Unique Online Business Tricks: The Power Of Exclusivity

Unique Online Business Tricks

In the crowd of online market there are millions of products that serve the same purpose. Yet marketers claim them to be exclusive. The power of exclusivity is not unknown to marketers. It serves as a catalyst pushing the products in front of your target audience. Exclusivity has the power to make even a common product unique for the users. An intelligent business person would always consider the unique online business tricks rather than going for the traditional ways. Each product has its own uniqueness which also serves as an identity for the product as well as for the brand.


The power of exclusivity can be really effective in opening up new avenues for businesses. Marketers struggle to create exclusive products or a different way of marketing a common product. When you have a product that has many substitutes in the market, highlighting the product features with a newer marketing attempt can be a better option to choose. Easily one of the unique online business tricks which again tells us that the power of exclusivity not only falls on the product but also on the way a product is promoted.

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Exclusivity also helps carve out a niche in the market. Each of your target audience is different. Thus each would identify itself with an exclusive feature of your product. Be it a smartphone, a particular clothes line or an artwork exclusivity helps create a brand identity of the business as well as for the target audience. These target audience tend to identify themselves with the brands and its exclusivity. This is one prime reason why bigger brands have loyal followers. For example, when Apple releases a new product, it is not unnatural to see buyers queuing up outside Apple stores weeks before the launch date. Unique online business tricks like these give a huge boost to the brand as well as the products that it sells.

The power of exclusivity approach is also an important fundamental when it comes to digital promotion of websites. Uniqueness in content, image, video and even typograghy often serves as a powerful quotient for exclusive promotion of a website. The power of exclusivity is one of the unique online business tricks that set your website apart from your competitors. In the huge noise of social media, making your product visible to the target audience is a challenge. However, with the exclusivity, products are easily identified by the old customers as well as attract new audience to it.

The power of exclusivity rests on three major components: The First, The Best or The Only. These are the three prime features for any product. A product that wishes to carve out a niche in the market must have any of the above three qualities apart from following the unique online business tricks to qualify as an exclusive product. Thus a product or service needs to be the first or the best or the only or all the three to tap the power of exclusivity to the maximum.

The first

When it comes to being the first in the industry, it is always a tricky thing. And when you know its tricky enough, there you go with your unique online business tricks! Firstly, no one is aware of your existence. You need to build your reputation, your business and your brand image from scratches. Each step in your business counts and each mistake can be powerful enough to stop you from progressing further.

Timing of your business too is an important factor when it comes to being the first. One of the unique online business tricks that you cannot forego if you want your business to flourish! Too early a launch may be bad for your business as the market is not yet ready. For example- in the early phase of the internet era, social networking mostly implied to online communities like Tripod.com. Community members were allowed to connect through chatrooms. However, these gave way to creating social profiles where users were the centre of attention. Members could create their own profile and add people with similar interests.

Unique Online Business Tricks For You

Gradually, Myspace, Orkut and Friendster were introduced. However, it was Facebook that won the jackpot. Initially introduced as a social networking site for the Harvard campus, it gradually made its way to the global market.

Facebook is considered one of the first social media networking sites to be able to connect and serve to a global population. Current Facebook user-base is over 6 billion.

The best

Becoming the best in your field is not a challenging task. All you have to do is keep improving your quality of output till it surpasses the current best besides secretly following the unique online business tricks. The tough part is to maintain the stronghold in this position in the long run. There is always the need to innovate and develop your product. Adding new features or introducing value added services are a way companies try to maintain their top rank.

The Apple Inc here serves the best example for being the best and maintaining the position for quite a long time. Apple was one of the first makers of the smartphones with the feature of multi touch screen. A number of electronics brand have introduced flagship devices since the launch of iPhone. However, none of the smartphone companies was able to create something powerful enough to compete or beat the Apple iPhone market.

Since the launch of its first iPhone in 2007, Apple has been launching a new flagship device almost every year. With each new device, Apple has been able to introduce and add new features making it more and more user friendly.

Though Android is currently the most popular operating system in the smartphone market, Apple has been able to create a niche of its own with its excellent hardware and software features.

The only

Being the only product in the market is a great boon for the marketer as well as the product. With no competitors, this exclusive product can gain and spread ts market at a tremendous rate. Often products like these become the major dominators in the product market, once the business owner abides by some really unique online business tricks.

For example, smartphones have become a major part of human lives today. The simplicity of use and great features that a smartphone offers are hardly to be found in qwerty handsets and old cell phones. There has also come up a number of manufacturers selling flagship devices to users. However, one common element in most smartphones is its operating system. Except for Apple, the only other operating system that has a great functionality and has a wide audience is the Android operating system by Google.

Android currently holds the majority in smartphones application. Its user friendly nature has made it a popular choice among people from all walks of life. Being an open source platform, it allows for constant innovation and improvement thus creating a better product each time.
The power of exclusivity is a boon that needs to be tapped optimally to make the best use of itself while you are silently following all the unique online business tricks. While sometimes it needs to be created, at times your product might itself become the powerhouse.

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