding of over $12 million. It is one of the best startups globally backed by firms like First Round, MentorTech Ventures etc.

7. Jet

Founded in 2014, Jet made its official launch as a startup only in the second quarter of 2015. However, within such a short span of time, the startup has grown immensely. Business analysers are of the view that this startup might even compete with Amazon. Backed by giant tech companies like Google Ventures, Alibaba Group and Accel, the startup has already raied a funding of $220 million in three rounds. Jet is being predicted as one of 2015’s best startups globally.

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