International Non-Violence Day : Eradicating Sins Through Social Media

International Non-Violence Day

Non-violence sounds a distant word when spoken in an era where we are more exposed to the brutalities of human nature. Organizations like United Nations Peace corp is struggling to bring upliftment to the lives of people, globally reducing non-violence. However, the recent incidents of violence mainly in Syria and other parts of the globe might seem a mockery to the International Non-Violence Day.


Technology has outpaced every other developmental work – social, cultural and economical. However, technological development has also multiplied the element of violence in the human lives as well. The advanced weapons and artilleries have been a major contribution of high end technological research. On the International Non-Violence Day, let’s check how the modern internet era has influenced the lives of the common people turning it into a cocktail of violence and hatred.

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However, humans looking for peace have also found technology to be a boon to spread non violence. Social media has become a major platform for spreading non-violence globally. The fact that any incident occurring anywhere today is being able to communicate to the entire world, is no surprise. Social media platforms have become the major source of sharing different incidents and also collecting views and thoughts about those incidents.

Social media, politics and non violence

The simplicity of mobile devices and social media has forcibly lessened international violence, especially after the commemoration of International Non-Violence Day letting the audience take up the issue of spreading non violence in their own hands. The option to gather higher participation is now available through the prominent presence of social media.

The high technological innovation has increased the participation of common man in any political issue. Be it about any political uproar prevailing in any part of the world, or a new law that the government plans to implement. With increased internet connectivity and higher social media usage, the right of people to voice out their preference have become more distinct.

Celebrating International Non-Violence Day

The global political scenario has undergone an immense change with the technological progress. Eradicating any form of violence prevailing in the world with the help of technology has become much simpler. However, the choice of element that a person would support sometimes can be manipulated. The extent to which social media is being used, it becomes quite simple for any influential person to manipulate the decisions of a person.

The different posts on the occurance of violence and how you intend to eradicate it provides a great detail about the psychology of the people of a country. This might also be used for any political powerplay.

However, one must remember that the verdict on violence or non violence that is available through social media is just a fraction. A huge population of the world is still unaware and deprived of internet, let alone social media. Thus, the votes drawn from the social networks should not be considered as the majority.

Generating awareness

The 2nd of October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, was chosen as the International Non-Violence Day by the United Nations in 2007. This idea was initially the brainchild of Desmond Tutu and Sonia Gandhi.

The UN with the International Non-Violence Day aimed at generating a mission to induce non violence among the people of the world. But what is ironic about the date is the fact that exactly on the same date of the month before, the lifeless body of a toddler washed ashore the beaches of Turkey.

The death of Aylan Kurdi received global attention as the world took to social media to show their concern and support. This also helped highlight the plight of Syrian refugees and the levels of risk they are taking in reaching the West. Twitter hashtag #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik had become a top trending topic globally.

There was 113 posts made with this hashtag, creating global news and making each and every person take a look at it.

However, this hashtag was effective enough to compel the UN to take an action to rescue the fleeing Syrians.

This International Non-Violence Day let’s pledge to take technology to the next level optimizing social media and utilizing it to create the world a more peaceful place.

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