Three Best Social Media Tricks To Use This Halloween

Best Social Media Tricks

Halloween sets the mood for the oncoming holiday season. The time when marketers are busy creating the best social media tricks and treats for their target audience. Focusing on a particular event and beating up about your product has become a trending phenomenon in social media now.


The super-quick changing environment of social media requires the marketers to be ready with new, innovative, and the best social media tricks for marketing. However, if you plan to use a particular event for your promotion or target a specific day, marketing can become quite simple. Marketers are using this form of event marketing more and more. Social media marketing is all about being in the top and folllowing what is trending. During events like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, these become the top trending keywords. Online marketers try utilising these trending hashtags optimally. From event related products to huge discounts, the online market becomes abuzz with promotional ads.

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However, these event focused ad campaigns need to begin earlier than the main event. Starting the promotion too early might fizzle out the excitement by the time the event arrives. On the other hand beginning the campaign too late might not generate the required number of audience that you target. Your reach is lower and your promotional ads do not spread quite far. Thus the best social media tricks for any event focused marketing should be properly analysed and then started to get the perfect pitch for promotion.

Promotion through the best social media tricks is ever changing. Thus, marketers too should mould themselves accordingly to create the best possible promotional ad for an event based campaign.

Here are the best social media tricks that are rarely used for promotional purposes. This Halloween let’s use these tricks to make your ads the talk of the town.

i. Visibility matters

If you are already in the online business, you might know the entire working of the different social media sites. Visibility of promotional ads on social media is a challenging task. The huge number of marketers gathering to promote their products create a huge social noise. Making your offers visible in this noise is tough, especially if you are a small business or startup.

Three Best Social Media Tricks

However, to overcome this visibility problem, you can use powerful images and content to grab the attention of your audience. Strategize your content aptly and keep the focused audience in mind when you build the campaign.

Content of your promotional ads needs to be attractive and eye-catching. This is the first element of promotional campaign. However, monitoring your competitors is also important if you want to make your ads visible. Frequent posts on different social media sites especially on Facebook and Twitter provide the added boost for your online business promotion.

ii. Long campaigns are better

One major social media trick is longer ad campaigns spanning an entire season. Campaigns work better when these target an entire season. For example, if you take the Halloween for instance, you can create an ad that would include each of the coming events like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. These are the time when products sale is the highest. Thus creating a uniform ad campaign that would run throughout the season is the most profitable one. This is one of the best social media tricks that is rarely used by online businesses.

However, it can be used optimally over a long period of time. This gives you an advantage over running individual campaigns. In case of individual campaigns, you need to create separate promotional ads for each and then promote it a few weeks before the event. However, if you create a long running campaign, your audience gets a preview of your ad promotions and offers that they can avail.

iii. Connecting with niche

Connecting with your target audience is one of the best social media tricks, if you want to survive in the social media market. These influencers are the experts of your industry who possess extensive knowledge about your industry and the products. They can provide you guidance on how to promote your products in the best possible way.

Influencers also help in determining the presence of your product in the online market. It can regulate the flow of audience to your website. Thus if you plan to connect with influencers and require them to promote your product, your product needs to be a high-end one or something that can be of good use to your target audience. Provide good quality contents that is engaging enough to keep your target audience hooked to your site.

You can ask them to write reviews of your product, and mention your website in their blogs. This helps your site gain momentum as influencers help in increasing the reach of the target audience.

Be it Halloween or any other oncoming event, using these best social media tricks would always work in your favor. You can get your products promoted on social media and thus gain visibility and traffic to your website leading to increased conversion.

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