Startup TrialKart Brings Dressing Rooms On Your Mobile Devices

Startup TrialKart

Won’t you just love it if you could check yourself with a dress you wish to buy online? Sounds absurd. Not any more. Startup TrialKart is here with exactly an app that you have been looking for. A permanent solution to your online shopping problems.


Shopping online is a fun activity and easy for people with packed schedule. However, many still prefer to visit a physical store to make purchases especially when it comes to outfits. But technology always has a way. This time, its the startup TrialKart with its brand new app.

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The app by startup TrialKart allows online shoppers to not only shop but also provides a virtual dressing room to try out outfits that they wish to purchase. Through this app, shoppers can quite easily check how different outfits would look on them and then they can go on to make the purchase.

Startup TrialKart, is a brand new one that launched in the month of February this year. The founders Harsha, Vipul Divyanshu and Jayalakshmi Manohar wanted to provide the online shoppers with a better shopping experience.

According to Harsha, the number of dissatisfied customers for online shopping is quite high. Almost 40% of the apparels purchased, are returned due to ill fits. Their aim was to create an app that would provide a permanent solution to this trial problem.

The TrialKart app is a mobile only app that can by synced with any online ecommerce platforms. Once synced, the users can then use the “Try” and check how they look in that particular dress. The app also allows users to share the tried images on various social media sites as well.

Emergence Of Startup TrialKart

The TrialKart app has collaborated with ecommerce stores like Flipkart, Fashionara, Yepme to provide the online trial experience to their shoppers. They aim to go global with their app. However, currently they are looking to raise funds to expand their presence online. The startup aims to reduce the gap between the customers and the online products. The app aims to generate affiliate marketing as it mainly serves the B2B market.

The startup TrialKart app is presently only available for the Android operating system. The founders plan to introduce an iOS version of the app as well.

There are global competitors for this app with some popular ones being MixMe, Smart Dresser etc. However, the app has an attractively created user-interface that provides a good user experience. The light weight of the app (it is only 1.2MB) is an added advantage that appeals to users.

Apart from a few bug fixes, the team is working on to make the app something the users would find useful and appealing.


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