India Is Harnessing The Smart App Technology At Lower Levels

Smart App Technology

If you say India is a growing technological market, you would be wrong. The smart app technology in the country has already grown. Mobile technology has been embraced by India over a decade now. Being the 2nd largest population using Facebook, Indians can now no longer be considered naive towards technology. Over 200 million users are active on the internet. The use of mobile devices, mostly smartphones, has witnessed a good growth rate each year. Thus harnessing the app technology at all levels is the best idea for businesses of small, medium and large levels.


According to studies by Economic Times, ecommerce sales through mobile devices in India, scores a whopping 41%. This is evidence of the fact that harnessing the smart app technology at all levels has improved the user experience thus increasing the sales through these mobile devices. The improvised technology has also led to improved sales and higher reach of products to its target audience. The use of smart app technology particularly at the basic or lower levels has increased the importance of its use and existence than ever before. Grocery shopping from Grofers to hiring auto-rickshaw from Jugnoo, the smart app technology has penetrated deep into the daily lives of the Indian population.

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Taking note of the growing app market in India, more and more marketers are shifting to the online platforms especially the app forums for their businesses. It has been a while since big brands have been harnessing the smart app technology into their business. But the increasing use of smartphones is slowly pulling in the marketers at the lower levels as well.

Below are few mobile apps that have well connected the Indian population to the small level businesses in India.

Lower level transportation

The most common Indian transportation used for short distance travel is the autorickshaw. Cab booking apps have emerged since the middle of 2014 when Uber announced its arrival in India. Since then many Indian companies too have introduced cab booking applications. However, a majority of the population has been ignored till the autorickshaw booking apps were introduced.

PoochhO App– Considered to be the very first app to be introduced that lets its users book auto-rickshaw easily and conveniently through the app. The app was first introduced in the national capital. It received immense response and the fleet has been increasing ever since. The PoochhO app has received popular reviews with its service being considered and praised as a great one.

mGaadi App– In the hubbub of the silicon plateau, mGaadi has become quite popular. Being the hub of India’s IT industry, banglore has witnessed a surge in its population. This has also increased the need of transportation. mGaadi has been a successful alternative for the fast paced population of Bangalore.

Jugnoo App– Similar in its function like PoochhO and mGaadi, the Jugnoo app is based in the city of Chandigarh. Developed by IIT alumni Samar Singhla, the app worked on GPS technology. Fitted with the GPS device the app would show the availability of autorickshaws to anyone who wants a ride.

Grocery shopping

Smart App Technology In India

Grocery shopping in India always paints a picture of local market with the vendors shouting and people haggling over prices. However, the scenario of this marketplace has changed immensely today. Not only has the marketplace become online, the ease of doorstep delivery has saved people from the regular rides to the local bazaars.

BigBasket App– The BigBasket app is the first grocery shopping app that was introduced in India. Currently operating in six major cities, the app provides its users a wide range of products to choose from. Fruits, veggies, farm products even bakery products they deliver it all. The app also allows for a free home delivery everytime your shopping exceeds INR 1000.

Grofers– Grofers is currently the most popular app for grocery shopping in India. It is a simple but smart app technology that connects shoppers to the local merchants. The popularity of Grofers has spread immensely. It is currently in more than 27 cities all across India.

Godrej Nature’s Basket- Godrej Nature’s Basket app is a virtual take of its retail store. It provides its users with all the grocery products as well as gourmet foods and farm fresh products. The convenient shopping and efficient and quick home delivery services make this app a popular choice among the people.

Health and beauty apps

The long hours in front of your computers has affected the lifestyle to a huge extent. Health and beauty has now become a major concern among people of all ages. The sale of health monitoring kits is high and there is also a wide range on mobile apps that you can choose from to keep track of your health.

Orobind– It is mostly a marketplace where users can speak about their health problems and get advice from personal online mentors. Be it a weight loss program or a general fitness routine, this smart app technology helps you monitor your health and keep it in track through notifications and motivation.

Lybrate– Consult with doctors personally and get their advice directly from this app. This free app connects you with doctors. Speak out your medical conditions and have doctors advice on your health. The free app is extremely user friendly and simple to use.

Nykaa App– One of the first beauty apps of India, this app was launched in 2014, a year after its online store was launched. This app provides users with more than 20,000 products to shop from along with health and beauty tips, skincare and hair care routines, all through the smart app technology.

The use of apps has become quite significant throughout India. The developers are creating simple user-interfaces that can be understood easily by the users. Multi-language option is encouraging people of all lingual groups to use smart app technology for their daily needs.

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