Major Elements Of An Instagram Ad For A Powerful Ad Campaign

Powerful Ad Campaign

The role that social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have assumed is beyond comparison. These have become the major platforms for promotion in the digital market. With improving digitization, the content of the promotional ads too has undergone a major change. Thus, marketers now need to focus more on the elements of Instagram ad or a Facebook ad to ensure that the promotion is flawless. This has also increased the use of images, videos and other graphic elements in a powerful ad campaign.


Instagram is one of the leading photo sharing social media platforms. With over 400 million users, it is also one of the most popular promotional platforms for online marketers. The advanced features of Instagram ad make it all the more popular among marketers to use this image sharing site as a chief advertising and marketing space online. With Instagram you can create a really powerful ad campaign.

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According to data, the number of daily photo uploads on Instagram is over 80 million. Since its existence, it has seen a total of 40 billion images being posted to date. The sheer number of images along with the huge number of users is enough to pull marketers to this site. Along with the increasing number of users, marketers too are flocking up to use Instagram as one of their promotional platforms.

The constantly improving elements of Instagram ads have increased its demand as a marketing platform. The introduction of Carousel Ads and Instagram Ads API has pulled in major online marketing players to promote their businesses on the image sharing site as they plan to go ahead with a powerful ad campaign.

As an online entrepreneur, you too need to familiarize yourself with all the elements of Instagram to make the most out of your Instagram profile. Below are few elements of Instagram ads that you can use for your online marketing campaign on Instagram.

Instagram promotional options

Familiarizing yourself with each of the promotional options available on Instagram is important. Once you are aware of all the features and options, it would be easier for you to choose the one that is most suitable for your business size and campaign level.

Instagram provides its users with a wide range of formats to choose from for their advertising option. However, below four are the formats that most marketers prefer to use for when they have started a powerful ad campaign on Instagram.

Photo Ads– The photo ads include simple promotion through an image within the image sharing site. It is generally the image post that appears on the newsfeed of your Instagram profile. These photo ads include the term “Sponsored” on the top right of your user interface. These may also include the call-to-action buttons like “Book now”, “Watch Video”, “Shop Now” etc.

Powerful Ad Campaign On Instagram

Carousal Ads– Carousal ad is a new feature in the Instagram ad option. This element of Instagram ad lets you include multiple number of images within a single ad. The viewer can scroll horizontally to view the different images. Marketers have been using this ad format to tell the audience a story through the carousal of images. This format of Instagram promotion allows marketers to include different call-to-action buttons for improved ad experience.

Video Ads– This type of ad option needs no introduction. It has been existing for a long time now. However, video ads in digital platforms especially on social media like Instagram is a relatively new option. However, it has been observed that video ads tend to get the highest views and often brings in huge returns.

Marquee Ads– The latest addition to the Instagram family, this ad format is great for immediate promotion of products. You can use this ad format a day or two prior to your product launch. This power booster ad is just a single day campaign. However, ads can be displayed to a user to over three times a day. Thus, it is considered great during the product launch phase.

Designing a powerful content

The content of a powerful ad campaign has to be remarkable to make it visible to your target audience. You need not always go over the top to create an outstanding content. Make sure that your content speaks and gives out the message that you wish your audience to receive. Using heavy graphics and high end tools to create an Instagram image is not advisable. Instead, use simple images that would tell your story to your viewers and convey your message to them.

A well composed Instagram image is the key element in a powerful ad campaign. This should include the following.

Using brand identities– Brand identities such as brand logos, symbols or any identification mark helps in recalling your brand and your business. Include your brand logo as a part of your powerful ad campaign to ensure that your brand is easily recognisable.

Stick to concept– Sticking to the primary concept of your ad or your powerful ad campaign is the key to good promotion. Make sure that whatever image or video you use must clearly convey the message to your target audience. A beautifully created image will have no meaning if viewers are unable to decipher it.

Powerful composition– When you are sure that you have initiated a powerful ad campaign, it should in no way give out an air of amateur promotion. Ensure to use good quality images. You need not invest on a professional photographer. Just make sure that the images you use are powerful enough to compel your audience to take an action.

The elements of Instagram ads along with other metrics like Facebook ad targeting and social listening together helps in creating a powerful social promotion ad. Your powerful ad campaign on Instagram blends with other feeds rather than sticking out. Audience tends to scroll down promotional ads. A blended element of Instagram ads would increase the chances of your target audience seeing your ads sometimes resulting in conversions.

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