Four Brands That Have Used A Good Content Marketing Strategy Optimally

Good Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing and promotion is not a joke. And when it comes to a good content marketing strategy, the challenges generally tend to double. In the digital era that we live in, marketing is the prime tool of survival for businesses. However, for online businesses, marketing has to go hand in hand with innovation. As new businesses pop up every day, marketers have to struggle to make their mark and keep their foothold intact in the competitive market.


Social media and development of new programming languages have made promotional function quite easy. There are now numerous channels through which a marketer can promote his products and business. However, of all the promotional channels one common and most powerful element is content marketing. A good content marketing strategy is a potent tool for powerful promotion and creation of brand presence in the various channels.

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The Institute of Content Marketing describes it as, “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

A good content marketing strategy generates a need for the product in the minds of the target audience and compels them to take an action. It highlights the relevancy of the product and how it can be useful in making the life of the audience easy. A good content marketing strategy is a relatively economical way of the promotion of products. Thus small and medium businesses often employ this form of marketing for their business promotion. This helps immensely in boosting their brand presence and their sales.

There are many instances of businesses that have used a good content marketing strategy optimally. These businesses have been successful in promoting and expanding themselves and make a foothold in the global market.


Birchbox is one website that have used a good content marketing strategy heavily to generate visitors to the site. The target audience of this site is mostly the millennials as it deals with beauty products. It has been using content marketing optimally providing do-it-yourself beauty tips through videos and image contents.

It can be said to be an online magazine that provides all the necesary beauty tips that the smartphone using generation requires. Birchbox has also used social media sites to share images of their products. With each posts the content also consists of a call-to-action button, a subscribe button in this case. Positioned in the forefront, this is compelling enough to push a visitor to take the next step thus contributing in the business.


Planning A Good Content Marketing Strategy

If you are into blogging and go through the various blogging platforms then you must know about Buffer. Buffer provides few of the best blogs that both marketers and customers could use for their knowledge and business growth. Most content in Buffer includes facts and data which give an added advantage to the readers. These are the major content marketing tricks that make people return to the site.

The information that this website provides through its content is valuable and rich in quality content.

Buffer has been able to build a brand image for itself with its quality content and its other additional services. It has built an authority for itself in the online market. Thus blogs and articles published on Buffer gets an additional boost on social media as it is itself a social media channel as well.

For Buffer, high quality content is an imminent criteria that every author needs to abide by. Each blog also contains a call-to-action button that compels conversion thus boosting businesses.


McDonald’s is one global brand that has used a good content marketing strategy in a great way to promote itself. Marketing experts have often called McDonald’s a genius for the stunning content marketing it has employed through the years to pull in customers.

The leading brand is open to any queries from its customers and takes time to respond to each query. The most interesting fact is that most queries are spiteful.

However, the transparency maintained by McDonald’s through its good content marketing strategy has made it an interesting website to watch for in the internet.

The content marketing strategy for McDonalds was initiated in Canada focusing on creating an improved customer service. According to the CEO, the main aim was to create a marketing platform that would make people talk and talk more about the products of MacDonald’s as well as about the brand.

Foiled Cupcakes

For Foiled Cupcakes, content marketing paid off immensely in growing and exapanding the business. The cupcake suppliers did not have any brick and mortar store however, the business was able to meet the target revenue and even surpassed it by 600%. What worked for them was the strategized content marketing technique.

Owner of Foiled Cupcakes, Mari Luangrath used Twitter heavily to connect with her target audience. The social site proved to be immensely helpful in pulling in visitors to the website. Regular and frequent publishing of blogs and planned use of social networking sites with a powerful content marketing strategy helped boost the business of the small business. It achieved 2200 followers on Twitter within a month’s span creating a sales record.

The above brands are few examples on how a good content marketing strategy can help in building a brand image and exapnding your business. Content marketing is a powerful marketing tool. If used strategically, it can greatly help in growing and expanding your business. The combined marketing power of social media and content marketing can together create a global business.


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