New Website Design Ideas To Follow In 2016

New Website Design Ideas

GIF and animations have become a 90’s element of web design. New website design ideas include flat and parallax design on website. There has also been a constant innovation in technology for improving the website design ideas. Introduction of new features to provide a better website design of higher quality is what designers and developers are always in the lookout for.


Survey report suggests that for the coming year, bigger and more prominent images would be the key element of the new website design ideas. These larger images would provide a better and sounder visual experience to the viewers as well as the users. Given its prominent size, it would be more appealing. A larger image that focuses on the product it promotes appeals more to the audience that a smaller image.

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New website design ideas for 2016 have been focusing more on highlighting the emotional element of images. This makes the image work better and is more engaging to the target audience. Linking a website, product or image with the personal lives of your target audience is the main focus that every marketer and website designer aims at. However, one crucial element of website design ideas is to maintain each element of an image in perfect balance and synchronization. Only then can a perfect image be created.

A different presentation pattern

In the past couple of years, WordPress has become a common word when it comes to using a simple CMS platform. In addition to that the use of responsive design has also increased. However, what the end result has derived is not very appealing for all website owners. Often the amalgam of WordPress CMS and responsive coding result in websites that looks similar if not identical in its presentation patterns. Though there are numerous themes to choose, they are still limited and many websites often end up becoming the photocopy of some other website.

One of the new website design ideas to be changed in 2016 is the modification of websites so that no two websites end up looking identical. The user interface pattern have reached a rate of saturation. The most common types of UI design currently used are the Hamburger menu, Long scroll effect, and Card layout (used in TNW). Thus now is the time to change and improve on this defect and create something powerful out of it.

Innovative animation

Yes animations have existed for a long time. But it still would be in existence for a long time to come. Since past, the use of animation in the user interface and design pattern has witnessed a great change. From simple handcrafted animations to complex jQuery codes used to create awesome animations, the change has been enormous.

New Website Design Ideas To Follow

Animation has also changed in the pattern of its use. Earlier used as full background images, animations are now concentrated to be used in minor but crucial parts of a website.

The loading animation for example, is being increasingly used in various websites. This animation appears when a webpage of a website is opening. The animation will only be seen by the time a webpage loads. This is among the relatively new website design ideas though it is already being used in a few websites.

The motion animation is also relatively one of the new website design ideas. These animations can be said to have replaced the GIF and is slowly taking its place in websites. This animations is currently the most wanted among ecommerce and online retail stores. Products are displayed using animations. The main features of the products too are highlighted which makes the product and in turn the website rather attractive and appealing to the audience.


Website design idea is evolving, with the increasing use of social media in product promotion and marketing. Here has aroused the need of microinteractions with the target audience to get the best conversion possible from the promotional ads itself. One of the new website design ideas involving microinteraction has thus generated. The use of buy buttons that was introduced in Twitter last year in its beta version is making its way into the mainstream website design ideas.

More and more websites are opting for this website design idea because of its direct micro-interaction button. This has also resulted in an increase in the conversion rates of ecommerce websites.

The idea of apps that has also taken a cult form as websites are coming up with their very own apps with great user friendly elements incorporated within the app itself. Smoother elements of designs are being incorporated to make the interaction seem invisible still meaningful.

Apart from these, material design, responsive design and flat design too are an emerging and evolving part of the new website design ideas. However, blindly following a trend just because it is the trend is not advisable. Website design always calls for innovation. Be different, be bold and you will be able to create a new design pattern that the rest might follow.

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