Disgusted With Unwanted Twitter Followers? List ’em And Block ’em Now!

Unwanted Twitter Followers

Twitter today is one of the most influential social networking sites; it lets the users interact with people around the globe with tweets. Only with the help of 140 characters, you can endorse your product; share your photos, thoughts and web links. The key feature of Twitter is creating reliable followers for your product and business marketing. Twitter has been a great platform for creating a social media presence for your brand. However, you need to recognize the unwanted Twitter followers and block them right away!


After entirely entering the world of Twitter, the question arises: Is your tweet visible to everyone? What if a few of your followers are giving you the creep and you want to hide everything on your account from them? Or how about if someone is trying to steal your tweets and re-tweeting a whole thing that you are simply hiding from the world? So, you must immediately decide on blocking the unwanted Twitter followers.

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On Twitter, like on other social networking sites, you have the alternative to manage who you wish to follow, and who others can connect to your followers list. Luckily, Twitter has made its settings quite easy to block unwanted Twitter followers who are constantly messaging or tweeting you regardless of the fact that you have been time and again removing him from your followers. If you know the person creating the problem, it’s a simple and quick process. But if you have loads of followers and you believe there are quite a few spam bots it will take a longer time to untangle throughout all of your fans.

Stepladder to block a user

Foremost you are required to log in to your Twitter account, using your username and password. Look through your list of followers, to find out your unwanted Twitter followers that you want to block. Click on the link of their profile, and you will be transferred to the unwanted list of contacts’ personal info page. And if the users are not in your following list, simply go to the profile page.

Blocking Unwanted Twitter Followers

As you visit the profile of the user, you will see that there is a gear icon in the top center of the screen. You can find it right next to the message box. Choosing this image will give you a drop-down menu, with the choices of “Block,” “Mention,” or “Report for Spam.”

Simply click on the “Block” option and your unwanted Twitter followers won’t be capable of interacting with you on the social platform.

After effectively blocking a follower, they won’t be capable of adding you and your Twitter account to their friend lists. If they try to send off @replies, mentions or direct messages, nothing will be shown in the mentions tab, but the only drawback is that the mention and the @replies might be evident to the general public during the search. Regrettably nothing can be done about this issue. Most significantly, the user you blocked won’t be able to follow you, or even see your profile picture in their feed.

But if you tweet a public tweet, any person can see your public profile page and see your most recent updates, in spite of the fact that you have blocked them. If you are having a problem with unwanted Twitter followers, it may be useful to put your profile and tweets to protected settings so that only the followers can know what you are tweeting.

If you by chance block a follower you did not want to, it’s easy to change the above steps. You just need to visit the blocked user profile. Below the username you will find an “undo” box to help you. Once you have unblocked them, you have to follow them again and vice versa for your updates and tweets to show in their feed.

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