Top Social Media Games Of 2015

Top Social Media Games

The emergence of video games can be established with the emergence and improvement of the personal computer. People of all ages have always been hooked to the fascinating idea of playing over the internet. And the biggies of the social networking segment didn’t want to lose this opportunity to increase their user base. Hence the social media games! Want to know the top social media games that raged this year? Keep reading!


The majority of people worldwide want to test their mettle against real opponents, not programmed applications. The online games have become a rage in the present times. Capitalising on this, the top social media games today have become a host of online games which would serve to engage people for hours at a stretch. And as of now, they have been quite successful in doing so.

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Some of the top social media games of 2015 include the following:

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the top social media games that can be heard of everywhere. Candy Crush saga is basically a puzzle game in which matches have to be made in groups of three. Released on the 12th of April 2012 for Facebook by King, Candy Crush Saga has become Facebook’s most played game in 2015, with around 11.61 million active users playing on a daily basis. Its simplicity and sweetness has made Candy Crush Saga a rage among the youth across the globe.

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga

Modeled on the lines of Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga is also a puzzle game with the player having to create groups of three to unlock new levels. Farm Heroes Saga boasts a great visual treat, as the player embarks on an agricultural quest of collecting three cropsies, much like the three candies in the Candy Crush Saga. Having been released in 2013, this is one of the top social media games with a user base of around 8 million worldwide.

8-Ball pool

8 Ball Pool

With a staggering 28.19 million monthly active users online, 8-Ball pool has become a rage over the recent years, and came ahead of Criminal Case and the much loved Clash of Clans to be inside the top 5 Facebook games in 2015. 8-Ball pool is an online multiplayer game, themed like billiards. This game has been developed by Miniclip. Also ranking number 1 in Miniclip’s top 100 games, 8-Ball pool has been able to engage people from across the globe in its great game play, thus making it, in its genre, the largest multiplayer game.

Several other names, such as Subway Surfers and Criminal Case are also synonymous with Facebook today. And when Facebook boasts of such a huge collection of top social media games, Twitter has to follow it with its own collection. Though not as diverse as Facebook, the games incorporated in Twitter are somewhat different from the visual treat we expect in each game. Twitter games are basically based on tweets, but still they are engaging enough to be mentioned along with the visually-rich games of Facebook. Some of these are:



@artwiculate is a game which provides its users with a chance of learning a new word each day while playing it. Artwiculate is a real time game, with users competing to top the popularity charts by using the words given by @artwiculate in their tweets. The more retweets it gets, the higher it goes in terms of popularity. Besides being a rage among the Twitter followers, this game also has a learning value attached to it.



So, whoever told that there were not enough games for math lovers has been proved wrong by Twitter’s @twitbrain game. The game is immensely popular among math and engineering enthusiasts, since it posts a problem and the users compete on how fast they can solve it and reply back to @twitbrain. Challenging and fun, this game is apt for users who like to spend their time enhancing their mathematics skills!

Social “Gaming” media

Gaming, as it seems, is on its rise. And so are gaming social networks that commit themselves to these online games. Some of the gaming networks like Raptr, Playfireand Duxter have made it very easy for a newbie to join the gaming community. These networks dedicate themselves to making communities based on games. People are hooked to the top social media games, as these communities bundle the advantages of social networking and high definition gaming into a single package.

With the advent of social networking, the social media games have received an added boost, and is quickly spreading across the globe. These highly engrossing games have become a rage in the virtual world. Social media today aren’t just about connecting people; they also connect us to an addiction called games.


Create A Rocking Photoblog : Follow The Tips Below

Rocking Photoblog

At a time when digital visual media is the key platform, photoblogs have taken up a major role in the promotion and expansion of a business. Many of you might already be running your own photoblogs on social media sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. For those, who do not have one or is not spending time on your photoblog, you might be as well be loosing a good number of audience. Who knows, you might end up having a rocking photoblog!


Photoblogs are not just a collection of some beautiful images. It is the representation of your work in a photographic format. This gives your brand a better platform of representation and your business a better exposure. A rocking photoblog would naturally act as a portfolio, showing your works and achievements to your target audience. Quality images also tend to improve your returns on investment by converting traffic to your website.

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Photoblogs, however, do not mean that you cannot write text blogs. You can write vivid description about the image along with the products or services that you provide. This would give your audience a pictorial representation about your business and your product. Thus you are able to show the best of your product and your service and improve your traffic to the website at the same time.

Here are some secret tips from some professional photobloggers on how you can make a rocking photoblog of your own.

“Evokes Emotion” – Jamie Beck

According to photographer and blogger Jamie Beck, emotional quotient of a photo forms the most important factor of a photoblog. The best way to attract the target audience to your blog is through triggering the emotion of your audience. Once you have their emotion captured, you can have their attention to whatever you want them to see or read.

Capturing the attention through evoking the emotion of a target audience can ensure that their entire attention is towards your blog and your product. Thus, while making a rocking photoblog, make sure that you are able to retain their attention after the image has done its task.

“Go beyond technical excellence of the photographer”– Oleg Gutsol

Photographer Oleg Gutsol says that a photo should be such that would not only inspire your audience but amaze your audience to an extent that would make them forget themselves. The power of photography goes well beyond just the right frame and correct light. It is not just the technical aspect but the integral parts of photography that is important to look into. A good image can turn the best with every aesthetic and technical elements at the correct place to make it a rocking photoblog.

“Color tends to play a big role”– Tom Robinson

Colour has always been an important element when it comes to visual media. Be it an image, a photograph, a graphic design or even a video, color ration and balance plays an important role in making or breaking a visual media. The perfect color balance in an image can turn an image into a masterpiece.

Creating A Rocking Photoblog

It is important for budding photobloggers to maintain the correct balance between dark and light shades of color in order to create a rocking photoblog. Use of too much of warm tones can turn your image to be too loud. On the other hand, using only cool tones would make your image quite unattractive and not quite appealing. Thus a good balance between the warm and cool tones is necessary. The right balance would make your proto stand out in the crowd and attract audience.

“Do not be too analytical”– Tommy Ton

For Tommy Ton, image and photography is all about enjoying the image and its elements. It is about capturing the moment before it is lost. Too much of analytical question may ultimately result in a bad photography. Some photographers tend to ask too many questions about the other aspects of photography than just clicking the image and capturing the moment. This results in a loosely taken photo with too much analysis and too little photo elements.

Thus, rather than researching on the photographic elements, it is better that the photographers live in the moment and capture it before it is lost.

“Better post few great photos”– Tom Robinson

When you create a photoblog, your main element should be images and photography. However, overcrowding your blog with low quality and average images would only lower your overall blog and website quality. Your audience tends to judge you by the work that you display in your blog or your testimonial. If the images in your photoblog is average, your customers would conclude your work to be average as well.

Thus, rather than uploading hundreds of low quality images, better post few of your best images to create a rocking photoblog. This would be beneficial to your brand as well as for your business.

“Brand Your Work”– James Nord

Originality is an essential feature for any task online. The huge number ofentrepreneurs and businesses that are mushrooming up globally, has increased the urgency for businesses to give a form of originality to their brands. The need of the hour for photoblogs is to make a mark through their original content and style. Originality forms the main element if you are up for creating a rocking photoblog.

Photoblogs help to boost the SEO and improve visibility in the social media networking sites. So if you do not have a photoblog yet, get one started soon. And for those who want to make a rocking photoblog, start optimizing it for the best generation of leads and optimum conversion.

The Dating App Bumble: How It Empowers Women

Dating App Bumble

It’s time for the Android users, especially the women population, to rejoice. The long awaited dating app Bumble, can be finally availed in the Android devices. Excitement started to build up in the air as soon as the first tweet came across declaring that Bumble would make it’s way to Android sometime in November. This self-proclaimed-feminist-version of the Tinder app, Bumble, has garnered huge popularity among the iOS users ever since it’s launch, which raised the crave for it’s availability in the Play Store. Now that it’s here, why wait? Get downloading and match making (ya ladies)!


Worry not if you are not yet acquainted with the dating app Bumble. Once you have finished reading this article, you shall know it all. Thank us later, maybe?

What Bumble is

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The dating app Bumble was launched in December, 2014 by CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder of Tinder, who actually developed Bumble after leaving Tinder. No wonder Bumble looks so similar to Tinder. However, some of the exclusive features of Bumble are what keeps it trending, be it on iOS or Android; so much so that now it is considered to be a strong competitor and alternative to Tinder, and all the other dating apps for that matter, with an user count over millions.

How Bumble works

The user interface offered by the dating app Bumble is extremely simple and convenient. After you have downloaded and installed the application, you would be required to make an account to be able to use it; any person aged 17 or more is eligible. Pretty much like all the other dating apps, Bumble uses details (like your age, location, job title and education history) and some photos from your Facebook account to create your Bumble account or profile (or you can even upload a new photo if you want to, otherwise).

Whether you want to give any extra information in your profile rests totally on your decision. The dating app Bumble prevents you from revealing sensitive information like contact or banking details since it would be visible to all of the users present on this public network. Next, the app uses the service location of your device to help you find out and connect with the best suitable single man/woman around you.

Everytime you open the dating app Bumble, you are offered a series of photos of the potential suitors. All you have to do is simply swipe right if you find a match interesting or swipe left if you don’t and continue searching. You just have 24 hours to strike a conversation before the connection expires so if you have liked someone who also likes you, just tap the speech bubble in the top right corner and get talking. Those chats will be visible under the ‘Conversations’ option until you delete them. If you get stuck in chatting with a weirdo, just select the ‘Block & Report’ option to report abuse or complaint about the person to the company thereby solving your problem.

Dating App Bumble

In case you wish to delete the account, all you have to do is tap the cog icon at the top left, select the settings option and scroll down to choose ‘Delete account’. Bumble would store your details for only 30 days just in case you change your mind. Dating app Bumble not only supports multiple languages but is accessible for free which makes it even more sought after. It can actually be called a location-based social-messaging application.

Why Bumble over others?

With features offered as common and usual as mentioned above, why would one choose the dating app Bumble over others you ask? Well then, what sets Bumble apart from others is that it provides women with the upper hand in taking the initiative to start a conversation. This is the chief reason why Bumble has been favored in the female fraternity of dating app users, growingly, in such short a while, ensuing it to be referred as the ‘New Tinder for Girls. Men can definitely send friend requests to women but it is only the latter who can start the conversation. Interestingly, if the woman does not respond to his request within 24 hours, then it gets deleted automatically. Plus, he would not be able to send her a request again. This feature helps women from getting rid of those annoying men sending cheesy-creepy-nasty messages.

Even if a guy really wants to talk to a girl, what he can do at the most is extend the conversation by an extra 24 hours hoping that the girl might simply have not launched the app that day or worked up the courage to chat with him. However, this can be done with only one match per day. Same-sex couples and people who are present in your Facebook friends’ list stand exception to this rule though.

The dating app Bumble does have some drawbacks: it only lets you specify the age range of the companions you are looking for or whether you want to see men, women or everyone, but not specify the distance within which you are looking for companions. This wastes a lot of time on unsuitable companions. Also, once a connection disappears after the stipulated time, it won’t return, which leaves you wondering if you were right to let it go. Yet, Bumble is the sole dating app that promotes gender equality which is reason enough to make it one of the top rated and most loved apps by users.

5 Top Indian Startups That Have Gained Global Attention

Top Indian Startups

The startup fever is all around and India too is caught up in the startup fever. With increasing digitization and higher accessibility to the internet, India has been producing some top notch startups. Many of these top Indian startups have brought with them unique and outstanding business ideas that have made the lives of their users simpler.


The growing use of smartphones has pushed these startups to be available to the target audience in the mobile devices as well. Thus most of these top Indian startups has also come up with their very own applications making it accessible to the audience while on the go.

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The range of startups and the varied range of products that they are offering have amazed the entire world. From dresses to education and cabs to groceries, these startups are serving it all to their customers and that too at their doorstep. Each product is delivered to the users at their doorstep, providing them with ample time to work on other more important things.

According to studies made by, the first quarter of 2015 witnessed a fund raising of nearly $450million. This has been growing each year and at a rate of nearly 300%. The growth rate is evidence enough that the startup market in India as a whole is witnessing a mega change as the audience is accepting this new trend. Consumer web products and payment portals are among the top Indian startups followed by ecommerce.

However, there has been a constant rise in the different forms of startups that are providing unique services to their customers. These startups have gained quite a momentum with the audience showing more interest and investors providing funds to them.

Here is a list of six top Indian startups that have become globally famous with their unique business ideas.

1. LimeRoad

Fashion is a global phenomenon. And bringing this awesome fashion to your hands is LimeRoad. One of the top Indian startups, it is just three years into the online business and has already marked a name for itself with its amazing collection of clothesline. The site is available in both web and mobile. Its application also allows users to create a scrapbook of their own, experimenting with different looks.

Founded by Suchi Mukherjee, Ankush Mehra and Prashant Malik, the startup has received fundings from Tiger Global, Matrix Partner etc.

2. Instamojo

Instamojo is a startup that has come up with a secure payment gateway for online shoppers and merchants. Collecting and receiving payment has been simplified, thanks to the new technology that Instamojo has introduced. Payments can be now made through a simple email or SMS. Customers can also use social media channels and even blogs and website to collect and make payments.

5 Top Indian Startups

With the trend of online payment making it big in the online market, Instamojo has witnessed a growth at 22 times than its initial phase. It expects to see a similar growth in the coming years as well.

This cool India startup has received global attention and funding from popular invertors. It has also been a participant in the 500Startup accelerator program of the Silicon Valley.

3. Culture Machine Media

Digital media is the widest used platform for all kinds of communication. The Culture Machine Media is a startup that deals with digital video content. Digital videos are currently a favourite among the youths. They are the highest users of the gadgets and digital media platforms. Keeping their taste and preference in view, the startup has created a platform to produce digital video contents.

Based in Bangalore, this is one of the top Indian startups. It is just two years old and has been receiving funds from popular venture capitalist and angel investors.

4. Zoomcar

Chauffeur driven cars are no longer the in-thing. Zoomcar, one of the top Indian startups, provides rental car services with self driven cars for hire. The startup allows its members to hire cars on an hourly or daily basis. The app allows users to book cars and make payments through the personal application of the startup itself.

The startup that launched in 2013 with just 7 cars, now has a fleet of over 500 cars providing services to three major cities in India. This startup has received over $1 million in funding from investors throughout the globe including EmpireAngels, Fundersclub etc.

5. HolidayIQ

Holidays have always been a favourite of everybody. And now HolidayIQ makes it even more simpler with its online travel community. Buy tickets, book hotels or plan your entire holiday itinerary right through the app. Users are also furnished with reviews on various places and hotels to get a better idea while booking.

Listing itself under the top Indian startups, it also runs its own blog that provides its readers awesome destinations to choose from within India as well as abroad. HolidayIQ has been receiving funding from all quarters. It has recently received a funding of over $15 millionfrom MakeMyTrip.

5 WordPress Development Misconceptions Prevalent Largely

WordPress Development Misconceptions

WordPress is one of the highly preferred web development frameworks. Providing a bunch of functionalities like plugins, APIs, themes and other added features, WordPress has surely got a lot to offer. However there are certain prevalent WordPress development misconceptions that people hold in large!


With so much on offer, there still exist various myths that prevent the businesses to reply on WordPress. Let’s have a quick glance on some of the WordPress development misconceptions. You never know when you discover one of these to be one you kept clinging to for long.

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1. WordPress is only for blogs

WordPress was initially launched as a platform for blogging, but things have changed. Today it has turned into a full-featured “Content Management System (CMS)”. CMS means, users of WordPress can now easily create, build up and tailor the appearance of their website using thousands of helpful and designer themes and added functions using plugins. With time, WordPress has become very extensible and flexible – individuals can put up their business websites, directories, e-commerce stores, content based websites, or any sort of online site with no difficulty. It also provides thousands of practical and striking plugins, extensions and themes, which help in crafting a professional appearing website. WordPress is steadfast and safe and is a very robust CMS platform you can rely on.

2. WordPress is not appropriate for large companies

This is one of the WordPress development misconceptions from the very beginning. According ot the concept, WordPress is inappropriate for big business websites. It is also said that WordPress is sluggish, and can’t handle too much of database queries and high website traffic. However hundreds of big corporations with high website traffic are utilizing WordPress, such as Forbes, The New York Post, CNN, TIME magazine and hundred more. Most of the performance and security problems that can be an issue when it comes to the high website traffic can be easily solved by hosting the website on a safe and open server.

3. WordPress plugins cannot be trusted

Common WordPress Development Misconceptions

It is not wrong to presume that over 15,000 of WordPress plugins cannot be coded keeping in mind highest security standards. But this too counts itself among the WordPress development misconceptions. This CMS platform provides a great review system that lets clients identify any issue.Errors can be searched out easily and quickly as there are thousands of websites that are giving feedbacks and reviews. Moreover, users can anytime keep a distance from installing those plugins that they see not more than stellar stars and ratings. No matter what you want to create, an online e-commerce website or a simple blog, WordPress is known as most suitable CMS platform.

4. WordPress is open-source software so it doesn’t provide good user support

Another of WordPress development misconceptions or myths about WordPress is that WP utilizes software which is developed by a web developer. This makes critics claim that such “open source” build gaps between the user and support. The fact is that the software that is open source allows thousands of software developers all around the globe to include and filter the WordPress programming. If truth be told, WordPress forums are known as a huge base of central knowledge and offer fixes to more or less every related problem.

5. WordPress cannot handle responsive design

Many today still believe that WordPress in many cases fails to support superior web functionalities, but this is entirely baseless when it comes to this well-liked CMS platform. WordPress lets you craft a completely responsive theme, which can smoothly run on all sorts of devices, be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. You can do a great job by crafting and utilizing responsive WordPress themes and out there you will uncover thousands of WordPress responsive themes. Themify is famous and has done an outstanding job. Utilizing Themify themes, you can craft and build outstanding WordPress websites swiftly and quickly than ever before.

These are few of the unjustified WordPress development misconceptions that are prevalent at large. All the myths prevailing today are completely baseless. As a Content Management System platform, WordPress has done a great job and has provided a robust and safe platform for innumerable companies who want to build a full-featured online site.

7 Signs You Should Invest On A Wonderful Parallax Effect

Wonderful Parallax Effect

Parallax scrolling is a designing method, and it has lately become immensely popular. The expectations towards a website have eventually risen. These days, the web user wants innovation and something that keeps them involved, and with the wonderful parallax effect, any company can perform a bunch of innovative stuff that can pull the visitors and engage them.


The interactive characteristic of a wonderful parallax effect is an evident advantage. The engagement level that follows is interesting too. Here are 7 signs that you should invest on a parallax effect –

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Presentation of product

The wonderful parallax effect has a vibrant way of presenting your products and services. Utilizing standard web techniques, companies were capable of only showing static web content. But advance technical development allows the company to allow its visitors interact with their website and by doing so, discover the services on their own initiative.

Present your product in 3D

In the place of using static images, a company can get a 3-dimensional presentation that is completely controlled by your own scrolling actions. You can choose a simple design, utilizing a lot of whitespaces and putting all the interest of the visitor on the unusual product. Using a 3D presentation, the websites absolutely replicate the elegance of the product and services.

Tell a story

The wonderful parallax effect presents the perfect setting to narrate a story in an attractive and interactive mode. Parallax effect lets the visitors take complete power and assist them while they walk throughout your narration in their own tempo. When different layers responding in a different way according to the visitor’s scrolling behavior, it creates a sense of profundity and even lets you narrate multiple lines.


Make your visitors curious – This is kind of obvious, but with the wonderful parallax effect, you can simply put the visitors in charge. When you do so, the visitor takes an active role and gets completely engaged with your site. This active role offers people the feeling that they can easily interact with your site, which makes them much more optimistic and open for the message you want to deliver.

Action trigger

This is actually the most significant feature of the parallax effect. The thing is the visitor gets an instantaneous feedback when he or she is interacting with your website makes the visitor much more watchful and more eager to go on with. You scroll down a bit and there, something happens. Scroll more and again something else come up. This gives a very pleasant effect and makes visitor eager and willing to visit your website and take note of your story.


The visual appearance of an online site has become much more important. Using the wonderful parallax effect, one can give its site a unique look and feel. Nowadays, every business in the market today has an online website and having a simple usability factor is not sufficient any longer to make a stable online presence. You need to have an outstanding design and appearance and connect with your visitors at an emotional level only if you want to have an edge over your competition.

You can make your background fun

You can easily incorporate parallax effects in a cleverer manner to bring your background alive. These days any website you scroll down, one can see that the background moves about in a very pleasing way. Although the background animation has no additional relevance to your site or product, it does bring your website alive and adds that little something that is needed to make it special.

Creating An Amazing Infographics CV For A Successful Career – Tech Cult: Designs Codes Blog on different Web Technologies News

Amazing Infographics CV

Creativity is the core element that entrepreneurs tend to seek when they add new people to their team. This creativity can be displayed in any form. However, the first impression should always be attention-grabbing to make the most out of it. An amazing infographics CV can be a great career booster for a successful career. This can be especially effective for people who are into creative fields of work like web and graphic designers.


The task of a web or graphic designer is to make attractive webpages and content that are visually appealing to the target audience. However, landing up with a good job is one of the prime targets for designers. An amazing infographics CV would not only be visually appealing to the employer but it will also serve as a sample of the work that the designer would be doing in the future.

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An amazing infographics CV would not only be visually appealing, but it would also offer easy processing to the viewer. Thus a CV created in an infographics format would be more impressive than a normal textual CV.

Here are few tips to create an amazing infographics CV for a successful career of your own.

Prior planning

Planning out everything that you want to incorporate in your CV should be done first. Chalk out the things that you want your employer to know about your qualification and experiences. Sketch out a rough draft on how you want your infographics CV to look. Strategise the places where you would like to highlight your chief skills and experiences.

An infographics CV like any other infographics should be visually appealing with minimum content. Thus you need to make sure that you put up the most necessary information on your CV and not cramp it up with unnecessary content. Your CV should display your design-skills. Ensure that you include pleasing graphic designs to make it an amazing infographics CV.

Medium or platform

The platform or medium through which you plan to display your ads is a necessary thing to be considered. The display on digital platforms is different from that of printed formats. Thus the typography, colour and other elements of graphic design that you use on your infgraphics CV should be based on the medium of display.

For digital platforms, the white space, and typography are two of the chief elements to be considered. It is advised that you use common fonts for your textual display rather than using unique fonts. All browsers do not allow all kinds of fonts. Thus using a unique font might end up in just codes on your employer’s interface.

Creating An Amazing Infographics CV

For printed medium, the thickness and style of fonts should be considered carefully before choosing one. The color and tones too should be checked properly as often colors displayed on the digital screen do not match when printed on a paper.

Software program tool

Adobe Photoshop is one of the highest used software when it comes to graphic designing. However, Illustrator too is another recommended software for those who plan to create an amazing infographics CV. Both these software are quite complex to use and the user requires a good knowledge in both to create a presentable graphic design.

The online platform, however, provides a number of free and paid tools that anyone can use to create infographics. These platforms provide ready themes that have already been created. Users just need to incorporate the data within the theme and the infographics is ready to be displayed.

The balancing act

Once you have all the above elements in place, there starts the real task of creating the infographics. Infographics is a content that provides a pictorial representation of facts and data. When you want an amazing infographics CV, data would include all the necessary information that you want your employer to know about yourself.

You may have a lot of superior work experience and knowledge about your job profile. But, maintaining a balance between the text and graphic content is necessary. Too much information would make the infographics look cramped up. On the other hand too less text can mean too little information provided.Thus maintaining a perfect balance between the graphics and text content is a necessary consideration.

Display it

An infographics CV would not only provide information about your qualification and experiences but also provide an insight into your taste as a graphic designer. Thus utilizing this element of design to the fullest would serve you with the best job opportunities. Whether sharing on social platforms or on job portals, if you have an amazing infographics CV, it would attract and appeal to people. This would set you apart from the rest providing a boost to your designing career.