Will The Tweets On Google Search Results Page Increase Twitter Followers?

Tweets On Google Search Results Page

So, it is officially announced by Google the display of tweets on Google search results page as well as mobile search results. This deal comes as Twitter tries to extend its users, followers, reach and develop income. Twitter gives the same information to Yahoo! and Bing, yet with a bigger offer of the search market, a pact with Google permits Twitter to enormously grow its visibility. Google additionally hopes to get profit by the organization by getting access to time sensitive data and giving all the more convincing search item results.


This upgrade by which users can view tweets on Google search results page has implication around content method—conveying not only the best Twitter and Google experience to individuals interested in your product or brand but also helps in increasing your Twitter followers. Brands now have a chance to increase Twitter content over a much bigger group of onlookers’ base (Google) than Twitter’s present 284 million clients.

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Google’s push to socialize search will bring about organic search listing that now contain content that is affected by individuals talking about brands on Twitter. This gives brand proprietors less control over how their brands are depicted in the search lists. Earned Twitter content—surveys, opinion, social jabber—will be up front amongst paid and possessed content in the organic search lists. This earned content could be great, or it could be terrible. The key for brands is presently impacting support at the source of the talk, on Twitter.

Want to increase the followers – Considerations for brands

Reputation management for content

Imagine a man searching Google for “Coke.” With this overhaul, that individual will now see organic search items that incorporate tweets about Coke. To have an overall impact on these earned results, Coke needs to concentrate on the source – Twitter. This may oblige social listening ability to screen what individuals are saying in regards to Coke, react to criticism and empower positive input. Tweets on Google search results page is a new move which is expected to show improvement in results. This implies that your SEO methodology ought to incorporate Twitter content administration. This will help you increase positive visibility on the SERP.

Make shareable content and compose participants

Tweets On Google Search Page Results Expand Twitter Followers

Coupons, challenges, deals, humor videos, polls or information related articles will directly increase re-tweets. This will ensure more tweets on Google search results page. Leverage paid Twitter opportunities like Sponsored Tweets to pick up fans and build the chances that they’ll draw in with your content.

Concentrate on Influencers

While you may gain a large number of followers, just a couple will be influencers. Give careful consideration to them. The more individual consideration they get the more probable they’ll be to make positive Twitter content that will play a role in bubbling up the SERP.

Fix Issues Fast

Utilize social listening to reveal client issues and react/revise rapidly before something spreads crazily on Twitter, as well as on the SERP. With extra visibility as the visibility of tweets on Google search results page, brands now need to guarantee that Twitter discussions are sure.

Twitter Growth

What’s in this for Twitter? All things considered, Twitter will probably see increased followings. As tweets on Google search results page become more noticeable, searchers may tap on those tweets. They’ll then be provoked to sign in or sign-up for Twitter to take in more. On the off chance that they’re on a cell phone, Twitter may have a chance to empower the application download. As Twitter acquires clients, brands will have more chance to draw in them with paid and organic Twitter opportunities.


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