Four Best Marketing Videos Of 2015 With Great Impact

Best Marketing Videos

Video marketing has turned to be a powerful promotional tool in the past couple of years. The easy availability of internet and video recording and promotional techniques on the digital media has made more and more marketers use this tool for their promotional campaigns. Companies with their best marketing videos are trying to pull in viewers thus pushing the website’s visibility and traffic.


The popularity that video marketing has gained is growing each day. All kinds of marketers selling varied products and services are resorting to this for promotion. Research by Vidyard shows that popular websites in the online market heavily use the best marketing videos for their blogs. These video blogs popularly known as ‘vlogs’ can have a span of 6 seconds to 10 minutes.

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The increased speed of internet and higher accessibility has facilitated quicker streaming of videos. This has increased the usage of video marketing for the promotion of product and services. According to ReelSEO, over 93% of marketers have been using promotinal videos for their marketing campaigns. These videos include website marketing, email marketing and search engine marketing. YouTube boasts being the biggest platform for video marketing.

Why are marketers trying to create the best marketing videos?

Better SEO: Marketers struggle to create the best marketing videos for their products or services. They aim at creating a compelling video that is able to create the maximum impact on the target audience. Video marketing also contributes immensely in the SEO efforts of a website. Studies made by comScore suggests that including videos in the website increases the chances of the website making it to the first page of the search engine results page.

Powerful attention: Marketing videos reduce the bounce rate of a website. Videos increase the engagement of viewers thus increasing the time spent on a website. This also pushes the rank of a website as it boosts the SEO metrics. Grabbing the attention of consumers is a challenging task. A good marketing video is a powerful attention grabber as it keeps the visitors engaged to the site.

Higher CTR: Videos are the perfect way to arouse the interest of the searchers. A simple website will have a much lower click-through-rate compared to a site that would contain a video. People would be intrigued by the presence of a video and thus click on the website’s link resulting in a push in the click-through-rate.

Best Marketing Videos For Promotion

Higher conversion: Converting visitors into customers needs you to present a very compelling and engaging content in your website. Searchers find videos much more interesting than textual content. Though images tend to be quite engaging, it is not as powerful as a video. Thus, the best marketing videos will be the one that gives higher conversions.

Here are four best marketing videos that have made a prominent impact and a wide viewing.

The Budweiser lost dog video

The lost dog video created by Budweiser had a high viewing rate. According to Visible Measures, the number of views of the lost dog video has been over 44,699,300 times.

The Labrador puppy itself is a cute site to watch. The video tells a story which is necessary to make it interesting and inspiring.

With the high number of views, the website too generated a high traffic. The brand also witnessed a push in their sales and ROI.

Galaxy S6 Edge video

It is not everyday that we get Iron Man in our smartphones. The ad has already received over 5,691,930 views. The video has an adventurous edge to it. The Iron Man edition makes it much more interesting to watch. The video has high quality graphic content which makes viewing it much more interesting.

The display of accessories too are cutting edge making it even more interesting to watch. There was only 1000 units of the limited edition smartphone that was manufactured. All the units but one were sold at $1,079 per unit. One unit which was auctioned in China brought up a revenue of $91,600.

Android Friends Forever video

The uncanny friendship between two unlikely animals was the basic theme for this Android ad. Google created a beautiful video with animals. However, the message was very clear through the ad. It mainly indicates the fact that Android can be a friend for anyone. Or rather, anyone can use Android which is a user friendly operating system.

The video was viewed over 19,900,000.

Microsoft collective project video

The collective project ad was one of the best marketing videos that had nearly 3 million Facebook views. YouTube views count over 9,902,700. The project itself was liked by many and the collective project received huge contributions for creating more real bionic 3D printed arms.

Creating the best marketing videos is something which cannot be planned. You can only have a great idea for your promotional video and hope that your target audience likes it. However, even though you know the likes and preferences of your audience, you cannot predict that an ad would be a huge hit. Promoting on different channels and a wide audience would decide whether your ad is the best marketing video or a failure.

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