Good Time Management For Online Entrepreneurs : A Dire Necessity

Good Time Management For Online Entrepreneurs

The famous phrase “time is money” is often linked to one of the founding fathers of US, Benjamin Franklin. Quoted in 1748, the phrase has gained quite popularity with entrepreneurs heavily agreeing to this phrase. In the fast paced world that we live in, the importance of good time management for online entrepreneurs cannot be ignored.


Online businesses are more aware of the importance of good time management for online entrepreneurs and how a single minute lost can result in loss of potential conversions. For online businesses, time forms the most important element in business. The time spent online, performing search engine optimization activities, promoting ads on social media or interacting with prospective customers real time are quality time spent that would result in earning of revenues.

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Thus, for every entrepreneur, big or small, good time management for online entrepreneurs is a crucial tool that should be mastered. Proper organizing and execution of each and every step that you plan for your business depends to a great extent on how well you manage your time. A bad time manager will never find time to complete his/her work and would often tend to end up in failures. Strategic time management would often let entrepreneur do mutlitasking. This results in increased business earnings.

Most entrepreneur, especially first timers, tend to struggle with their time management strategy. It is often wrong or too much scheduled in too less a time. This ends up with you loosing customers and revenue. Well, you wont want that, right? So let’s check out how to manage time in your business, to make it a successful one.

Create a to-do list

The first task in good time management for online entrepreneurs is to create a list of all the work that you have at hand. Creating a list of what works you have lets you figure out which tasks you need to prioritize and what can be done later. You can thus easily juggle your tasks and include a bit of “my-time” within the list as well. This lets you incorporate all your task at hand within the day you intend to finish.

Small tasks like making an appointment too should be included in the to-do list. You might think it silly, but tasks like these tend to take up the maximum amount of time if not conducted timely.

Make weekly targets

Entrepreneurs often tend to create long term goals. This may be for six months, one year or even 5 years. However, there are many entrepreneurs who fail to create short term goals in order to achieve their long term ones.

Entrepreneurs running multiple businesses are worst sufferers if they fail to create weekly targets. Weekly targets help ensure that each section of the business is taken care of and all elements are kept updated.

A weekly target ensures that you are able to organize tasks, according to your priority. This would ensure that you are able to meet each and every target without wasting any of your valuable time. Thus, good time management for online entrepreneurs is essential.

Utilize technology

Technology is your best buddy when you are running an online business. Not only does it help you to make your business available on the online market, but it also lets you promote your business throughout the different search engines and social media sites.

Need For Good Time Management For Online Entrepreneurs

Apart from desktops and laptops, mobile devices too have taken a major role in online business running and promotion.

The simplicity that mobile devices provide allows entrepreneurs to access the internet as and when they wish. This gives them the opportunity to utilize every second. In a generation where good time management for online entrepreneurs becomes the most crucial factor in business and every second results in a conversion, utilizing the technology to the optimum becomes important.

Another great feature of technology that contributes immensely in time management is it lets you manage your time by providing you apps that lets you create schedule as your liking.

Outsourcing projects

Good time management for online entrepreneurs becomes a challenge when you are overloaded with work. It often prevents entrepreneurs to meet their targets and deadlines. You too might have faced a situation when your hands are full with work and you are unable to make time for any of the projects. In such situations, outsourcing is the best option available.

Outsourcing some of your tasks to other companies or individuals would not only save you valuable time for you but also help in delivering a quality project to your customers on time. The time that you save on outsourcing your projects can be used to create a better and more productive business that would help your business grow.

However, it is necessary that the entrepreneurs choose the outsourcing agency and the task to be outsourced very carefully. It is best that you outsource elements of the project that you do not possess expertise on. This way, you will be able to produce and deliver the best output for the project. Good time management for online entrepreneurs in this manner can be said to be the best way as you are able to maximize time and product.


Communicating is not directly related to time management. However, communication is an important component of business. For good time management for online entrepreneurs, communication with your employees and your customers becomes crucial. Communicating your views, thoughts and ideas to your employees would provide them a clearer picture of the work you want to be done. This would save you time to concentrate on other important tasks related to your business.

While your employees work on delivering the projects at hand, you can take up the primary task of increasing your audience and customer-base and planning new business strategies to grow in the online market.

No matter how big or small your business is, good time management for online entrepreneurs is a prime concept that every entrepreneur needs to focus on. A strategized management framework would have a positive contribution in the business boosting your revenues and expanding your business arena.

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