Powerful Instagram Ads: A Better Way Of Ad Retargeting

Powerful Instagram Ads

Are you into online business? Are you using social media optimally for your business expansion? Is the all powerful Instagram ads a part of your marketing campaign? If not, you might be missing a big chunk of your target audience from this social networking site.


Instagram, the image sharing site, has slowly emerged as a major player in the social media circle. It is the leading image sharing site with over 300 million active users. The huge user base has encouraged marketers to display the powerful Instagram ads in various profiles.

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However, till very recently, the powerful Instagram ads were not properly channelized to reach out to the correct target audience. This resulted in a low rate of conversion through Instagram. Social media sites are more about building the brand image rather than bringing in conversion. However, redirecting the target audience to the website through promotional ads is the main purpose that social media serves.

Thus promotional and marketing ads need to be compelling enough for the target audience to take an action.

Even with a huge userbase, Instagram has been unable to generate heavy conversion or sales. This has been one of the major reasons Instagram is introducing the ad redirecting or ad tailoring feature. Focusing more and more on an increasingly homogeneous target audience helps to narrow down the ad targeting. A focused group can be approached better through a single ad rather than promoting it to a wide number of audience of varied groups.

The Instagram ad re-targeting was launched in its beta version. The response of this new Instagram feature was quite overwhelming. With the success of this new Instagram ad feature, the offical roll out would soon be commenced.

Now that you know a bit about Instagram and its soon-to-arrive feature, let’s check how this would be in the interest for online businesses and marketers.

Benefit for the marketers

i) Better customer knowledge

One of the powerful Instagram ads, this feature would soon be rolling out. This would be greatly helpful to marketers to better understand the psychology of customers. A better and improved understanding of the audience helps to create ads that are focused towards your target audience.

It may so happen that your business is already been talked about. However, it is not talking that you want. The sole purpose of promoting your ads on Instagram is to bring in traffic and push your ROI higher. With better customer knowledge you will be able to create a more focused ad that will be able to convert a higher number of your audience into customers.

Powerful Instagram Ads For Ad Retargeting

When you have the detailed data about your target audience you can easily tailor your promotional ads according to their likes and preferences. This would give an added boost to your business as they would be willing to take an action if they are convined that your product would provide them some value added services.

ii) Higher reach

With the new feature, reaching to a higher number of audience would be possible for online businesses. Tailoring the powerful Instagram ads would mean that your ads will be be focusing on audience who would take an interest in your business and product. Instagram displays ads to customers according to the likes and preferences that users display on the social network. However, the new feature gives users the liberty to block any promotinal ads that they find irrelevant.

This in turn stops displaying your ads to audiences who are not interested while focusing more on the ones who are interested in your ad. With higher focus on the specific target audience, your ad will generate better and improved results and higher ROI.

iii) Boost sales

How can Instagram ad filtering boost sales? The new instagram ad feature will be displayed in the newsfeed along with the rest of the images. However, unlike the images, these powerful Instagram ads would contain distinct call-to-action buttons apart from the ones already present. This would give an added boost to the sales of your product. A compelling promotional ad of a product or service that would provide a value to the user would arouse the interest of the user. This in turn would result in the boosting of sales through ad retargeting.

iv) Improved privacy for customers

Instagram users will now be able to regulate the powerful Instagram ads that are displayed in their profiles. This would give them a better privacy as they will not be haunted by promotional ads through out the time they use instagram. Users will not be forced to follow any ad or profile. Once an ad is removed, it will not be featured in the users Instagram news-feed.

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