Why Online Stores Are Opening Up Crazy Black Friday Deals So Soon?

Crazy Black Friday Deals

With every passing year, the wait for the biggest annual shopping day gets lesser and lesser. Yes, although Black Friday is slated for the 27th of November this year, it is no more a one-day affair. The online stores have started busting the hottest of crazy Black Friday deals at least four weeks earlier and will continue the same throughout the Thanksgiving weekend until Cyber Monday.


While some refer to this extravaganza as the ‘Pre Black-Friday’ sales or the ‘Better than Black-Friday’ sales, others call it the ‘Black Friday Week’ sales or the ‘Black Friday – Like’ sales. In a nutshell, online stores have not only started opening up the really crazy Black Friday deals earlier but have also extended it pretty much.

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“Black Friday 2015 is almost here, but we didn’t want you to wait until the day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday deals, so we kicked off the savings a little early. We are counting down to the big day with even more deals, all day, every day. . . at Amazon, Black Friday 2015 isn’t just a day to us–it’s a whole week! We’ll kick off Black Friday Deals Week early with Black Friday deals and sales all day, every day that week, including Black Friday, with those big after-Thanksgiving sales you’ve been waiting for. Trust us, if you love a good deal, you won’t want to miss it!” – Amazon.com

To lift up sales and grab the market share for the entire shopping season

Apparently Amazon.com, eBay.com, Target.com, Walmart.com and many such online retailers are sounding very generous this year. Well, if the brutal fact be disclosed, retailers are more concerned to protect their market share. And hence the crazy Black Friday deals! Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, which thereby runs throughout December.

Crazy Black Friday Deals For The Shopaholic

Hence, their “generous” approach is actually meant to tempt the customers in lifting up the shopping zeal for exclusive discounts much prior to Black Friday. Reason enough for the crazy Black Friday deals from the seller’s side! Retailers capitalize on the initial phase of this holiday shopping season to gain a momentum in selling their offerings. Volume of selling enjoys more focus over profit margins. In this scenario, the sellers cannot afford to run a risk of losing a customer; this loss could affect him for the entire remaining season. Next time you see the ‘early bird offer’ notification, know that the retailer is actually the bird waiting to perch on it’s worm which is you!

To promote online shopping, save Thanksgiving celebrations, prevent overcrowding mishaps, prevent website crashing

Retailer giant Wal-Mart has strategized on making many of their deals available via their website and mobile app, prior to the start of the crazy Black Friday deals in their stores this year.“This is a huge benefit, as it allows for much easier shopping, and more family time….” – The Walmart website noted. This strategy has been reportedly planned to witness a shift of the in-store traffic towards the internet. Kohl’s, JC Penney’s and many other stores have also strategized similarly.

Besides encouraging ecommerce, this step would also ensure less chaos and more time for shoppers to access the deals in a calm and normal ambience. The death of the Wal Mart worker in a stampede on the Black Friday, 2013 is still a horrific memory; the less chaotic shopping event this year will hopefully prevent the history from repeating.

Moreover, both customers and retailers can hence enjoy the Thanksgiving celebrations with friends, family and of course food rather than eating and running to hit the stores. Also, early everyday deals ease the traffic on the Black Friday preventing websites from crashing. Bingo! Now, the crazy Black Friday deals will stay as stocks won’t run out before the page loads.

To adapt to the changed consumer behavior

Various market research studies reported that people now start shopping even before Halloween. The means of shopping is also getting inclined towards the internet. There is no hesitation but eagerness to spend a few bucks extra to get the perks of online shopping namely free shipping, a wide variety of product categories of different brands at one place, round the year coupons and discounts etc.

In fact, consumer surveys say that people are more likely to shop less on Black Friday stating ‘avoiding rush and stampedes’, ‘deals are not that great anyway’ etc. to be the reasons. To survive and thrive in this era, marketeers have grown internet-savvy too.

Now that you know the hush hush secrets behind the early start of the crazy Black Friday deals by the online stores, think twice before you get wooed to grab an enticing deal online!


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