Top Social Media Statistics Of 2015

Social Media Statistics

Social media is the most interactive platform for consumers and businesses alike. The rapidly increasing user base as shown in the social media statistics, has also led the marketers to increase their presence online. Social media are the best platforms to showcase a product and promote it to a huge volume of users at the smallest possible time.


The wide presence ensures that your target audience is covered within the promotional blanket of your product. The social media market has been booming and so has its presence in the life of common man. According to the current social media statistics shown by the total number of global users of different social media sites is around 2.5 billion. This number is on the rise with Facebook being the leading social network with nearly 1500 million users.

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The use of social media is now no longer limited to just connecting friends and family. More and more businesses are using this platform to expand and grow their business. Apart from being a B2C connecting platform, it is also providing an interactive platform for building business to business relations.

Marketers have been heavily using these sites not only to pull in consumers but also increase and expand their connections among various businesses. Social media sites are said to have benefitted greatly with the ever-expanding user base. With the option of paid ads, these networking sites have heavily monetized on various product promotion.

Since the introduction of social media, there has been a rapid increase in its use. The demographical structure and usage pattern of internet has changed heavily. Social media statistics shows the number of social media users in 2010 was 0.97 billion which has grown to 2.5 billion in 2015. This is likely to reach 4 billion within the coming few years.

The time spent by users on different social media sites too has increased. Users are now spending more and more time on the sites. A single user now has multiple accounts of different social sites each serving a different purpose. For eg- Facebook is mostly used to connect to friends and family and is widely used at a personal level. LinkedIn on the other hand is entirely a professional site used for B2B connections.


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