Effects Of Banner Marketing Strategies In Your Social Profile

Banner Marketing Strategies

Marketing and promotion forms the basic element of a business. It is through marketing that your target audience is able to know of the existence of your product and how to use it. Often, flagship products that become the brand identifier are placed at the chief spot of social profiles for easy identification. These are mostly banner marketing strategies that grab the attention of the audience as soon as they visit a website or a social profile.


According to comScore, US alone saw over 5 trillion banner marketing strategies of diverse products. The digitization of promotional features has led marketers to come up with different creative ideas for marketing. Banner marketing has become one of the chief elements of online marketing. It is the first image of the website that comes in the view of your target audience. Thus the banner forms one of the most attractive features of a website.

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Promoting the banner to the correct target audience is an effective way to market a product or promote a business. A proper digital campaign needs to reach the correct group of audience at the correct time with the relevant product to make a successful conversion. Banner marketing strategies are able to generate a click through rate of 0.07%. Though the percentage is rather insignificant, it still contributes to conversion in your website. Though the percentage has been reducing, the scale at which banner ads are displayed prove it to be a worthy promotional display.

The images used for banner marketing strategies are mostly on the leaderboards. The leaderboards are the most prefered ones for unique banner marketing because of their prominent size and strategic placement. Here are the chief reasons why banner marketing strategies are not dead and neither will it be in the near future.

Increased exposure

Banner marketing strategies provide a higher exposure to any image content in a website. The banner in a social media profile takes the most prominent position in the page. This gives it higher exposure to the target audience. The attention span of audiences is quite low. Thus it is necessary to keep them in a page. Banners serve this purpose as they grab the attention of the audience and keep them hooked to the social media page or the webpage.

Best Banner Marketing Strategies

According to the Journal of Consumer Research, ad displayed on banner ads tend to get a higher click through rate than a simple image of textual content. The constant exposure that banner ads create are able to compel the audience to take a look at the products and often result in a conversion.

Higher conversion

The immense size of a banner itself makes it engaging enough for audience to take a look at it. Engagement through banner ads are much higher than any other form of promotional ads. Thus with more and more of your target audience seeing the ad, the chance of conversion multiplies.

A properly designed banner management requires a number of promotional elements to be kept in mind. Too large a banner could be intimidating while too small would go unnoticed. A perfectly created banner ad would thus result in the highest conversion that a marketer can witness in its promotional campaign.

The presence of call-to-action buttons on the banner can be quite useful. Once the viewer is interested in the offer, he/she can directly go into the page to get the offer. A call-to-action button helps in redirecting the interested viewer, thus creating a conversion.

Highlight offers

Banner ads are highly appropriate in the promotion of any offer that you wish to provide to your target audience. The strategic placement of unique banner marketing strategies makes its postion perfect for the visitors. It is the first element of the page that your audience sees when they visit your social media site or webpage. Thus, if you are planning on introducing a new product or on running an offer, banner promotion is the best place to be done.

Brand building

Banner marketing strategies also helps in developing the brand identity of your business. It highlights your business and makes it visible to your target audience. Banner ads are great for making people know your brand or your product. Marketers often resort to banner marketing strategies while generating awareness of brand or a product. Thus new businesses and startups can heavily use these promotional elements to introduce a new brand or launch a new product.

Marketers have since long been trying to improve the social marketing fundamentals to improve the ad presence and visibility. Though it is a long way to go, it can be said with surity that the size of a banner or any content does impact the audience and their intention of converting into a buyer.


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