Black Friday Shopping Apps: Shop Faster This Shopping Season!


Black Friday Shopping Apps

Everybody awaits the Thanksgiving weekend year long. The Thanksgiving service, Turkey meal, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and NFL are definitely some of the reasons behind this wait but certainly not the only ones. What’s more is the crazy second day of this holiday weekend called the Black Friday that marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. While shopping is something indispensable this festive season, the Black Friday shopping apps make it even more grand.


Regarded as one of the biggest and busiest retail shopping days of the year in U.S, Black Friday is not an officially declared holiday in many countries. However, employees, generally excluding those working in the retail sector, take the day off to make it a mini vacation-like weekend of four days, to feast, celebrate and go shopping with family and friends. The Black Friday shopping apps now make it bigger and faster for shopaholics!

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Black Friday shopping can be really hectic and disappointing if you do not know where to get what you want at the best price and plan your venture accordingly.

To make the best out of this crazy shopping day, have a look at our list of a few amazing Black Friday shopping apps:

1. Shopular (iOS, Android)

To bring smart savings at your fingertips, you have to keep Shopular in your smartphone. One of the smartest Black Friday shopping apps, it notifies you with relevant deal news, coupons and information of latest promotions and events from your favorite retailers with the help of geo-locating, as soon as you enter the store.

You don’t even need to open the app to get the alerts. It also features an option for the members of this app to communicate with each other and swap savings tips and tricks. Also, customize the deals and coupons you want to see and redeem them right from your phone with Shopular.

2. The Coupons App (iOS, Android)

Browse through a wide variety of real-time coupons, deals and online promo codes from over 100,000 retailers, everywhere you go with The Coupons App. Encash them at restaurants, local stores or even gas stations hassle-free and get reminder alerts when they are about to expire. You can also share the coupons with family and friends via emails or Facebook.

3. Price Cruncher (iOS, Android)

Amazing Black Friday Shopping Apps

Shopping gets bulkier in no time, especially when it’s the celebratory season. With fuller carts, the mathematics behind get complicated too. Price cruncher helps you calculate the price per unit of any product and compare it with other stores. So now you know whether the larger or the smaller pack of paper towels would be more affordable per unit. Some additional features of this best of Black Friday shopping apps are: discount calculations, shopping list management and purchase history management.

4. Red Laser (iOS, Android, Windows)

Having been featured on CNNMoney, Time Magazine, The Today Show, Fortune and named among the “Top 10 Must Have App for your iPhone” by New York Times, Red Laser’s popularity needs no new introduction. Counting easily as one of the Black Friday shopping apps, Red Laser lets you scan any product’s retail barcode and UPC/QR codes and then searches for that particular item available at the cheapest price at other stores in the nearby area. Besides comparing prices for you, it also helps you search for the best deals available in stores, read the product reviews, create lists and more.

5. Gift Suggester (iOS, Android)

Who says shopping is easy? Trust me, it is not. Not to me, at least. I have not only been in stores for hours to find a perfect gift for any person but also tortured others to help me out of the super-confusion, yet returned home all sad and empty handed at times. If you are my kind, you should definitely try Gift Suggester. It helps you search presents quickly in a simple tree-like systematic manner. All you have to do is go on narrowing down to criteria like “Recipent” or “Personality” or Occasion” and thereafter “Male Senior Citizen” or “Female College student” under Recipient and so on. You can even combine the criteria like select “Teen Boy” with a “Hipster” personality for “Christmas” occasion to get ultra specific results. A variety of unique and interesting list of gifts would be suggested to you along with their price quotations.

6. Clear (iOS)

Not made of a very fancy design, Clear is a fun list or reminder app with some usefully minimalist features. The items on the list get a colour on a graded scale unlike the monotonous and nerdy numbered and bulleted lists of other apps. For instance, the item on the top might be in red color signifying it’s urgency and importance and the item in the bottom maybe in yellow signifying the opposite, while the items in between are in the transitional shades between red and yellow. You can also choose from various color schemes if you dislike the default, and use gestures like swipes and pinches to control everything about it. Chuck the load of carrying pen and paper and manage your shopping list digitally with the most amazing of Black Friday shopping apps.

Besides the above mentioned, if you are a retailer-loyal, you can download these Black Friday shopping apps of your favorite retailers such as eBay, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Kohl’s etc. to check out their respective deals and offers.

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