How To Find The Perfect Angel Investor For Your Startup

Perfect Angel Investor

Got a great idea at hand? Have an A-listed team? Want to launch yourself in the online business? Just jump into it. Startups are an emerging trend in India. Many businesses that are big brands were startups in their early stage. Myntra, Grofers, Zomato, Paytm had all been struggling startups with a great idea and good team. However, the backup of the perfect angel investor for their company was a boosting catalyst for their power-launch.


Every startup needs a launchpad where they can implement their ideas without having to worry about the financial risk that arouses. Here the angel inverstors play a major role in boosting the work and growth of a startup. However, the perfect angel investor is hard to find in the very early stage. The need for angel investor arise only once the startup is up and running and wish to expand in its business ventures.

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The wikipedia description of a perfect angel investor is, “an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.” A perfect angel investor may be anyone who is rather impressed with your startup idea and is ready to invest a considerable fund into your business. These invetsors can be from any professional background or an entrepreneur themselves. They can also be business leaders or community heads.

Finding the perfect angel investor is the most challenging task for a startup. For first-time entrepreneurs, it might be even more tough as you are entirely new to the industry and only a handful of people might know you. Thus rather than you going out looking for an investor, make investors come to you. If you have a great product idea and are performing well on the social media, you will automatically be noticed by investors who are always on the lookout for unique and genuine ideas.

A powerful business plan

A startup can only be a successful one if the business idea is unique. A powerful business plan is a must if you wish to expand and make a mark in the global online market. A complete plan that targets to move a business forward should be clearly written down. This helps in better execution of your work. Sketch out the business model that you plan to implement in your business operations and the way you would be earning revenue. If your business model is able to develop a competitive advantage, it will be simpler for you to find the perfect angel investor.

A business is doomed if it does not have a proper business plan. However, no entrepreneur or investor can guarantee that a business would succeed if it does have a business plan. It, however, outlines the source of revenue and the goal that the business would work towards to achieve.

The best team

The angel investors are keen entrepreneurs who take an interest on not only the business but the individuals as well. Thus it is not only important for you to have a great business idea but have the best team as well. The perfect angel investor unlike venture capitalists, take a direct interest on your venture.

Perfect Angel Investor For Your Startup

They often tend to get involved in the day to day operations of your business. This helps the angel investors in knowing you and your team better. This further boosts your business as the investors are often entrepreneurs themselves. They help you by guiding you through the various business stages until it is up and running.

Working with a good team who are highly motivated and aspire to grow, prove worthy for investment by a perfect angel investor. A team that is able to work and deliver projects on time and meet targets can go on to become successful startups in the future. Team work is a major element in any startup who want to really make a mark in the online market.

Integrity is important

One major business trait that a perfect angel investor looks into each entrepreneur is the element of integrity. For startups nothing can work smoothly in the beginning. However, trust and integrity is something that is necessary for any business to survive.

The need of determination and an urge to succeed in the competitive market is crucial for entrepreneurs to work. A perfect angel investor takes the elements of trust, determination, faith and integrity rather seriously. These often form the major elements of business when an investor decides to invest in a new venture.

Integrity helps build a brand image and reputation for the business. It thus becomes a main mark of identification in the market where most businesses are scams and fraudulence. Building a transparent relation between the customers and employees immensely contributes in this factor.

This also helps improve the quality of output and the overall business as people start trusting your brand more and more.

Evaluating the risk

Understanding the risks that a business involves is important for entrepreneurs to understand. Being realistic is a prime trait that every entrepreneur big and small should have. Understanding the business and all the different risks involved with it is necessary.

Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that while the idea integrated in the business is theirs, the money involved in the business is that of the investor’s. Thus entrepreneurs should take calculated risk and analyse every condition thoroughly before investing into any field of business.


Four Pinterest Tools To Make Your Promotion Through Pinterest Easy

Promotion Through Pinterest

Pinterest has grown to be a prime promotional social media platform. The simple and user friendly interface and the high quality images have made more and more marketers use Pinterest for their business promotion. Business promotion through Pinterest has become a major marketing element especially with its amazing tools.


Like every other social media site, Pinterest too has a number of tools at its disposal that can be used by marketers. Promotion through Pinterest with the help of Pinterest tools helps marketers save time and optimally promote your products, services and businesses. This not only streamlines your sharing process but also reduces the time spent by you on the image sharing site.

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Research and study reveals that audience spends around 15 minutes everyday on the image sharing site. Thus the thousands of marketers promoting their products online, only have a fraction of a second to display their promotion ad to the target audience. This calls for you as a marketer to be present active on your pinterest profile to make your ads display to your target audience.

This however, is not feasible especially if your business caters to the global market. Thus to make it easier for marketers to reach the target audience throughout the globe and at specific times when the audiences are most active. Promotion through Pinterest tools helps solve this problem letting you promote your ads easily with your traget audience while saving you time for other more creative work.

Below are five major Pinterest tools that marketers can use for promotion through Pinterest:

Post ads through IFTTT

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. This is a free Pinterest tool that is great for marketers who like to multitask. The IFTTT tool allows you to automate the various Pinterest processes. This automation is called a recipe.

With this Pinterest tool, you can link your promotional ad to different online channels. This would enable your ad to be displayed on the different channels while you can easily be able to keep a track on the number of likes, and repins that occur on your profile.

This tool is immensely helpful to online marketers especially who have a huge number of products of which promotion through Pinterest is done. The tool automatically sends and saves data into a spreadsheet, thus providing marketers even with data about the audience.

Easy Promotion Through Pinterest

This data can then be used to understand the psychology of your audience as you are able to monitor which images are pinned the maximum times. You can then create and post ads based on your audience’s likes and dislikes.

Pinterest App

With the world going mobile, it is necessary that the social media networks are accessible via mobile devices. Keeping the advancing technology in mind, Pinterest too has developed an app version of the social image sharing site. This app allows users to operate Pinterest directly from your mobile devices.

One interesting promotional element that is advantageous in promotion through Pinterest is the ability to share images directly from your device gallery into Pinterest. Promotion through Pinterest app tends to get higher shares as you can promote while on the go. The flexibility that the image sharing sites offer has made it a much liked and used site by marketers to promote their business and products.

Pinterest app for mobile devices however is available only for iOS and Android devices as for now.

Use ViralTag

The ViralTag tool is exclusively available for promotion through Pinterest and is powerful. To simplify your marketing and promotional campaigns, an extension of the tool too is available. ViralTag is a great tool that allows marketers to easily share visual contents to various social media and other channels from one single platfrom.

While it may seem to be similar in its functions with that of Buffer or HooteSuite, but this tool provides few added functionalities which are great for sharing of image ads on Pinterest. ViralTag has a free plan to try it out. However, with the paid plan, you can pre-schedule your posts for a month in advance.

Scheduling with Tailwind

It is not always possible for marketers to publish posts real time. This would call for marketers to work round the clock to reach the global audience. However, Tailwindsaves users from this challenge. It has a Chrome extension that can be used to easily work on Pinterest without you leaving any running operation. Tailwind is also connected to Canva. Thus you can effortlessly design and edit images before pinning them on your board.

Tailwind is a tool that focuses entirely on the workings of Pinterest. This tool lets users schedule pins thus saving marketers from posting frequently on real time. Images too can be posted rather easily by just a simple drag and drop. The Tailwind tool also helps in analyzing the various social trends and allows other functionalities to make promotion through Pinterest a much simplified and easier function.

Facebook’s Personalized Learning Plan Hopes To Benefit The Global Education

From the last year, Facebook engineers along with some local students have been working over a project of building an app. It favors personalized learning plan. The idea came into mind when they learned about an institution called Summit Public School in California.


The Summit Public School is ranked among the best schools of California. It when they learned about an institution called Summit Public Schools in California. It is ranked among the best schools of California. The school results are worked upon by creating customized program of each student and thereby tracking their performance through software tool known as personalized learning plan.

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The partnership between the Facebook and Summit came forward with the exploration of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan. She first found out about the Summit on her tour to Sunnyvale. When she found out the amazing methods of studying, she conveyed him to check it out. Initially, Mark offered some money in donation to the school but the CEO of the Summit, Diane Tavenner suggested that helping them build new software would be more appreciated.

The school follows a very different personalized learning plan. Here, the classrooms aren’t meant for lectures. Classrooms are reserved for discussing real world projects led by teachers. Moreover, the assessments and study materials are provided online by respective teachers. Students work along with teachers to reach their long term goals and teachers help them to form an agenda to achieve the same. This enables the students to think about their goal every day of their life till they achieve it.

Facebook's Personalized Learning Plan

The social network people talked to the school management and they find out that lot of its credit goes to teachers and students but technology has a lot in it too. Facebook decided to collaborate with them to make a more better use of technology as the school authorities claim it not to be good enough yet.

So, they are working on this PLP personalized learning plan to make better and spread its use wide for the betterment of global education. If the feedback received from the use of program is appreciative, the PLP would be carrying it forward to be used for free in schools of the US.

The pilot program is held this year around the country to offer the program to schools that wants it to imitate it in their schools. It’s already getting huge exposure but being used by students and teachers in 20 schools around in 13 states. The same efforts of Facebook as by the Google in creating digital classrooms will anyhow open up new possibilities of better education phase and would in turn wake up the small education technology inducing startups to open up.

Another thing to know is that the app or the personalized learning plan has nothing to do with the Facebook. The students are not even required to have a Facebook account. The social network has kept an impressive and strong privacy control and the data is handled according to the endorsed Student Privacy Pledge. The final app is much more organized, polished and acts as a path for the students and teachers to reach their desired goals.

With all going on, it seems like the personalized learning plan by Facebook would definitely pave way for a new approach of learning and would benefit the global education slowly and gradually.

Can The Bing Halloween Data Help Advertisers Improve Their Business?

Bing Halloween Data

Not many days are left for Halloween which means not much time is left for Halloween shopping too. October 31 is only eight weeks far and soon people will start knocking at your doors with scary costumes and demand candies in return. Moreover, with the advent of online shopping, it is estimated that about 1/3rd of shoppers will opt for online shopping. The Bing Halloween data can really help your business soar high.


So it’s time for online businesses to bring about ideas to increase their sales. Last year, Bing Ads came up with increasing trends that showed that most clicks and impressions were during the early weekends of October. CTR rate was seen surging upward during the whole of September and till the half of October. Here is how the Bing Halloween data can help in improving our business.

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1. Devour the basics

Don’t let any editorial issues affect your sales. You can make use of the Bing Halloween Data. Make proper use of keywords. Use the ‘request exception’ feature of Bing ads if any of your ads are rejected for using irrelevant keywords.

To be all set for facing the queries and clicks that are likely to be raised during October, check the budget setting thoroughly. You won’t want your ads to not show up at the end because of low budget.

2. Enable the Halloween items to be easily seen

The Bing Halloween data again helps you in the area. Place the ads in such a way to attain the maximum attention through site link extensions. Product-ads in Halloween are an excellent way to stand up in SERPs.

3. Maximize traffic anyway

One way to surely gain traffic which is one of the PPC strategies too is to focus on omni-device marketing. As the Halloween comes closer, the Halloween searches increase and the maximum opt mobile devices for the same. Also, the Bing Halloween data helps get your business to touch the sky.

With the increase in use of mobile devices from the past year, the advertisers should make their landing pages and ads mobile friendly to gain traffic. Mobile usage is undeniably more than the PC and users spend double the time on mobile devices than on PCs. For this reason, optimizing your landing pages and click to call feature for mobile will drive exceptional traffic.

What to do to optimize mobile searches

Bing Halloween Data For Business

Highlight terms and keywords like ‘outfits’, and ‘shirts’ to stage focus easily and use it to the retailer’s advantage.

Similarly for retailers of candies, gifts and cards, words and phrases like, ‘guaranteed’, ‘premium’, ‘custom’ can help a great deal and entice searchers to click on them out of curiosity.

Other types of retailers can compel the users to use call-to-action to increase the number of clicks.

Save your budget and time

Setting up automated rules is one simple trick that needs to be followed. Now, automated rules involves pausing ads, click through rate be altered, increasing of budgets when the ads start performing well. Moreover, automated rules enable easy management, easy edits and tracking easy.

4. Expand keywords

The whooping audience difference between Google and Bing also makes this Halloween campaign interesting. The Bing search engine is known to have bigger audience than Google when it comes to ads of food recipes, home decorating and party planning.

One can use this difference to its own advantage. You can work with PR and content marketing teams to run campaigns that relate to planning Halloween party involving home decoration. This way your brand and campaign exposure can increase through Bing ads.

Marketing through PPC benefits a lot. It allows targeting a large set of audience through its relevant set of terms that does not involve much competition.

So, yes Bing Halloween Data can help advertisers to increase their business during the top two months closer to Halloween by adopting ways.

Four Brands That Have Used A Good Content Marketing Strategy Optimally

Good Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing and promotion is not a joke. And when it comes to a good content marketing strategy, the challenges generally tend to double. In the digital era that we live in, marketing is the prime tool of survival for businesses. However, for online businesses, marketing has to go hand in hand with innovation. As new businesses pop up every day, marketers have to struggle to make their mark and keep their foothold intact in the competitive market.


Social media and development of new programming languages have made promotional function quite easy. There are now numerous channels through which a marketer can promote his products and business. However, of all the promotional channels one common and most powerful element is content marketing. A good content marketing strategy is a potent tool for powerful promotion and creation of brand presence in the various channels.

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The Institute of Content Marketing describes it as, “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

A good content marketing strategy generates a need for the product in the minds of the target audience and compels them to take an action. It highlights the relevancy of the product and how it can be useful in making the life of the audience easy. A good content marketing strategy is a relatively economical way of the promotion of products. Thus small and medium businesses often employ this form of marketing for their business promotion. This helps immensely in boosting their brand presence and their sales.

There are many instances of businesses that have used a good content marketing strategy optimally. These businesses have been successful in promoting and expanding themselves and make a foothold in the global market.


Birchbox is one website that have used a good content marketing strategy heavily to generate visitors to the site. The target audience of this site is mostly the millennials as it deals with beauty products. It has been using content marketing optimally providing do-it-yourself beauty tips through videos and image contents.

It can be said to be an online magazine that provides all the necesary beauty tips that the smartphone using generation requires. Birchbox has also used social media sites to share images of their products. With each posts the content also consists of a call-to-action button, a subscribe button in this case. Positioned in the forefront, this is compelling enough to push a visitor to take the next step thus contributing in the business.


Planning A Good Content Marketing Strategy

If you are into blogging and go through the various blogging platforms then you must know about Buffer. Buffer provides few of the best blogs that both marketers and customers could use for their knowledge and business growth. Most content in Buffer includes facts and data which give an added advantage to the readers. These are the major content marketing tricks that make people return to the site.

The information that this website provides through its content is valuable and rich in quality content.

Buffer has been able to build a brand image for itself with its quality content and its other additional services. It has built an authority for itself in the online market. Thus blogs and articles published on Buffer gets an additional boost on social media as it is itself a social media channel as well.

For Buffer, high quality content is an imminent criteria that every author needs to abide by. Each blog also contains a call-to-action button that compels conversion thus boosting businesses.


McDonald’s is one global brand that has used a good content marketing strategy in a great way to promote itself. Marketing experts have often called McDonald’s a genius for the stunning content marketing it has employed through the years to pull in customers.

The leading brand is open to any queries from its customers and takes time to respond to each query. The most interesting fact is that most queries are spiteful.

However, the transparency maintained by McDonald’s through its good content marketing strategy has made it an interesting website to watch for in the internet.

The content marketing strategy for McDonalds was initiated in Canada focusing on creating an improved customer service. According to the CEO, the main aim was to create a marketing platform that would make people talk and talk more about the products of MacDonald’s as well as about the brand.

Foiled Cupcakes

For Foiled Cupcakes, content marketing paid off immensely in growing and exapanding the business. The cupcake suppliers did not have any brick and mortar store however, the business was able to meet the target revenue and even surpassed it by 600%. What worked for them was the strategized content marketing technique.

Owner of Foiled Cupcakes, Mari Luangrath used Twitter heavily to connect with her target audience. The social site proved to be immensely helpful in pulling in visitors to the website. Regular and frequent publishing of blogs and planned use of social networking sites with a powerful content marketing strategy helped boost the business of the small business. It achieved 2200 followers on Twitter within a month’s span creating a sales record.

The above brands are few examples on how a good content marketing strategy can help in building a brand image and exapnding your business. Content marketing is a powerful marketing tool. If used strategically, it can greatly help in growing and expanding your business. The combined marketing power of social media and content marketing can together create a global business.

Leading Blogging Platforms Around The Globe

Blogging Platforms

Blogs are a trend today. It is one of the best platforms to put out your ideas, thoughts and views to your target audience. Small and medium sized businesses and startups are the highest users of blogging platforms. Blogs form a great way to generate audience and customers as it acts as a promotional platform.


If you plan to launch a new product or service, promotion through blogging platforms is a fitting idea. Blogs help marketers to connect with the target audience. Blogs provide detailed description about the different products or the workings of the business itself. This lets the target audience understand your purpose better. It also helps in building up a trusting relation between your business and your target audience.

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Blogs however, have changed in its meaning and use over the years. Initially blogs was only used at a personal level to communicate with other people who shared similar interest putting out ones thoughts online. However, with the changing scenario of marketing and digital media playing an important role blogs have now become an important part of digital marketing.

The online portals provides a number of blogging platforms to choose from. Also known as CMS (content management system) these blogging platforms are no longer limited to just textual blogs. Blogs now can be image blogs and even video blogs. The simplicity which the present blogging platforms provide has made more and more entrepreneurs to use this as a major tool for marketing and promotion.

WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging platform. The simplicity of the CMS platform and its user-friendly nature is the chief reason for bloggers choosing this platform over others. Unlike many other CMS, WordPress does not need any coding to be done to publish blogs. Thus users need not have the knowledge of coding when they wish to work on any blog. However, if you do have any knowledge of coding, you can go on to make some changes or add new codes if you desire. This can easily be done as the WordPress is an open source CMS.

Leading Blogging Platforms

Three Pay Per Click Rules For Service Marketing That Are An Absolute

Pay Per Click Rules

PPC or just pay-per-click is a model of online advertising in which advertisers pay a small amount each time one of your ads is clicked. Basically, it’s a method of buying traffic for your site, rather than organically trying to “earn” those visits. Search engine marketing is one of the popular forms of PPC. It permits advertisers to bid for advertisement placement in a search engine listing’s sponsored links once a visitor searches on a keyword which is linked to your business offerings. Despite everything the fact remains undoubted that following certain pay per click rules is crucial to service marketing.


It takes a lot in building a great winning PPC campaign – from exploring and choosing the right keywords, to arranging those keywords into efficient campaigns and ad groups. Search engine companies reward advertisers who are able to create intelligently targeted, relevant PPC campaign by charging them less on every ad clicks. If your ads as well as the landing pages are helpful and pleasing to users, Google charges you less on every click, hence leading to higher profits for you and your business. So if you want to start making a profit using PPC, it’s important to learn some pay per click rules to do it right.

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Following the pay per click rules is an outstanding way of getting visitors when you require traffic. But it is risky too – with unplanned management, you might spend a fortune, get as many visits, yet end up with zilch to show for it.

Rule #1: Use niche keywords

PPC engages bidding for keywords, which creates ads when searched for by users. Particular keywords have the ability to attract higher traffic rates and more economical bidding. This is one of the pay per click rules. The broader the keyword, the more expensive it will be. For instance, simple “shoes” might cost you much more than the keyword “women’s dress shoes”. This is for the reason that “women’s dress shoes” is categorised under a niche keyword, and will attract both fewer bids and lower rates.

In addition, broader keywords are less prone to generate conversions than niche keywords. This is because if you are in a women’s dress shoes business, most clicks for the word “shoes” will draw unrelated searches, such as “athletic shoes” or ”baby shoes”. Unique keywords might generate a smaller number of clicks but will have much higher conversion rate. Therefore, using a niche keyword is one of the pay per click rules that will make your PPC marketing more booming and less costly.

Rule #2: Get a better quality score

Google and Bing are the search engines that assign a worth score to each and every ad. The score decides the amount you will pay per click, and how much effective your ad will be. The score is consequently based on : –

Pay Per Click Rules For Service Marketing

i) The click-through-rate (CTR)
ii) The quality of your landing page to which traffic is focussed
iii) The significance of your keywords and ad in the ad group
iv) Performance record of your AdWords account

Amongst all these criteria, the most important is the CTR. An enhanced quality score can result in a cost-per-conversion and lower cost-per-click, and better rankings. Hence, easily one of the pay per click rules you may follow. You can get better quality score by:

i) Optimizing your ads with appropriate keywords, including niche, long-tail keywords, to create more traffic. Try not to put too many keywords in one ad, and break them into precise ad groups in its place.
ii) Build a great landing page, which has the power to optimize and is significant to your ad groups.
iii) Try to run longer campaigns without making any change to the campaign so as to build your history.

Rule #3: Track your performance

Tracking the amount of conversions-per-click lets you establish the success of your campaign and is certainly one of the pay per click rules. The main key here, though, is to recognize what success is. Set a proven solid goal and make alterations to your ad as you work your way toward it. Analyse ad copy and regulate the landing pages and service offering till you find a method that works.

Additionally, tracking will stop your competitors from outbidding you, or declining lower in the position if search engine pattern changes.