Engage Digital Summit 2015 Event Campaign: A Case Study

Engage Digital Summit

It was prestigious for designs.codes to be chosen as online branding and marketing partner for Engage Digital Summit 2015. The Engage Digital Summit, being the biggest of digital media summit and conference in the entire region of eastern India, needed a website that would be user-friendly and would at the same time convey what they wanted to showcase. The summit was held over a period of 4 days starting with workshops on 19th, 20th, and the 21st of August at The Sonnet, Saltlake, Kolkata, culminating with the conference on the 22nd of August at the ITC Sonar, Kolkata.

We came into the picture late. There were only two months left and it was a mighty challenge indeed! We were to take care of the entire online branding and promotion of the Engage Digital Summit and there was no ongoing work that we could carry forward. We decided to start by giving the Engage website a new look, which you can see now at http://www.engagedigitalsummit.com/. The basic premises on which we had the design and development done was to create a simple yet engaging website with enough details going in for all speakers and workshop mentors to ensure content creation along the same lines. It was given that the website had to be mobile friendly so that people can easily view, read and take actions on the website. Our brief was to target Indian audience and more specifically the small businesses and digital marketing startups in Kolkata because the event was to be held in the city.

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The promotional campaign for the Engage Digital Summit 2015 was targeted at different communities which include:

1. Small and medium business owners

The digital summit that witnessed the likes of Sanjeev Bikhchandani, founder of Naukri.com, Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury, Dean, Amity University, Mumbai, Karl Gomes, Chief Fanatic at Fanatics, etc. taking the podium was aimed at benefiting the small and medium business owners besides other digital marketing professionals. The workshops aimed at imparting varied skills and practical knowledge that would eventually help the small business owners and marketing heads taking practical and logical decision that made sound business sense in today’s world of online marketing and social selling.

2. Senior corporate executives

The workshops at the Engage Digital Summit that were presented through slides had much for the corporate executives to learn. Presided by a number of eminent people who took the sessions at the workshops, the Engage summit went beyond being a digital summit. Senior corporate executives have to get the balance right while budgeting and working on a mix of traditional and new age marketing channels. An in-depth knowledge of what works best with laser sharp focus on ROI

3. Industry influencers and thought leaders

The workshops, held on various topics as content marketing, cyber threats and security, , blogging and social media, big data and analytics, e-commerce, and digital marketing and media tools, discussed the best practices in digital marketing. Industry influencers and thought leaders are called so for a reason. They often are the early adopters of new technologies, try things themselves and come up with much sought after insights that others can learn from. The idea was to bring such renowned personalities under one roof to have interactive sessions that would benefit others attending the summit conference.

4. Digital media students and interns

The workshops that were taken by the eminent people in the digital marketing field were attended by the students and interns of various B-schools. While being set on a professional front, the workshops were also designed to impart education to the students looking forward to etch careers in different fields of digital marketing.

5. Traditional marketing professionals

Even for the traditional marketing professionals, the workshops were helpful providing deep insights and ideas on new practices in business and marketing. Through panel discussions, case studies and keynote addresses in the summit they got first hand experience of how digital marketing can be mixed with tradition sources to obtain enhanced results and how digital media is changing the world of branding, marketing and advertising.

6. Digital marketing, SEO, SMO professionals

The event focused on the tools and technology for an effective communication in the digital world. The basic and advanced tools for rendering rich content were discussed while also focusing on e-commerce. Key objective was to discuss and find ways to delivery better and faster solution to client problems.

Engage Digital Summit ITC

Let us take a look at the analytics and figures below that will give an idea about the kind of branding and promotion that was done for the Engage Digital Summit 2015:

Facebook – Starting two months before the summit, the reach of the Engage Digital Summit on Facebook touched a figure as 96,752 on August 22nd. A subsequent increase in the fan-base shows the surge of popularity of the website in social media. Apart from the website clicks getting increased, specific CTA ( Call-to-Action ) promotion drove traffic with buying intent to the website. Fan base grew from about 700 to over 3,000 in this period.

Since Facebook is the most widely used social media in India and Kolkata we put extra emphasis on this network with countdown of days to the event. Every post went with a clear Call-to-Action to register for the event or to find more details about individual speakers to increase time spent on website and engagement. Short URLs were used to ensure we could track the number of clicks and sources for all clicks.

We specifically targeted location and interest on Facebook to ensure we reach only relevant people which even within the broad category of digital marketing could be further segregated into SEO, SMO, content marketing. We targeted student, professionals and bloggers / influencers separately to ensure the advertising money could be optimized to the best.

Twitter – The number of followers that stood at 40 as on August 1, 2015, rose to 1082 on August 22, 2015 as we kept on putting up engaging content, rich media and used cover pics to the maximum effect. The profile visit for the site has gone up to 4,790 with impression reach of 42.1K, 93% of this involved our targeted audience in India. We used relevant hashtags and mentioned summit speakers and workshop mentors in the tweets to increase conversation around the topic.

We used the hashtag #EngageDigitalSummit continuously to build brand awareness apart from getting realtime enquiries and it ended up with 48,869 impressions on 18,643 accounts. This not only helped in consistent branding but also delegates, speakers and other people started conversation with the same hashtag. With engagement and buzz around the hashtag it has provided us with contextual content which could be further leveraged to enhance branding in coming years and involve more people into the mix.

Instagram – Instagram also witnessed a good increase in the follower base for the site. With no account existing as on August 1, 2015, on August 22, 2015, the number of followers in Instagram was 1,130. #digitalmedia has been the top performing of hashtags here. While many think of Instagram as a fad, with the right mix of creative content and targeting we generated enquiries and sales.

Organic Search & Website Traffic – The search analytics for the Engage Digital Summit show an increase in the organic search traffic from almost none to over 2,000 sessions. The most search keywords by users to access Engage website include ‘Engage digital’, ‘Digital Marketing Conference Kolkata’, ‘West Bengal Digital Summit’, ‘Social Media Marketing Kolkata’, and ‘Engage Summit Kolkata’.

With hardly anytime to go for full scale SEO campaign, we decided against it and instead focused on making the website user experience better, load faster and easy to navigate on mobile devices. This with basic on-page optimization still resulted in top ranking on Google when people searched with most of the relevant keywords / key phrases.

Creating unique and targeted content revolving around the event helped us drive visitors to the website. While some would register for the event right-away many would like to know the benefits and the speaker profiles before deciding for or against it. We used 20 articles for the entire campaign and slowly shifted to more focused and CTA oriented content from generic digital marketing news and updates as the event date came closer.

Alexa ranking and visitors – Alexa India ranking for the website stood at 27,966, from the time no ranking was available when we started. Low bounce rate of 59.48% is clear indication of people staying on the website and engaging with the content instead of hitting on the dreaded ‘back button’ soon after landing on any webpage. This is further validated by average session duration of 03.48 minutes.

Take a look below at the infographic with campaign statistics for better understanding:


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