What Is It About The Restricted Instagram Image That Came Out All Of A Sudden?

Restricted Instagram Image

Instagram finally removed its awkward photo and video cropping, as from now vertical and landscape videos, as well as photographs, can be uploaded directly on Instagram. Till now, if you try to upload an image on Instagram, there are certain restrictions. The restricted Instagram image has a 1:1 dimension.


Although almost every user till today used to complain about the square format, still they used it anyway proving that popularity always comes before functionality. There are apps that help to convert any photograph into 1:1 square photo, keeping with the restricted Instagram image demand. The only disadvantage of those apps was that they had a hideous logo branded at the bottom of the photograph – but often it does its job. Well, you don’t need any third party as from now.

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Million white bordered pics a day

Numbers speak for themselves. Because of the restricted Instagram image, one fifth of the images and videos uploaded on the Instagram had unsightly white borders at the side of it, hence taking away the app’s native feel. If calculated there are 14 million whitespaces pictures or videos uploaded in a day – that’s a huge number.

But now, after the restricted Instagram image, the image-sharing site has taken a high road. You can easily upload photographs and videos on your timeline in any orientation without the use of any third party app. The new feature of Instagram, automatically adjusts according to the photo and simply with a click on a format option, a landscape or vertically oriented photographs or videos can be uploaded without any sort of ugly framing.

Restricted Instagram Image Rule

One may question that why the Instagram is changing the format that made it stand out from the rest of the other thousands of virtual content platforms? Square format photos have been the most attractive feature of the Instagram since 2010. But it’s no more 2010, and the company realizes that.

Video and the photograph sharing traffic are booming and its other competitors like Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube, have upgraded to the rectangular format uploading – only on Facebook a total number of 4 billion videos are watched in a day. These companies have seen about 50% boosts in the video and photograph uploading traffic this year and Instagram wants the piece of cake too. Therefore to stay on the top of the food chain as well as the most loved app, it has happily upgraded its format.

This rectangular format for video uploading will mainly attract more advertiser for Instagram, as the rectangular format ads are viewed 9 times more than the square framing ads. After the restricted Instagram image, the site with its change in orientation format is making sure that it doesn’t roll itself towards any exit door. All these changes sum up into the Instagram’s big plan to be the biggest and the favorite visual content platform. For Instagram, changing its square frame for photographs and videos was a much needed step and obviously, Instagram is aware that welcoming this change won’t hurt and using the full screen to watch a video is a welcome addition. The biggest reason behind the change as we all know – it’s all Dollars.

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