Can Structured Snippets Impact Google AdWords?

Structured Snippets

Introducing structured snippets to the online marketing, Google paved the way to a completely new dimension. AdWords became an important part of promoting a website, as it helped the online business to get more visitors. The never-ending course of optimizing the landing pages and adjusting the Ad Texts were religiously followed to obtain the best results from every campaign run with Google AdWords.


In addition to the Google AdWords, Google rolled out dynamic structured snippets just recently. This new feature will automatically insert text into the search advertisement, highlighting structured info about your company’s products or services. As explained by Google, this dynamic extension serves smooth user experience and offers potential clients a clear idea of what they should expect if they click on an ad.

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Three things you would like to know about Google AdWords structured snippets

1. Relevance

Because of this dynamic automated extension, your advertisement might feature added info like categories and subcategories that reveal the existing content of your website. This builds up your advertisement content with important information. The more info you will provide, it is more likely that your advert will stand out, that ultimately gives a boost to your ad’s CTR.

a. No extra effort needed

Though many of your advertisement might come out differently because of this automated extension, you simply don’t have to apply any additional change to your existing advertisement structure. No particular changes are required to the landing page HTML or links are required. The best part of Dynamic Structured Snippets is that it is free and is included with the AdWords platform.

b. Merging with other ad extensions

Google also gave an option of using this ad extension with others, such as reviews or star ratings. Though, you don’t have to worry, as this will not obstruct the purpose of the other extensions. And if your alternative ad extensions are performing better than the snippets, Google will show those in its place.

2. Enhance your performance and ad rank

Dynamic Structured Snippets

The Dynamic Structured Snippets play a great role in ad rank and performance. As Google considers the prominence and relevance of the extensions on the SERPs. If, let’s say, there are two advertisements that are having the same quality and bid, then the one with the better positive impact from extensions is more likely to have a higher position.

Recording the impact of your ad comes easy with this extension. The performance records are accessible in the Ad Extensions tab of your AdWords account. The metrics can also be viewed in the search ad performance reports.

3. Fast track towards advancements

This extension is all about Google’s fast track route to advancement— the mobile update of this automated extension are setting the tempo for the digital landscape. Google continues to execute what it considered as most valuable and relevant. While the Dynamic Structured Snippets may not have a large paced positive impact as the current mobile update did, it’s still a change that was much needed.

What if you don’t want dynamic structured snippets?

Google never made this extension a compulsory feature, so if you are sure you don’t want this extension to show up on your advertisement, you can fill up a form, send it to Google and get it deactivated. And you can also get back to the feature anytime simply using the same form.

The updated features and extension by Google to provide their clients to benefit utmost fruition is coming out quite well. The fact is that an added Ad Text on the Ad campaigns and an improved ROI makes things much appealing for business. However, since this service is free of costs, so who’s going to overlook the advance benefits from Google?


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