Quality Hackathons Lead To The Best Innovation

Quality Hackathons

Hackathon is a social event, where participants gather under a theme to intensively work on problems (usually related to computer programming) for a fixed amount of time. Ideal for two types of hacktivism – “internet infrastructure and information politics” and “communicative practices and organisation”. The tech world has been conquered by quality hackathons from the day it arrived! These days it seems like every conventional web development agency carves up the curiosity of taking on the provocation of sponsoring a hackathon. It’s not astonishing to see even the other companies, particularly those that are not even related to technology.


In a classic hackathon setting, people with insightful skills and unique talent are encouraged to come mutually and take on advancement in the tech field on a whole new level, spark imagination and construct useful commodities that can resolve the many challenges of modern users of today. Generally held for a couple of days, quality hackathons have turned out to be a procreation ground for building mobile applications that might have for no reason existed if it weren’t for the joint teamwork of these folks.

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But what does sponsoring or participation in a hackathon demand? What are the reimbursements of quality hackathons from a business perspective? And benefit from the attendees’ standpoint?

Sponsor collaboration and advance innovation –

Software product development requires the need for a business to constantly innovate, spark giant ideas and turn up with exclusive concepts for the declaration of problems people frequently present. One way of cheering that variety of innovation and creativity is to hold quality hackathons.

Encourage the art of contributing in sociable competitions –

Quality hackathons foster an environment suitable for the incubation of innovative software product facts while upholding everyone on the edge. Here all the competition is healthy and friendly! The constant anxiety of winning a trophy is there but the worth of experiencing and attending such an event is constantly greater than the longing of winning the trophy. It is the amusement and the possibility of meeting compatible persons who share the same obsession in software item development, in finding out new ideas and discovering different standpoints and notions that inspire hackers into these types of events.

Let’s think outside the box

Quality Hackathons For Innovation

Businesses sponsoring such events, function on the equivalent principle of thinking outside the box. They go further than offering just an economic compensation for those who will exhibit an incredible amount of talent and belief in creative methods for their attendees to take pleasure in building mobile applications, be on the proper mood to take on software product ideas and evolve these into real tech products.

Brand awareness

As a traditional web development agency, the advantage of sponsoring quality hackathons can be remarkable but one has to see eye-to-eye, which it can be directly interrelated at recuperating the business’s brand.

But almost certainly the major advantage of attending a hackathon is the fact that designers and developers are given the liberty to do what they wish for and to do what they adore. It is the wisdom of freedom! There is certainly a lot to find out and a lot of people to meet in such types of events.


Network Culture
People working in collaboration
Implications of data-driven activism
Facts, visualizations and tech fixes

Findings –

Hackathons are (usually) about solving technology problems (and sometimes there might be a social application to those solutions)
Collaborative, casual, and participant-driven
Organizer balances Participation vs Representation
Hackathons & hacktivism: not always congruous

Additional Reflection

Collaboration vs collectivization
Fostering collaboration between different skill sets
Defining the stakes of an event & those involved

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