How An Effective Guest Post Writing Can Help in Link Building

Guest Post Writing

Before we start with the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of guest post writing, let’s first understand what guest post really is. A guest post can simply be defined as writing or publishing articles not on your own website but on the blog or website of someone else.


Guest post writing is a great way to increase your reach to a wider range of audience. It is a great way to connect with different audience, who are not directly your regualr viewers. Thus it provides bloggers with newer avenues to reach and connect to newer audience. Gust posting is also one of the prime elements that help in link building for your website thus helping you get a better page rank.

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Attributes of an effective guest post writing

Value Addition

Your guest post would be worthwhile for other websites and blogs only if it provides value added information that they do not get anywhere else. Adding value makes the blogs more in-depth and adds value for the readers. This helps in building a good B2B relation with other bloggers of your industry.

Blogs can be of different forms and be written on various topics. It includes almost any and everything that is spoken about in the internet. Blogs thus are mostly written based on what is the most trending topic. While writing on your own website you always tend to create blog content that is engaging. While it should be the same when you write for someone else, ensure that you include added information to add more value to your guest blog.

Your main purpose of writing guest posts is to reach out to a higher number of audience. Including added information would tend to pull in a higher number of visitors to your blog and in turn to your website.

Increased traffic

Guest posts are written to build links with other players of your industry as it helps to connect with a higher number of audience. Audience tends to look for information on blogs. If they are able to get what they are looking for and even some more, your audience would obviously be attracted towards your blog.

Effective Guest Post Writing

If you intend to pull in a specific group of audience, guest post writing is one of the best ways to pull in visitors to your site. Once you regularly publish valued information through your articles, visitors would automatically flock to your site.

Google search engine has a number of algorithms that work on different fronts of a website. One such algorithm keeps a check on the quality of guest posts being published. A poorly written post is often penalized. This may lead to a sharp fall in your website’s page rank. Thus a good guest post not only helps you build links but also increases traffic to your site.

Social media promotion

Guest post writing when promoted properly and strategically on social media tend to generate great results. Having multiple social media profiles is an added advantage when you plan to share your guest posts to every possible audience that you want to reach.

Generation of audience is higher when you promote on social media. With a wide range of audience from different backgrounds, your guest post has a higher number of audience who will in turn visit your website if they find your blog interesting enough.

Guest posting tends to add value to your website and your blog at a much higher level than many of your website and promotional elements put together. Guest post writing has been accepted by prominent search engine analysts as one of the best ways to build links and increase connection and audience reach.


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