Anonymous Hackers: Eight Unknown Facts You Never Knew

Anonymous Hackers

ISIS has already accepted that the terror attacks in Paris was made by them. Paris too has geared up to respond to the fatal attack made in the city of love. The French air force has already made retaliation, attacking the strongholds of ISIS. The main focus of their attack has been Syria which is considered the major stronghold of the ISIS. However, amongst all these, ISIS has been threatened by Anonymous Hacker group as well.

The Paris terror attack has been one of the first that has openly been accepted by the ISIS, the terror group based in Syria. After a series of attack in its neighboring countries, the first Europe attack was on Paris. In response to the attack on Paris, a Youtube video circulated showing a man wearing the Vendetta mask announcing their intention to start a global cyber attack on ISIS.

French President Francois Hollande immediately responded to the terror attacks with air raids in different ISIS strongholds. The terror attacks at six different places around Paris killed around 129 and leaving thousands injured. However, in the retaliation, apart from the French and American government, a new group of rebels have come out declaring war against the ISIS. This unlikely group named the ANONYMOUS hackers better known as hacktivists has released a video on YouTube of their attack on ISIS.

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In the YouTube video, a member of the Anonymous Hackers, donning their customary Vendetta mask, speaks out in French as how they plan start a cyber attack on the ISIS system at a global level.

Who are these Anonymous Hackers and How Do They Plan To Destroy The ISIS, one of the most powerful terror groups raging the world currently.

  1. Anonymous Hackers, popularly known by just Anonymous, is a group that launched in 2003 retaliating against various institutes for denial of services. These were mostly towards the Government, Religious groups and even corporate.

  2. Members of Anonymous are popularly known as Anons. The cyber attack threat video and the threat in Twitter has the user names as GroupAnon.

  3. The group identifies itself with the Vendetta mask. Every Anonymous Hackers group member uses this mask to hide their faces.

  4. The Anonymous hackers claims that they have already been in a war. However, the cyber attack this time will be at a bigger scale.

  5. The level of cyber hacks conducted by the Anonymous has often made governments urge to declare them as cyber terrorists. However, that has never been executed.

  6. The Anonymous group has contributed to some major good to the society with banning child porn. It was also this group that helped identify the Chinese links to some cyber threats.

  7. Anonymous has also been working on to create a free and uncensored internet access in North Korea.

  8. A sub-group of Anonymous called Ghost Security initiated the plunder of ISIS online recruitment including their Twitter handles and different websites.

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