Four Essential Halloween Graphic Design Tools For Small Businesses

Halloween Graphic Design Tools

Scary sounds. Gory make-up. Laughing Jack-o-lanterns. And lots of treats. The perfect elements to set the right mood for Halloween. The availability of quirky gadgets and devices has made Halloween a crazier festival. People are often using essential Halloween graphic design tools to give a spooky look to their costumes or homes.


Online websites too are not far from the celebrations. Halloween gives you the right feel for the approaching holiday season. To give a festive feel, marketers often deck up their websites with Halloween graphic design tools such as themed banners and images. Halloween offers are aplenty throughout the online market. Be it an online shopping website, a web design company or the social media itself, everything shows up with a hint of Halloween in them.

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When it comes to graphic design, there are a number of Halloween graphic design tools that you can use to create the perfectly scary Halloween themed website. From software to app, the options and choices are numerous. The simplicity with which one can now use different Halloween graphic design tools on the mobile devices as well has made more and more marketers change their website’s appearance. Most marketers now tend to customize their website’s homepage with the current trending theme. If you have an online business of your own you too might have customized your website banners and homepage with the festive theme.

If, however, you are still not satisfied with your website banner, or homepage design, or any other graphical contents, here are few Halloween graphic design tools that you can use to create the perfect Halloween themed website.

Free Halloween graphics

Let’s confess it, not every body is a superb artist. You might have an idea about how you want your Halloween banner to look like. But you are simply unable to put it into a sketch. Often it may also happen that you are short of time and do not have the time to create a graphic design of your own.

In such cases you can always use free graphics that are available in different websites.

These are particularly helpful for small businesses or startups who are tight on budget and do not have a professional designer at their disposal.

You can avail from a wide range of beautiful graphic designs, design themes and templates that are available online for free. Websites like The Graphic Fairy, Free PSD Flyer, Design Bump and Freepik are few of the websites that provide a huge number of stunning graphic designs for use.

Powerful software

Best Halloween Graphic Design Tools

Software like Photoshop and Illustrator are some of the prime Halloween graphic design tools that are used by graphic designers. These are perhaps the most essential elements that you as a graphic designer would be using when you plan to customize or create any new design or in redesigning an old element. These are the basis on which a graphic designer is able to convert his thoughts and ideas into actual designs and graphics.

Adobe Creative cloud is currently available for ₤46.88. This creative tool allows you to download and use each and every tool that Adobe provides. These include Adobe Kuler, Touch type tool, Dreamweaver, After effects and even video tools.

Since the past couple of years, infographics has become a major part of website’s promotional and informational feature. It is used as an important tool for online marketing especially on social media neworks. If you are a graphic designer, can be immensely helpful if you plan to use infographics in your website to give out information or pull in visitors. has an array of Halloween graphic design tools and data analyzers that helps to draw data from various sources. Once these data are gathered , these can then be incorporated along with attractive and eye catching designs to create an amazing infographics.

Infographics today are the most essential feature of data promotion. It is short, compact and attractive making it the best tool for creating infographics. Infographics tend to get shared highly throughout the network thus making your website popular.

Time tracking application

Two things that small businesses are always tight on are time and money. Most small business entrepreneurs do not have graphic designers with professional expertise. This is when Halloween graphic design tools come handy.

With a time tracking device you will be able to perform your work better and within the specified time. This would let you deliver projects on time and also keep you informed on the time you spend on each project. This would furthur help you to build your reputation among your clients and help in pulling in newer customers.

Use a time tracking app that is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. A responsive tracking app works the best for entrepreneurs of today as entrepreneurs now work on the go with their mobile devices. This helps you keep in touch with your clients at all times. Toggl, Timely and Hours are some of the apps available for your Android and iOS devices to keep track of your time with your projects and clients.


Effects Of Banner Marketing Strategies In Your Social Profile

Banner Marketing Strategies

Marketing and promotion forms the basic element of a business. It is through marketing that your target audience is able to know of the existence of your product and how to use it. Often, flagship products that become the brand identifier are placed at the chief spot of social profiles for easy identification. These are mostly banner marketing strategies that grab the attention of the audience as soon as they visit a website or a social profile.


According to comScore, US alone saw over 5 trillion banner marketing strategies of diverse products. The digitization of promotional features has led marketers to come up with different creative ideas for marketing. Banner marketing has become one of the chief elements of online marketing. It is the first image of the website that comes in the view of your target audience. Thus the banner forms one of the most attractive features of a website.

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Promoting the banner to the correct target audience is an effective way to market a product or promote a business. A proper digital campaign needs to reach the correct group of audience at the correct time with the relevant product to make a successful conversion. Banner marketing strategies are able to generate a click through rate of 0.07%. Though the percentage is rather insignificant, it still contributes to conversion in your website. Though the percentage has been reducing, the scale at which banner ads are displayed prove it to be a worthy promotional display.

The images used for banner marketing strategies are mostly on the leaderboards. The leaderboards are the most prefered ones for unique banner marketing because of their prominent size and strategic placement. Here are the chief reasons why banner marketing strategies are not dead and neither will it be in the near future.

Increased exposure

Banner marketing strategies provide a higher exposure to any image content in a website. The banner in a social media profile takes the most prominent position in the page. This gives it higher exposure to the target audience. The attention span of audiences is quite low. Thus it is necessary to keep them in a page. Banners serve this purpose as they grab the attention of the audience and keep them hooked to the social media page or the webpage.

Best Banner Marketing Strategies

According to the Journal of Consumer Research, ad displayed on banner ads tend to get a higher click through rate than a simple image of textual content. The constant exposure that banner ads create are able to compel the audience to take a look at the products and often result in a conversion.

Higher conversion

The immense size of a banner itself makes it engaging enough for audience to take a look at it. Engagement through banner ads are much higher than any other form of promotional ads. Thus with more and more of your target audience seeing the ad, the chance of conversion multiplies.

A properly designed banner management requires a number of promotional elements to be kept in mind. Too large a banner could be intimidating while too small would go unnoticed. A perfectly created banner ad would thus result in the highest conversion that a marketer can witness in its promotional campaign.

The presence of call-to-action buttons on the banner can be quite useful. Once the viewer is interested in the offer, he/she can directly go into the page to get the offer. A call-to-action button helps in redirecting the interested viewer, thus creating a conversion.

Highlight offers

Banner ads are highly appropriate in the promotion of any offer that you wish to provide to your target audience. The strategic placement of unique banner marketing strategies makes its postion perfect for the visitors. It is the first element of the page that your audience sees when they visit your social media site or webpage. Thus, if you are planning on introducing a new product or on running an offer, banner promotion is the best place to be done.

Brand building

Banner marketing strategies also helps in developing the brand identity of your business. It highlights your business and makes it visible to your target audience. Banner ads are great for making people know your brand or your product. Marketers often resort to banner marketing strategies while generating awareness of brand or a product. Thus new businesses and startups can heavily use these promotional elements to introduce a new brand or launch a new product.

Marketers have since long been trying to improve the social marketing fundamentals to improve the ad presence and visibility. Though it is a long way to go, it can be said with surity that the size of a banner or any content does impact the audience and their intention of converting into a buyer.

Three Best Social Media Tricks To Use This Halloween

Best Social Media Tricks

Halloween sets the mood for the oncoming holiday season. The time when marketers are busy creating the best social media tricks and treats for their target audience. Focusing on a particular event and beating up about your product has become a trending phenomenon in social media now.


The super-quick changing environment of social media requires the marketers to be ready with new, innovative, and the best social media tricks for marketing. However, if you plan to use a particular event for your promotion or target a specific day, marketing can become quite simple. Marketers are using this form of event marketing more and more. Social media marketing is all about being in the top and folllowing what is trending. During events like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, these become the top trending keywords. Online marketers try utilising these trending hashtags optimally. From event related products to huge discounts, the online market becomes abuzz with promotional ads.

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However, these event focused ad campaigns need to begin earlier than the main event. Starting the promotion too early might fizzle out the excitement by the time the event arrives. On the other hand beginning the campaign too late might not generate the required number of audience that you target. Your reach is lower and your promotional ads do not spread quite far. Thus the best social media tricks for any event focused marketing should be properly analysed and then started to get the perfect pitch for promotion.

Promotion through the best social media tricks is ever changing. Thus, marketers too should mould themselves accordingly to create the best possible promotional ad for an event based campaign.

Here are the best social media tricks that are rarely used for promotional purposes. This Halloween let’s use these tricks to make your ads the talk of the town.

i. Visibility matters

If you are already in the online business, you might know the entire working of the different social media sites. Visibility of promotional ads on social media is a challenging task. The huge number of marketers gathering to promote their products create a huge social noise. Making your offers visible in this noise is tough, especially if you are a small business or startup.

Three Best Social Media Tricks

However, to overcome this visibility problem, you can use powerful images and content to grab the attention of your audience. Strategize your content aptly and keep the focused audience in mind when you build the campaign.

Content of your promotional ads needs to be attractive and eye-catching. This is the first element of promotional campaign. However, monitoring your competitors is also important if you want to make your ads visible. Frequent posts on different social media sites especially on Facebook and Twitter provide the added boost for your online business promotion.

ii. Long campaigns are better

One major social media trick is longer ad campaigns spanning an entire season. Campaigns work better when these target an entire season. For example, if you take the Halloween for instance, you can create an ad that would include each of the coming events like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. These are the time when products sale is the highest. Thus creating a uniform ad campaign that would run throughout the season is the most profitable one. This is one of the best social media tricks that is rarely used by online businesses.

However, it can be used optimally over a long period of time. This gives you an advantage over running individual campaigns. In case of individual campaigns, you need to create separate promotional ads for each and then promote it a few weeks before the event. However, if you create a long running campaign, your audience gets a preview of your ad promotions and offers that they can avail.

iii. Connecting with niche

Connecting with your target audience is one of the best social media tricks, if you want to survive in the social media market. These influencers are the experts of your industry who possess extensive knowledge about your industry and the products. They can provide you guidance on how to promote your products in the best possible way.

Influencers also help in determining the presence of your product in the online market. It can regulate the flow of audience to your website. Thus if you plan to connect with influencers and require them to promote your product, your product needs to be a high-end one or something that can be of good use to your target audience. Provide good quality contents that is engaging enough to keep your target audience hooked to your site.

You can ask them to write reviews of your product, and mention your website in their blogs. This helps your site gain momentum as influencers help in increasing the reach of the target audience.

Be it Halloween or any other oncoming event, using these best social media tricks would always work in your favor. You can get your products promoted on social media and thus gain visibility and traffic to your website leading to increased conversion.

#DigitalDurgotsav : Crazy Things Gen-Y Will Do This Durga Puja

Durga Puja

The traditional culture of celebrating Durga Puja in Bengal has evolved immensely over the years. Digitization has changed the way Durga Puja is now celebrated with smartphones and mobile devices that are our most potent tools during pandal hopping.


But the involvement of technology in our galore starts from months in advance. Right from the designing of the marquees, shopping for dresses to combing the internet to create the best Puja hopping itinerary, technology has entwined itself in every activity of the festival.

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Making puja plans is not the same anymore. Gone are the days when people used to call up friends and family or fix a meeting to make plans. With social messaging apps like Whatsapp and Hike, it just takes seconds to make plans.

Durga Puja WhatsApp

The onset of pandal hopping means your Facebook notification tone keeps ringing as people start tagging you. Your news-feed is flooded with few known and mostly unknown faces posing for relentlessly at the pandals.

Durga Puja Facebook

Durga Puja and no street food pic!!!! Not happening…. Whether munching down phuchkas, wolfing down Biriyani, or devouring pizzas, you will not have your bellies filled till you have tagged a dozen or so friends on Instagram.

Durga Puja Instagram Post

Puja shopping at New Market??? Please!!! it’s so passe. Why waste time store-surfing when we have FlipKart, Amazon and Myntra at hand. They offer huge discounts, awesome dresses, and the best part is it gets delivered at your doorstep.

Durga Puja Online Store

Pandal hopping and selfies has become synonymous to Durga Puja and egg roll. Without the second the first is incomplete. The celebrations have evolved from traditional to digital and so have we. Sharing images and often competing on who gets the best shot on the social networks has become a major phenomenon.

Durga Puja Selfie

Durga Puja is the time when everyone becomes a photographer. Armed with smartphones and few even with tablets, go around the pandals clicking anything and everything that seems to arouse their interest. And Pinterest gets the best use of these images, as they get shared in the image sharing site.

Durga Puja Pinterest Post

Be it Durga Puja, Eid or Christmas, technology and its prime elements have penetrated deep within ourselves to ignore it any way. Though the medium of pandal hopping and puja planning has shifted from traditional to digital, the feelings and emotions involved with it is the same as it has always been. To make your pandal hopping plans easier, there are multiple apps like Durga Puja Pandel Hopper and Puja hoppers that you can easily download from your play or app store. Simply download the app and you are ready to go….

Powerful Content Marketing Strategy And The Changing Market Scenario Of Online Businesses

Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Content is always referred to as the king of the website. It is through the content that marketers can expect to engage or compel a visitor to take an action. Thus a marketer needs to plan a powerful content marketing strategy so that the content is successful in pulling visitors to the website.


Marketing is a task with many diversification. It has varied forms and offered through different media. However, content marketing is often considered as most powerful in converting visitors and taking them to the next level. A powerful content marketing strategy includes textual, imagery and video marketing. Anything visual that helps in pulling the visitors and keeps them engaged to your site falls under content marketing startegy. However, over the past few years, the content marketing strategy has been getting a makeover.

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Along with the changing market scenario, the marketers too are changing their marketing strategies prioritizing content marketing.

Google search engine has been regularly updating its search algorithm making higher improvements. They are working on creating a search engine that would deliver the users with the most accurate search results. These algorithms also protect original and genuine sites while penalizing sites containing duplicate contents. Thus, this forms a major concern for the marketers who plan to implement a powerful content marketing strategy for their promotional campaigns.

The changing online market scenario has put content marketing in the limelight. The power of content marketing was never appreciated so much. The combined force of content marketing for search engine optimization and social media promotion has led many websites to gain visibility and improve the page ranks. Marketers are now implementing new content marketing strategies to improve their page rank and visibility.

Even though you might be using the latest and the most powerful content marketing strategy, it is necessary that you keep changing them and incorporate newer ideas. Becoming stagnant in your content marketing campaign would only result in a drop in your page rank. Below are the chief causes why marketers need to maintain a changing content marketing campaign.

Monotonous contents

With more marketers emerging in the online business, there has been a huge flow of content in the search engine market. People are now more focused to creating content for their websites and filling up the web pages with varied contents. Marketers are keen on creating unique content that would be appealing to the target audience and would help to boost visibility. However, the resulting effect today is far from what the marketers expect.

The content of the marketers is ever-increasing. However, the ones whom the contents are intended for are increasingly becoming monotonous. Audience is turning away from contents that are intended to draw them to the website. Thus, surviving in the market that is becoming more numb to the promotional campaigns. With the changing trend it is quite evident that only contents that are entirely focused towards the target audience would survive in the online market.

Powerful content marketing strategy through videos

Shaping A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Video contents have become the most powerful content marketing strategy that is being used by marketers. More and more marketers are choosing this marketing form to enhance their presence in the social media and search engine.

The heavy use of smartphones and mobile devices has shifted the preference of the audience from textual to visual. The increased internet speed and connectivity that is rapidly increasing throughout the globe has also boosted the preference of video marketing. Marketers can now easily incorporate videos within the website or blogs with the embed codes thus allowing the users to view them.

It can be said with authority that marketers who are yet to employ video marketing in their promotional campaign might fall behind in the marketing race. Video marketing is currently the most popular and engaging form of content marketing. It is high time you had thought over it and gave it some real push.

Content and SEO go together

While some marketers are of the belief that search engine optimization have very little to do with a powerful content marketing strategy. However, content and SEO are deeply bound together when it comes to promotion of content or a website. The quality of the content, keywords within a blog content, the type of image or video content, the duration of video contents etc., all play vital roles in the metrics of your website. These heavily affect the page rank and the visibility of your website in the search engine.

Emphasising on the SEO or your website as well as contents together helps you to succeed in the digital market.

Paid search is necessary too

Paid search forms an important part of the promotional strategy. For a powerful content marketing strategy, focus is always towards bringing in new visitors to the site boosting traffic. Strategized investment of your marketing budget helps you to set up a proper paid search campaign. The changing scenario of the online market urges marketers to create planned paid campaigns.

Paid campaigns can help in boosting the visibility greatly. Thus a proper campaign is indispensable. This also boosts traffic. Social media promotion too is shifting to paid advertising. Thus, it is all the more feasible for online entrepreneurs to set a separate budget for paid marketing campaigns.

A powerful content marketing strategy is a stagnating element. Unless new and strikingly innovative features are incorporated within the website or contents, visitors will reduce, page rank will fall and content visibility will diminish. Thus keeping up with the changing market is important to stay ahead in the online business game.

How Industry Social Media Influencers Impact Brand Campaign

Industry Social Media Influencers

Have your social media campaigns been unable to generate wider audience? Are you properly connected to your industry social media influencers? If not, you are lacking one major and potential element for traffic generation. Digital marketing has become a wide platform and includes different forms of promotion within its folds.


Influencer marketing, which started as a trend, has slowly become one of the key methods to render audience to your site. With online marketers turning to social media for most of their digital marketing needs, the industry social media influencers have taken a crucial position in boosting and turning the traffic to a particular product.

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Marketers have realised the importance of social media in the promotion of products and services. This has forced them to change and redesign the entire marketing budget. Online promotion, mainly social media marketing now gets the lion’s share of the promotional budget. The advantages that social media marketing provides cannot be denied. And with it the industry social media influencers too have gained a prominent reputation. They are often considered as the godfathers of social media who can make or break your social campaign.

Influencer marketing is a relatively new term. However, industry social media influencers are playing a major role in social promotional campaigns. They act as the catalyst boosting your presence and turning the traffic to your profile. Apart from the recommendations in social media, the way a social media influencer influences your profile, also affect Google metrics – especially the page rank.

The industry social media influencers help you in boosting the presence of your brand in the social platforms. This in turn brings your product in view of the relevant target audience. Your brand gets higher visibility and your page rank improves.

The industry social media influencers impact brand campaign immesely in the following ways:

Influencing The audience

Influencers help in amplifying the presence of your brand in the social media. Industry social media influencers generally tend to have a huge follower-base. Thus, establishing a good connection with your social media influencers relevant to your industry is important if you wish to improve your follower base. Influencers help you to reach out to a wider range of audience which in turn makes them aware of your product and results in conversion.

Creating a network

Establishing a good network with your influencers is important if you intend to grow and expand your business. When you are growing your base through your influencers, you are able to increase your connections to various groups as well. This helps you create a stronger brand base for your future promotions.

Industry Social Media Influencers Impact Brand Campaign

Creating a network through the groups makes your promotional ads visible to them who in turn would repost them. This would make your ads visible to their audience as well.

You can also connect with other influencers through your list thus building a strong connection of networks. They can also influence their audience to liking your product or using your services.

The content

The industry social media influencers impact your brand in varied ways. However, the ultimate target for connecting with influencers is to gain access to a wider range of target audience who would find your promotional content relevant to their needs.

The content of the influencers are often of high quality and unique. Your influencers are people who have a long experience in your relevant industry. Thus they are able to provide high value content through which you are able to gain information.

Unique and high value content is crucial for online marketing. Exclusive content is valuable for seach engines. Thus when you are able to create an exclusive content or make a study of your own, the influencers will automatically promote it among its audience.

Understanding new trends

If you have been in the online business for sometimes, you might know that the needs of your target audience is ever changing. Thus, keeping track of the new trend is important. Influencers here serve as a connecting point updating you with all the latest trends as well as insights on various elements.

They are among the first to introduce the trend in your business and venture new social platforms. Once you have connected with these influencers you will automatically be updated with the latest trends. With them having deeper insights, you will able to gain higher knowledge about the industry you operate in.

Opinion leaders

Influencers form leaders for their industry. The opinion on various subjects that they provide are insightful. Thus they form the opinion makers as well as leaders who provide you with the guidance during your social campaigns. Once they pitch on a certain subject, their followers generally tend to take it as their opinion as well.

According to the audience, the industry social media influencers are reliable people who tend to keep cordial communication with their followers. They have different opinion on different brands which generally forms the opinion of their audience as well. Thus creating and developing a good relation with your industry social media influencers is important to make your brand visible to your target audience.

The impact of industry social media influencers on your brand campaigns is immense. Without them, you will not be able to create a powerful enough campaign that will be able to create a good brand presence.

Fifteen Business Angel Investors And Startup Projects They Invested In

Business Angel Investors

Wikipedia defines an angel investor : “An angel investor or angel is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity”. The business angel investors are different from venture capitalists in that the former are investing their own funds.


The angel investors generally invest in startups in exchange of which they enjoy equity ownership interest. The fact that angel investment is increasing at a fast pace remains unquestionably doubtless. Normally, an angel investor would invest between $25,0000 and $100,000, and sometimes can even go higher. In fact, if you think it the other way round, the business angel investors are beneficial to the early-stage startups.

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While venture capital is a little more opted process, it is also true that angel investing is gaining strong grounds with the passing of days. While it is the high-tech hubs that are targeted by the venture capitalists, the angel investors are more inclined to invest in the entrepreneurial startups. There has been a steady increase in the number of prominent business angel investors in the last decade.

Even beyond their role as angel investors, they mentor the startups. Besides offering hands-on experience, the angel investors also offer valuable advice and monetary solutions to startups. There has been a gradual but large shift in the mode of angel investors. While the lending remained limited to known people in the early times, in the present times the business angel investors lend to good early-stage startups.

Generally, the angel investors invest in startups with an intention of getting a good ROI after a period of time, which is mostly a period of ten years. In fact, angel investment is a lucrative mid-career option that has emerged years back and is evolving now.