Features Of Service Marketing For Online Businesses

Features Of Service Marketing

The changing marketing scenario has forced marketers to shift the pattern of marketing. While earlier the market was more product centric, this has changed and evolved to a service centric zone. With the online promotional platforms playing a huge role, the benefits and features of service marketing has multiplied immensely.


With the increasing market competition more and more people are entering the online business. However, surviving in the market is the major concern of every business. Replicating a product or a service does not take much time, especially when your audience and competitors have access to your product or service website. However, the features of service marketing allow marketers to work on building a brand image. This would help your target audience identify and differentiate between you and your marketers.

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Creating a market is simple in the technologically advancing era. With the emerging digital marketing platforms, the features of service marketing have become simpler and more defined. The cost effective ways through which marketers are now promoting their businesses is evidence that digital marketing, especially online marketing is one of the best ways for small and medium businesses to promote their services online.

Unlike product, service marketing is a time consuming process. While product marketing and purchase can be instantaneous, services take time to be created, executed and then realized by the audience. This thus helps in delivering a service that is as per the likes of your target audience. With the features of service marketing, a properly generated marketing campaign would generate a higher number of audience than a product can generate.

Let’s take the case of a medium level web designing and web development company to discuss the features of service marketing for online businesses.

Customers come to the service

Unlike product marketing, where the product goes to the audience, in service marketing it is exactly the opposite. However, in case of services, it is the customers who come to the service. Online services provide its target audience the ease to access the service providers from any and every device.

Best Features Of Service Marketing

If you provide web designing and development services, you would want audience to come to you. Creating a brand image of yours is necessary in this case as it is the main element that distinguishes you from your competitors.

Promoting your product on various promotional platforms is essential to create a brand image. Small and medium businesses often use social media as one of the most popular promotional platforms. Apart from paid marketing, major social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ etc, also allow to create free product pages or profiles. These are great for small and medium-sized businesses, whose marketing budgets are often constricted.
Through these social media sites promotion of services can be effective and can redirect visitors to your official website.

Services can be customized

Talking about a web designing and development company, customizing services to fit the need and requirement of the customer is possible. When you promote yourself as a business that provides designing and development service, you need to be aware of all the various uncanny demands that your customers might make.

One of the most important features of service marketing that can be used as a powerful element for promotion is its ability to customize.

Your target audience would always want their website to be different from that of their competitors. Thus customization helps in giving a unique look to a website design. This customization can be on the homepage, landing page or you can customize it entirely as per your liking.

Customization helps in giving websites and webpages a personalized touch. This helps your client’s target audience to recognize their brand easily. A brand that is able to popularize its brand image can be successful in the long run.

Thus customization of websites is one of the major features of service marketing.

Improved quality

Customization of services is one of the major features of service marketing. This however, leads to another important factor that is a key element when it comes to service marketing. When you promote your services, quality plays an important role in the promotional campaign.

Customers would always be attracted towards services that provide high quality output.
Promoting your business highlighting the quality of service you would be providing to your clients, can be a crucial tool to promote your business.

Quality also helps in defining your service standards and level in which your business operates. The quality of output, ui/ux design etc helps to determine your service quality.

The element of customization however, may sometimes also lead to varying quality of output. Services are provided as the requirements that your target audience would desire. While some may ask of a great website, for other customers, they might have a small budget. Thus you need to provide your services according to the budget. However, ensure that your service quality does not vary too much with varying budget.


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