Four Pinterest Tools To Make Your Promotion Through Pinterest Easy

Promotion Through Pinterest

Pinterest has grown to be a prime promotional social media platform. The simple and user friendly interface and the high quality images have made more and more marketers use Pinterest for their business promotion. Business promotion through Pinterest has become a major marketing element especially with its amazing tools.


Like every other social media site, Pinterest too has a number of tools at its disposal that can be used by marketers. Promotion through Pinterest with the help of Pinterest tools helps marketers save time and optimally promote your products, services and businesses. This not only streamlines your sharing process but also reduces the time spent by you on the image sharing site.

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Research and study reveals that audience spends around 15 minutes everyday on the image sharing site. Thus the thousands of marketers promoting their products online, only have a fraction of a second to display their promotion ad to the target audience. This calls for you as a marketer to be present active on your pinterest profile to make your ads display to your target audience.

This however, is not feasible especially if your business caters to the global market. Thus to make it easier for marketers to reach the target audience throughout the globe and at specific times when the audiences are most active. Promotion through Pinterest tools helps solve this problem letting you promote your ads easily with your traget audience while saving you time for other more creative work.

Below are five major Pinterest tools that marketers can use for promotion through Pinterest:

Post ads through IFTTT

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. This is a free Pinterest tool that is great for marketers who like to multitask. The IFTTT tool allows you to automate the various Pinterest processes. This automation is called a recipe.

With this Pinterest tool, you can link your promotional ad to different online channels. This would enable your ad to be displayed on the different channels while you can easily be able to keep a track on the number of likes, and repins that occur on your profile.

This tool is immensely helpful to online marketers especially who have a huge number of products of which promotion through Pinterest is done. The tool automatically sends and saves data into a spreadsheet, thus providing marketers even with data about the audience.

Easy Promotion Through Pinterest

This data can then be used to understand the psychology of your audience as you are able to monitor which images are pinned the maximum times. You can then create and post ads based on your audience’s likes and dislikes.

Pinterest App

With the world going mobile, it is necessary that the social media networks are accessible via mobile devices. Keeping the advancing technology in mind, Pinterest too has developed an app version of the social image sharing site. This app allows users to operate Pinterest directly from your mobile devices.

One interesting promotional element that is advantageous in promotion through Pinterest is the ability to share images directly from your device gallery into Pinterest. Promotion through Pinterest app tends to get higher shares as you can promote while on the go. The flexibility that the image sharing sites offer has made it a much liked and used site by marketers to promote their business and products.

Pinterest app for mobile devices however is available only for iOS and Android devices as for now.

Use ViralTag

The ViralTag tool is exclusively available for promotion through Pinterest and is powerful. To simplify your marketing and promotional campaigns, an extension of the tool too is available. ViralTag is a great tool that allows marketers to easily share visual contents to various social media and other channels from one single platfrom.

While it may seem to be similar in its functions with that of Buffer or HooteSuite, but this tool provides few added functionalities which are great for sharing of image ads on Pinterest. ViralTag has a free plan to try it out. However, with the paid plan, you can pre-schedule your posts for a month in advance.

Scheduling with Tailwind

It is not always possible for marketers to publish posts real time. This would call for marketers to work round the clock to reach the global audience. However, Tailwindsaves users from this challenge. It has a Chrome extension that can be used to easily work on Pinterest without you leaving any running operation. Tailwind is also connected to Canva. Thus you can effortlessly design and edit images before pinning them on your board.

Tailwind is a tool that focuses entirely on the workings of Pinterest. This tool lets users schedule pins thus saving marketers from posting frequently on real time. Images too can be posted rather easily by just a simple drag and drop. The Tailwind tool also helps in analyzing the various social trends and allows other functionalities to make promotion through Pinterest a much simplified and easier function.


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