Thanksgiving In The Digital Era : An Online Festival

Thanksgiving In The Digital Era

Society and community are now a term which has lost its basic meaning. Yes, you do have communities and you do interact socially, but it is through the screen of your computers or mobile devices. Thanksgiving has always been celebrated as a huge festival centered around one’s family. It is normally the time of the year when the holiday season starts and families gather over to celebrate Thanksgiving. However, Thanksgiving in the digital era has changed in its form and essence.


Social intermingling of people has been lowering each day with the increasing use of internet. Though some people may have over thousands of friends on Facebook, or have been a part of a number of communities on Google+, the real essence of socializing has been fading. However, a new form of socialising has emerged within this noise of internet and social networking. People are now utilizing the social networks as a major platform to connect with friends and family. For instance, consider Thanksgiving in the digital era. It has become as much an online festival as it is with the ritualistic life of people!

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Developers have also come up with numerous online applications especially designed to celebrate festivals like Hanukkah, Christmas and Thanksgiving in the digital era etc. These apps can be easily downloaded from the Play Store or App Store and then can be used to celebrate a perfect Thanksgiving in the digital era.

While few may disagree, the Digital thanksgiving seems to have gained a lot of momentum in the past few years. With travelling becoming a struggling effort during the holidays, the presence of digital media has immensely helped people living away from their loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving in the digital era. The most popular ones being:

Virtual gathering of family members

Thanks to the high speed internet accessibility, virtual family gatherings have become quite a common phenomenon. The digital platforms like Skype, Google Talk, and even Facebook allows users to connect and have video calls. These virtual services have become immensely popular for celebrating with family members staying away from the family.

Many of the online mobile apps also allow such virtual connecting facility. Users can also send virtual messages and greetings to their loved ones during the holiday season. Customize your greetings with your own images or you can also use the wide number of ready-to-use greeting images and messages. Whether sending out invites or greetings for the holiday, these apps have become the most popular apps during the holidays.

Special shopping days

Thanksgiving in the digital era also means the opening of different special shopping days especially for online stores. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days are among the most popular. These days have become equal to festival days with online retailers offering huge discounts on different products.

Effect Of Thanksgiving In The Digital Era

A number of apps have also come up especially designed for such days. Be it the Black Friday Deal Finder or Amazon price check, each of these deal breakers offer consumers the knowledge of the best deals on shopping in town. Most of the applications are free to download with a user friendly interface.

Sharing celebration images

It has become customary for millennial and youths to share images of each and every event of their lives. The holiday season is one time of the year when social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are flooded with frequently uploading images. With the entire world celebrating, the number of image upload almost doubles during the festive season.

Facebook witnesses an average of 300 million image upload each day. While for Instagram it is over 80 million. This increases by 27% during the festive or holiday seasons.

For Pinterest holidays become a major time when boards are filled with pins from users and marketers alike. During the holiday season Pinterest often witnesses a rise in pinning of images by 140%. The availability of buy buttons on Pinterest pushes most marketers to make the most of the image sharing site. Pinning of images for the holiday season starts as early as 4 months in advance.

Video celebration

Videos too have made a prominent place in the social media with people often sharing videos of their celebrations. Thanksgiving in the digital era is also the time when people post status updates about their family vacations and outings. While YouTube remains the most popular video sharing and viewing platform, other social video sharing apps like Vimeo, Vine and Facebook videos too are catching up fast enough.

Studies by Socialbakers even suggest the fact that Facebook videos have beaten YouTube to become the leading video marketing platforms for online stores. Not only is this true for marketers but for consumers as well. The simple process of uploading videos on Facebook has turned more users to opt for Facebook as the video marketing and promotional channel.

Apart from the video upload option, Facebook had last year introduced a tool called “Say Thanks” during Thanksgiving. It had become immensely popular and had been used widely.

Thus technology has become an inseparable part in our daily lives. Be it, Christmas, or Halloween, or Thanksgiving in the digital era, technology has wrapped us up in its blanket and we are quite at ease with its favors.

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