How To Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites For Brand Awareness

Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites

Social media! When it comes to that, you’re apparently already recognizable with Twitter and Facebook. Nonetheless, it’s essential to understand that social media doesn’t just fall under these two social platforms. Social media in fact has existed long before Twitter and Facebook. For example, did you know that blogging is also seen as a form of social media? Not just that, photo sharing sites such as Instagram and Flickr? In this article we would cover the way in which you can utilize social bookmarking sites for your brand.


On the other hand, are you aware of sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon? What about Delicious or Digg ? If you’re strange with these platforms, they’re recognized as “social bookmarking” pages. You may ask what is social bookmarking. It’s simple. To utilize social bookmarking sites is to work by recommending or referencing a link or website online.

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So let’s say you’re browsing the web and you open a site you like, you can give yourself the the opportunity to utilize social bookmarking sites so that more individuals are able to see it. While it took a while for social bookmarking to take off, it has become increasingly well-liked, particularly among today’s generations.

Although most individuals tend to utilize social bookmarking sites for interesting and weird news they usually wouldn’t discover on their own, your organization can take benefit of these kinds of users. This is relatively the beauty of companies trying to stretch their message across the online websites.

While Twitter and Facebook tend to be more dependent on the readers to get your brand’s point across, bookmarking is all about potential consumers finding you and your company. Simply putting the thought in people’s heads that they need to convey can be the hardest part, and since social bookmarking is a free service, why not take the extra effort and give your brand an edge over the competitors?

Advantages you get as you utilize social bookmarking sites

Ways To Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites

i. Make it go viral

Simply when you bookmark a website or a page as you utilize social bookmarking sites, readers will be able to see it as on the same page and if they like your shared post, they might bookmark it and even share it on their site. Hence your website can simply go viral.

ii. Boost traffic

The more you utilize social bookmarking sites for posting your content, the more is the amount of sessions. Your site gets coverage and more people will be keen to explore your website.

iii. Testimonials

You can make a bookmark of all good testimonials of your clients and make them see your bookmarking website. They will be able to see all the shares, pages, and links on one page.

iv. Record your success rate

You can record the number of down-votes and up-votes for your own shared post on a bookmarking site. It allows you to examine how victorious you were in conveying your message.

Advantages of being a registered user on a bookmarking site

i. You can manage, save, and share your content simply by being a registered user on a bookmarking site. It is valuable in many ways.

ii. You can systematize your content and even bookmark the content for future use. You will have lots of well-compiled records to choose from, when you would need them.

iii. You can even create actionable tags to revise the pages in future.

iv. You can share your words with various individuals and communities related to your business.

v. You can keep track of backlinks. You can record your links.

vi. You can make use of ‘social mentions’ by keeping a record of mentions about you for testimonials that too in your own writings.


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