Can The Bing Halloween Data Help Advertisers Improve Their Business?

Bing Halloween Data

Not many days are left for Halloween which means not much time is left for Halloween shopping too. October 31 is only eight weeks far and soon people will start knocking at your doors with scary costumes and demand candies in return. Moreover, with the advent of online shopping, it is estimated that about 1/3rd of shoppers will opt for online shopping. The Bing Halloween data can really help your business soar high.


So it’s time for online businesses to bring about ideas to increase their sales. Last year, Bing Ads came up with increasing trends that showed that most clicks and impressions were during the early weekends of October. CTR rate was seen surging upward during the whole of September and till the half of October. Here is how the Bing Halloween data can help in improving our business.

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1. Devour the basics

Don’t let any editorial issues affect your sales. You can make use of the Bing Halloween Data. Make proper use of keywords. Use the ‘request exception’ feature of Bing ads if any of your ads are rejected for using irrelevant keywords.

To be all set for facing the queries and clicks that are likely to be raised during October, check the budget setting thoroughly. You won’t want your ads to not show up at the end because of low budget.

2. Enable the Halloween items to be easily seen

The Bing Halloween data again helps you in the area. Place the ads in such a way to attain the maximum attention through site link extensions. Product-ads in Halloween are an excellent way to stand up in SERPs.

3. Maximize traffic anyway

One way to surely gain traffic which is one of the PPC strategies too is to focus on omni-device marketing. As the Halloween comes closer, the Halloween searches increase and the maximum opt mobile devices for the same. Also, the Bing Halloween data helps get your business to touch the sky.

With the increase in use of mobile devices from the past year, the advertisers should make their landing pages and ads mobile friendly to gain traffic. Mobile usage is undeniably more than the PC and users spend double the time on mobile devices than on PCs. For this reason, optimizing your landing pages and click to call feature for mobile will drive exceptional traffic.

What to do to optimize mobile searches

Bing Halloween Data For Business

Highlight terms and keywords like ‘outfits’, and ‘shirts’ to stage focus easily and use it to the retailer’s advantage.

Similarly for retailers of candies, gifts and cards, words and phrases like, ‘guaranteed’, ‘premium’, ‘custom’ can help a great deal and entice searchers to click on them out of curiosity.

Other types of retailers can compel the users to use call-to-action to increase the number of clicks.

Save your budget and time

Setting up automated rules is one simple trick that needs to be followed. Now, automated rules involves pausing ads, click through rate be altered, increasing of budgets when the ads start performing well. Moreover, automated rules enable easy management, easy edits and tracking easy.

4. Expand keywords

The whooping audience difference between Google and Bing also makes this Halloween campaign interesting. The Bing search engine is known to have bigger audience than Google when it comes to ads of food recipes, home decorating and party planning.

One can use this difference to its own advantage. You can work with PR and content marketing teams to run campaigns that relate to planning Halloween party involving home decoration. This way your brand and campaign exposure can increase through Bing ads.

Marketing through PPC benefits a lot. It allows targeting a large set of audience through its relevant set of terms that does not involve much competition.

So, yes Bing Halloween Data can help advertisers to increase their business during the top two months closer to Halloween by adopting ways.

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