Leading Blogging Platforms Around The Globe

Blogging Platforms

Blogs are a trend today. It is one of the best platforms to put out your ideas, thoughts and views to your target audience. Small and medium sized businesses and startups are the highest users of blogging platforms. Blogs form a great way to generate audience and customers as it acts as a promotional platform.


If you plan to launch a new product or service, promotion through blogging platforms is a fitting idea. Blogs help marketers to connect with the target audience. Blogs provide detailed description about the different products or the workings of the business itself. This lets the target audience understand your purpose better. It also helps in building up a trusting relation between your business and your target audience.

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Blogs however, have changed in its meaning and use over the years. Initially blogs was only used at a personal level to communicate with other people who shared similar interest putting out ones thoughts online. However, with the changing scenario of marketing and digital media playing an important role blogs have now become an important part of digital marketing.

The online portals provides a number of blogging platforms to choose from. Also known as CMS (content management system) these blogging platforms are no longer limited to just textual blogs. Blogs now can be image blogs and even video blogs. The simplicity which the present blogging platforms provide has made more and more entrepreneurs to use this as a major tool for marketing and promotion.

WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging platform. The simplicity of the CMS platform and its user-friendly nature is the chief reason for bloggers choosing this platform over others. Unlike many other CMS, WordPress does not need any coding to be done to publish blogs. Thus users need not have the knowledge of coding when they wish to work on any blog. However, if you do have any knowledge of coding, you can go on to make some changes or add new codes if you desire. This can easily be done as the WordPress is an open source CMS.

Leading Blogging Platforms


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