The Need Of Quality Social Bookmarking Sites For The SEO Of Website

Quality Social Bookmarking Sites

The role that social media has been playing in our everyday life is not unknown. Marketers are randomly and aggressively using this platform for promotion of their business and products. These social media platforms are further divided into a number of categories. While few are important for generating awareness, the need of quality social bookmarking sites for SEO is crucial as well.


If you think of category, social media has essentially many sections. Facebook and Twitter are majorly microblogging sites, while YouTube is a video sharing platform. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are image sharing sites where marketers can share all forms of images. Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg are essentially quality social bookmarking sites that helps users to find contents.

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Social bookmarking sites have always been important for websites mainly to boost their SEO purposes. However, the need of social bookmakring sites have multiplied manifolds with the increased frequency of Google updating its algorithm. Google updated its search algorithm frequently penalizing a number of sites using any form of black hat SEO technique. However, quality social bookmarking sites help in boosting the efforts of SEO and also provide the foundation to be easily found in the search engine.

However, marketers often confuse social bookmarking with other SEO elements. While it may not be directly related to your SEO efforts, it forms a major part of it. The need of social bookmarking sites in SEO is important as it is the main form of promotion through email marketing. When a marketer sends a marketing email, a link too is attached in the mail. This link redirects the readers to any of the quality social bookmarking sites enabling them to read what your business is all about. This in turn boosts your SEO efforts as it increases your site traffic.

Bookmarking is very helpful as it lets you view any website which you did not have time to look into earlier. With quality social bookmarking sites, the reach of websites have now multiplied. You can create varied pages and categorize them into different sections with marked contents. Thus the need of social bookmarking sites cannot be ignored.

Indexing sites

Social bookmarking sites are great if you want your site to be indexed by search engines. SEO is itself a time consuming task. Marketers cannot expect SEO results to generate instantly. However, engaging with quality social bookmarking sites helps to boost the SEO efforts of a website.

Top Quality Social Bookmarking Sites

Search engine spiders tend to crawl the pages of the social sites rather frequently. Thus whenever they get any new content, they index them immediately. The search engine bots tend to index contents more if they find similar contents or links in a number of sites. Thus publishing posts on a number of social sites will compel Google to quickly index your website.

This helps in increasing the visibility of the website as well as push its page rank.

Connecting socially

Promoting your website on the social media is the best and the quickest form to pull in visitors. Social media sites have a huge user base with millions of users. Quality social bookmarking sites are a part of social media itself. Thus, promoting or sharing on bookmarking sites tend to generate quality visitors. These can also be called the social signals that indicate the fact that the contents published by you are worth taking a look at.

Properly categorized contents when shared in the correct bookmarking sites will have relevant users who would be interested in your site. When these users search for content that matches with your content, it would then be displayed in the search result. This would thus help boost your SEO efforts.

Do-follow is important

Links play a major role in search engine optimization. Do-follow links form an essential part for a website’s SEO by integrating powers from the website. Backlinks help immensely in generating traffic to a site. They redirect visitors to your site thus pushing traffic.

Many marketers are of the view that social bookmarking sites do not generate backlinks. Bookmarking sites can be included with backlinks along with the content. Sites like Digg, Scoop It, etc. do provide backlinks. This is thus immensely valuable for websites who use these bookmarking sites.

Reduced penalty

A single mistake in your blog or content can often lead to search engines penalizing your website. Quality social bookmarking sites help website by preventing such penalization. Submitting contents or blogs on bookmarking sites tend to get a better page rank for your website. It is a form of off-page SEO that forms a major metric in calculating your position and rank in the search engine result page.

These are however, just a handful of reasons why there is a need of quality social bookmarking sites. This greatly helps in boosting the SEO effort of your site. Proper and strategised bookmarking for your website content lets you reach to a huge number of audience as it forms a part of social media marketing.


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