Three Awesome Startup Ideas To Super-Accelerate Your Product Visibility

Awesome Startup Ideas

Every startup launches with an ambitious plan of growth and expansion. However, only a handful of them are actually able to achieve what they desired and planned to. Statistics reveal that just 5% of the total number of startups are able to make it to the higher levels. What causes the remaining 95% to fail? The awesome startup ideas here would be highlighting what causes a startup to bungle mid-way?


Startups are mostly budget prone. Few awesome startup ideas are to make them plan out and strategise marketing techniques accurately to prevent any overflowing of funds. With an open and transparent communication system, recognizing a problem and solving it is easier in startups.

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Launching a startup is simple. However, once launched, a startup tends to go haywire if it has no planned strategy. Most startups fizzle out during this stage. The ones that remain begins their climb for growth and expansion.

Still, before an entrepreneur plans to launch a new business, they should make a thorough evaluation of the market and chalk out some awesome startup ideas. Checking on the trend of the product and whether it would serve a purpose is the main factor that entrepreneurs need to check. Not every entrepreneur is willing to look into these factors before commencing a business. However, when these elements are evaluated, marketers have a better chance to scale their business in the competitive online market.

Small businesses often plan on constricted budget. But they can be substituted with time. Using this powerful tool, small businesses can make it into big ones by implementing simple and common business marketing techniques.

1. Go social

One of the most potent tools of online marketing of business, social media, is currently the most used platform for the promotion and marketing of products and businesses. The option to reach a wide range of audience from one single platform counts among the awesome startup ideas that encourage more and more marketers to resort to this platform for promotional purpose of their business.

In social media, hashtags play an important role as they serve as the keywords for the social networking sites. Hashtags make it easier for promotional ads to be found. Your purpose on social media is to make your promotional ad visible to as many people as possible. The higher your promotional ad, the higher will be your visibility thus resulting in increased conversions.

Strategic promotion along with these basic but awesome startup ideas on social media often leads to increased traffic to the website. This inturn boosts page rank and helps in other SEO elements.

Three Awesome Startup Ideas

Social media also helps in finding out the niche of your product market. With the reach to global audience, marketers can easily convert their businesses into an international one. This would not only increase sales but also grow you a wider audience from different ethnicity which is one of the awesome startup ideas you need to embrace..

2. Email marketing

This form of marketing is considered to be the most personal form of marketing and one of the most awesome startup ideas in the online business. Unlike optimizing your promotional ads in the search engines or social media, email marketing communicates to your target audience directly. This gives you a higher chance to make your products known to them.

Email marketing can furthur be divided into different categories. Based on what you communicate to your audience email marketing can be a promotional email, newletters, easy reorder email, emails on tips to use a product and so on.

Promotional email- The launch of a new product or promoting an old one is mostly done through this form of email marketing. You often send this form of emails to the list of mailing addresses that you have at your disposal. This is one of the awesome startup ideas you can follow.

Newsletters- If you wish your business to grow, transparency is a necessary element that you need to impose in your business ethics. Sending newsletter emails is a great way to keep your customers updated regarding the workings of your business. Working does not mean you need to disclose the financial structure, but a brief history of your company, your current employee strength, events, celebrations news etc.

Reorder Mails- The simplest form of marketing emails that generates the highest revenue. Reorder mails make a customer repurchase certain products by simply clicking on a call to action button that is present in the email itself. The simplicity helps generate a higher purchase from this form of email.

3. Create a blog

Pulling in interested audience at times might be difficult especially if you are new in the online
business. Even before you launch your business, it is necessary that you create a considerable number of audience to your site. Blogs form one of the awesome startup ideas to pull in relevant audience who will be interested in your products.

For example if your business deals with web designing, your target audience would be people interested in designing or redesigning their website. This traffic however will not be easy to turn to your website as you would have a huge number of competitors selling similar kind of product.

In such case, it is better to first create a blog that would post about the various forms of web designing techniques that you provide to your audience.

New blog posts not only attract audience, but also help in your SEO efforts offering the most awesome startup ideas. Fresh and genuine articles are regularly crawled and indexed by search algorithms. This boosts the page rank as well as improves the visibility of the website.

Content is important in blogs as it helps to generate viewers who can then convert into prospective buyers.

Strategic implementation of all the three marketing techniques would thus together result in super-acceleration of your productivity.


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